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    I’ve Been Reincarnated as a Giant Humanoid Weapon ~Frozen World Reignited~

    Chapter 36

    Chapter 36: Extremely low temperatures (the oxygen in the air is frozen)

    Translated by SkyTL
    Edited by SkyTL


    Chapter 36: Extremely low temperatures (the oxygen in the air is frozen)
    “Oh no, no, no! I surrender! I surrender!”
    Saryu’s Titan clings to the walls and he raises his hands again.
    “This time it’s true! I’m out! I’m getting out of the cockpit now! I beg you! I’m sorry! I’m sorry!”
    “You,” we.
    “I know! I know I’m a bad person. But, you know, it was an order. If you’re ordered to take back the Sacred Reactor from the barbarians, what choice do you have? And the family. I have a family in Teito. I have six children! There’s not much heat to distribute. The only way to fill their bellies was to make a little money. Believe me. I’m not doing this because I want to!”
    I knew better than to be careless with this guy, I thought.
    But Riga’s heart was in the right place, and for a brief moment I thought maybe he was really sorry.
    The divergence of our thoughts made me freeze slightly.
    The warriors of the Empire seized the opportunity.
    The Captain’s Titan and the two I had pierced in the stomach danced toward me from behind.
    I had misjudged the durability of the Imperial Titans.
    I didn’t know they could still move, even with their vital organs destroyed to this extent!
    An enormous weight weighed on my body.
    I sank to one knee on the floor.
    The Captain said.
    “Saryu! Do it!”
    He drew his sword from the scabbard at his hip.
    He quickly took it in both hands and pressed it to my skull.
    He is going to kill me.
    ‘Will I die here without a chance to avenge my sister?’
    My titan brain speeds up its thought processing.
    My concentration increases rapidly and time slows down.
    ‘We’ must not die here.
    The soldiers of the Empire and especially this Yazde who gave the order to kill us all must pay with their lives.
    All the muscles, tendons and nerves in my body work together more precisely than before.
    The blade of Saryu approaches.
    I sink down for a few tenths of a second.
    The weight of the three Titans on my back disappears for a moment.
    At that moment, I turn around and bang my foot against the ground.
    Like a kung-fu leg wobbling, the ground sinks, shaking me.
    Three of them were flung to the side of the Saryu in front of me.
    I drew my sword, which was stuck in the ground, and swung it with all my might.
    The blade penetrated the bodies of the four Titans without any resistance.
    After a short pause, the four Titans were cut into pieces.
    The Captain’s Titan was cut from the waist up, the Saryu’s Titan from the head, and the other two had their legs blown off.
    No, that wasn’t all.
    The wall behind Saryu’s Titan was hit by a huge sword blow, and the wall collapsed with a loud noise outside the castle. A cloud of dust and snow billowed in the wind. It was like the collapse of a skyscraper.
    The snowstorm was stronger than ever.
    I can’t see more than fifty meters away.
    Four of the Titans I killed are still functioning, judging by the sound of their breathing, but they are buried under the rubble of the wall.
    The only one left is the one I pinned to the ground with my blade.
    As I got closer, I put my greatsword to the Titan’s neck.
    “How strong are you? How many Titans do you have?”
    The pilot said.
    “If I answer, will you let me go?”
    This is not telemetry.
    It’s a radio transmission.
    Even at such a short distance, there’s static in the snow.
    Riga moved her body and used my knowledge to activate the radio.
    “Answer me or I will show no mercy.”
    I pressed the bloody edge of my blade against the Titan’s neck.
    “Two, two, twenty-six. We had thirty when we left for the expedition, but we lost four in the battle with the Uru. The entire army is 5,000 men. The mothership is in Dumidra, fifteen minutes away in the direction of 11.”
    “All right.”
    I was about to turn on my heel.
    “Wait, get this off me before you go! Please!”
    He pointed to a small knife stuck in his leg.
    It had a handle.
    “If you get in our way, you’ll regret it.”
    I said and pulled out the blade.
    The enemy pilot yelled, “Thank you!” and ran like a rabbit. He trudged through the rubble and ran out of the castle.
    I don’t know what is going on here.
    If they had seriously pursued me, I would not have been able to escape.
    I knew immediately why.
    The surface of my armor was suddenly covered with ice.
    Some tiny droplets of water floating in the air stuck to the armor and froze there on the spot.
    A sharp cracking sound can be heard everywhere. Space itself was ringing.
    The loudest sound was above my head.
    I looked up and saw what was going on.
    The clouds that had swirled in a ridiculous vortex high in the sky were now sinking just a few dozen feet above us.
    The tops of the crumbling walls were already touching the clouds and freezing.
    The frozen area spread downward in no time.
    I finally realized what was going on.
    Damn! The Titan’s brain is too fast. My heart was so hot that I had simply missed the most important thing.
    I climbed over the rubble of the destroyed walls and gave free rein to the enemy Titans who had escaped earlier.
    This was the “ultra-low temperature” the Captain spoke of.
    Judging from the situation, the cold air was coming from the sky, well below minus 200 degrees Celsius.
    The oxygen in the air solidified into a liquid, and the clouds became semi-solid and fell to the ground.

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