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    I’ve Been Reincarnated as a Giant Humanoid Weapon ~Frozen World Reignited~

    Chapter 39

    Chapter 39: Hunger levels and telepathy

    Translated by SkyTL
    Edited by SkyTL


    Chapter 39: Hunger levels and telepathy


    “Are you from the past, Mr. Vamishra?”


    Riga said in the flesh.


    She is curled up like a cat on the cockpit seat. Although she’s wearing a coat, she’s cold because I’m reducing the heat in the cockpit as much as possible.


    Given her condition, I would like to keep her a little warmer, but since I don’t know the distance to the enemy mothership, I have no choice but to conserve energy.


    Two days have passed since I left the city, and I’m still walking across the endless snowfield.


    Even with the eyesight of a Titan, I could not see any further in this great snowfield.


    Not even a few hills or valleys. The only landmarks are the caterpillar tracks spreading under our feet.


    The sky is covered with gray clouds and the sun is nowhere to be seen.


    I hear a soft sound. Behind us.


    I turn around and see the sky swirling in the distance and lightning twitching. This is the city we started from. It seems that the atmospheric turbulence caused by the energy release from the reactor has not yet subsided.


    I turned my head forward and put my right foot forward.


    I heard a thud. Then my left foot. Another dull thud.


    I stare at the rut and continue to move my foot.


    Each time I put my foot down, a huge cloud of snowflakes is released.


    Riga says in the cockpit.


    “Are you from the past, Mr. Vamishraa?”


    She holds just one of the controls in her hand.


    We both tried it out and found it to be the most comfortable way to steer.


    When you hold the control stick with both hands, unity of mind occurs. Our thoughts merge together and we become one being. The physical reaction is great, but so is the exhaustion.


    Immediately after the first union, Riga did not speak a single word, but simply rocked in the cockpit like a doll. The death of her sister Alisha and the collapse of the city may have shocked her, but most of all, piloting me had worn her down.


    That a human brain had to touch the information processing of a Titan brain felt like a huge burden.


    After a few hours, tears finally began to flow from her eyes.


    One tear after another flowed.


    She continued to cry until she fell asleep.


    As soon as she fell asleep and released the grip with one hand, I couldn’t move my body.


    Until she woke up, I had to stand there in the snow.


    Then I dreamed like I was awake.


    In the dream, Alisha, who was supposed to be dead, patted me on the head.


    I hugged her waist with my little hands.


    Alisha is running away over the garbage pile.


    I, or rather the owner of the view, run after her laughing.


    I can see the city, supposedly destroyed by the empire.


    There are pointed towers, dense housing complexes, and from everywhere the steam rises, heating the whole city.


    The wind blows, the viewer coughs, and Alisha takes off the coat she is wearing and pulls it over her.


    Alisha’s mouth moves.


    But before she could understand her words, her figure blurred and the world went dark.


    The owner of the viewpoint stared at the screen that showed the snowfield in the dark cockpit.


    The sound of her heartbeat echoed softly in the background.


    She wished for this dream. She formulated her thoughts in her head. The words are getting through to me.


    ‘We are connected,’ I murmur in my mind,


    “We are connected,” she murmurs with her mouth.


    Even though she wasn’t driving, we shared some of our senses and thoughts.


    Was this a side effect of the destruction of the anti-reflux device?


    I felt an intense sense of confusion.


    I was also freaked out.


    While it’s true that I’m on the same wavelength with her, the thought of her reading my every thought makes me a little uncomfortable.


    But for some time now, I’ve only had a vague feeling. Apparently I have to imagine the words in my head as if I’m reading them aloud, otherwise my thoughts won’t come out right.


    I think I’m okay,’ I mumble in my head.


    She nods in the cockpit.


    I think I am.’


    That was our first verbal communication.


    She was not surprised by my mysterious presence.


    For we had become one the day before. At that moment, she had tasted a part of my life. She had already accepted that I was human, that I lived in a world other than this one.


    Now, a whole day later, she’s curled up inside me, holding her growling belly in embarrassment.


    One hand is on the control stick. We have developed a weak telepathy, and I had hoped to be able to “drive without hands,” but that is impossible.


    As I drove on, I answered Riga’s question.


    “My past world? Yes, probably a very long time ago.”


    “How long ago was that?”


    “I have no idea. I wonder how many tens of thousands of years have passed since my time before we could create such an amazing world.”


    Ten thousand years? Twenty thousand years? Or a million years?


    Whatever, I think it will be within 50,000 years. More than that, and the human race would have evolved on the surface, but Riga and the others were like me when I was a human.


    We had nothing to do, so we just kept talking.


    Every few hours, Riga is taken outside to fetch snow for drinking water.


    Then we leave again.


    In this world there is no day and night, and the horn that used to tell the time is no longer there, so we don’t know the exact time. Nevertheless, we can measure the days by Riga’s sleep.


    On the morning of the fifth day after our departure, Riga fainted from hunger.


    Immediately, I could no longer move my body.

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