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    Chapter 37: Snakes and Superfluidity


    With every step I took, the snowfield shook.


    I weighed more than ten tons, maybe even several dozen tons.


    An object with such a mass runs at full speed.


    Snowflakes fly off, and the wind I cause makes me wince.


    My super vision catches a stuffed animal flying with the snow.


    I’m sure of it. It’s a small stuffed animal in the shape of a girl. It has red hair made of synthetic fiber and a silver bow.


    It must have belonged to a child in the city.


    It was thrown here by the huge explosion of the reactor.


    Reflexively I reach for it, but the stuffed animal is no bigger than the tip of my tiny fingernail compared to my huge hand. The air current created by the movement of my hand sends it flying backwards and slipping between my middle and ring fingers.


    Now a cloud had fallen from the sky and was about to engulf the whole city.


    It was hard to see clearly because of the snowstorm, but the cloud was in the shape of an inverted cone. The tip of the pointed part touched the city and continued to fall down.


    The top of the cone collapsed and spread horizontally.


    The black walls of the city turned white in an instant.


    It solidified with enormous speed.


    A kind of white carpet spread in a circle over the city. No, it is more like a dome than a carpet. The oxygen and nitrogen in the air solidify and form a vague “film” that curves outward.


    This is not good.


    My intuition tells me so.


    I wonder how many degrees below zero life forms can live.


    If a human were to breathe in minus 100 degrees, he would probably bleed to death immediately from his lungs.


    I’m sure the temperature in this dome is below minus 200 degrees because the oxygen is liquid.


    I am a Titan, and I am much stronger and more cold-resistant than humans.


    Still, I don’t think I can withstand an environment of minus 200 degrees Celsius for long. I was just in the castle when it got very cold, and I felt the cold for the first time in a long time.


    We have to get out of here.


    As fast as possible and as far away from here as possible.


    In front of me, in a corner, lies an Imperial Titan who has already fled.


    Above me, a thunderclap rages.


    The whole sky thunders.


    Behind me I hear a strange sound, a dull thud.


    I cast a glance back over my shoulder and see a great torrent of water flowing over the city walls.


    A flood.


    Where can there be so much water without it freezing?


    And there was something else strange. The earth was slowly sinking from my position toward the city, but the water was creeping up the slope.


    And it was doing so fast!


    It’s hard to grasp because it changes shape depending on the terrain, but it’s moving faster than I am.


    The water expanded like the tentacles of a starfish and enveloped the imperial Titan running diagonally in front of me.


    Within the blink of an eye, the imperial Titan turned white, froze, and crashed to the ground.


    The water simultaneously split into two parts, one of which was heading toward me. The speed is incredible. Not even water falling from a waterfall is that fast.


    What is that!?


    Riga’s mind raced and she searched my memory for an answer.


    From the depths of my memory, which I had forgotten myself, the word “superfluidity” emerged.


    Yes, superfluidity. I had heard this word in a general education course in college.


    It is well known that in the world of cryogenic temperatures, materials are sensitive to electrical currents. Superconductivity. The electrical resistance approaches zero, and the current, once flowed, continues to flow without letting up.


    Similarly, superfluidity is a phenomenon in which the coefficient of friction of a particular fluid becomes nearly zero at cryogenic temperatures.


    When this phenomenon occurs, the fluid is no longer just a fluid. Since there is no friction, water spilled on a table continues to move indefinitely, and even if it falls on the floor, it continues to move, and if it hits a wall, it goes up the wall.


    If I remember correctly, there are two substances that cause this phenomenon. Helium-4 and Helium-3. The other two are not confirmed, but it is possible that molecular hydrogen can also cause this phenomenon under certain conditions.


    Given the current situation, the molecular hydrogen theory seems to be correct.


    Something that looks like water, but is not water, is wreaking havoc in the superfluid.


    The deadly stream slithering along like a desperate snake, and there was no time to avoid it.

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