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    I’ve Been Reincarnated as a Giant Humanoid Weapon ~Frozen World Reignited~

    Chapter 38

    Chapter 38: On a never-ending journey

    Translated by SkyTL
    Edited by SkyTL


    Chapter 38: On a never-ending journey


    A wave of superfluids is coming.


    If it catches me, I will freeze to the bone and be crushed, just like the imperial Titans before me.


    I picked up my sword and slashed at the snowfield with all the strength I could muster inside me, as if to hollow it out.


    The snow exploded with a shock wave.


    It was as if a huge cannonball had hit.


    The shock wave spread around me and hit the liquid.


    For a moment it seemed to stop, but then it swallowed me whole.


    Riga’s body screamed out.


    I thought she was dead, too.


    But she’s alive.


    I didn’t freeze.


    The scary thing about superfluids is that they can easily penetrate any barrier as long as there is a hole at the molecular level. No matter how well the Titans are equipped with thermal protection, the superfluids that penetrate through the holes at the molecular level steal their heat.


    But when it hit me, the superfluid turned into a liquid mixed with liquid oxygen at about minus 200 degrees Celsius. A mere liquid cannot penetrate a hole at the molecular level. All I had left were my several layers of artificial skin, which perfectly prevented the cold air from penetrating deep into my body.


    The “sheer fluid” was rapidly slowing down.


    The coefficient of friction came back into play.


    It froze in place.


    I pulled out one foot at a time and stood on the hard snow field.


    If I had had the ability to sweat, I would have run out like a waterfall.


    It was dangerous.


    It was a close call.


    I should have listened to the lectures at the university even though I was half asleep.


    At that time the old professor poured a cup of hot water into a tray of liquefied helium-4 and put his hand into it.


    A student cried out, but the professor quickly pulled it out and his hand was safe.


    The professor said,


    “Superfluids are sensitive to heat. If even a small amount of heat is added, the perfect equilibrium that makes superfluids possible is lost, and they immediately revert to a simple liquid.


    I believed him and hit it with a shockwave.


    The slightest heat and vibration turned the superfluid back into a simple liquid.


    I stood on the snowfield for a few strange moments.


    The city was already very far away.


    I can only see the shadow of the city walls in the blizzard.


    The sky is as dark as ever, with a lonely roar, but the cryogenic storm seems to be dying down.


    “We” have turned our backs on the city.


    If only the reactor had exploded, some of us might have survived.


    But now the superfluids were pouring out of the city.


    The city was filled with superfluids, even if only for a brief moment.


    There was no way for anyone to survive.


    We began to walk through the endless snowfield.


    At our feet were four parallel, straight lines with uneven patterns.


    As soon as I saw them, I knew.


    They were the footprints of an imperial “mothership.”


    The imperial Titans, who had just been defeated, were targeting the mothership.


    How far away is the “mothership” from us?


    How fast can the mothership move?


    No matter how hard we tried, we would not be able to catch up with them.


    Riga might starve to death on the way.


    But the desire for revenge drove us.


    We will catch up with them.


    And we will get our lives back from this Yazde.

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