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    Chapter 35: Corpse Currency
    One of the corpses caught in my leg armor fell to the ground.
    Its good-natured beard twisted and froze in agony. Mr. Nahash, the bedding maker. Riga gritted his raw teeth.
    ‘Mr. Nahash was a local citizen, but he was also kind to me and my sister. When he found out that we lived in a hut outside the castle and the little heat that came from the city warmed us, he made us warm blankets from scraps of cloth. My sister and I always slept in them together.’
    “Why?” said Riga, or Riga and I, mixed minds, in a telekinetic wave. “How can you do such a terrible thing?”
    Saryu said.
    “Wow, your mind is not stable. You really are a child! But what is this? That’s a very strange thought. Is it because the Titan is falling apart?
    “Answer the question.”
    “Hmm. And by terrible, you mean we have a reactor here? That was an order from above, not from me. Or are you talking about the human remains? Just so you know, I don’t eat them like you do. This is a trade-off.
    People like you are everywhere. The women will make a supple newborn if you give them one of the corpses, and you can also get some ancient relics. In the barbarian realm, money is useless, so this is a substitute for money.
    I like money. Don’t hold that against me. I mean, who doesn’t like money? 
    If there’s one thing I like, it’s fighting.”
    The captain yelled.
    “You idiot! This is no time for showing off! Look at the sky! We need to get rid of this thing as soon as possible and get back to the ship.”
    “Damn, that’s tactless. But it’s my job, I have to do it. You, just out of curiosity, want to surrender? A living body is worth a lot more than a dead one, so why don’t I let you live until the other barbarians eat you?”
    “That’s a line from ‘us’. Get out of the cockpit and apologize to Mr. Nahash. If you do, we will spare your life.”
    “Us?” You have a strange way of speaking. What is a “cockpit?” Is it the cockpit?”
    ‘We’, yes, a bit strange, but the first person is very convenient.
    Saryu waved the chain that led to the iron net.
    “Do you understand the situation? You’re already stuck, do you understand? And on top of that, the end of the chain is held by ‘Merab’, which I control. He’s twice as strong as a normal Imperial Titan.”
    I see… It’s true that the Titan in front of me is huge. He is at least a head taller than me and the other Titans around him, and his shoulders, hips, and legs are massive as well.
    “So I am the strongest in the Legion. Except, of course, the Lord Commander. He’s not normal.”
    “Saryu!” said the Captain.
    The sky begins to rumble eerily.
    Saryu readies the sword in his other hand.
    The armor around the joints of his torso makes a deafening metallic sound.
    “Yes, yes. Goodbye, young lady.”
    And with these words he pulls the chain.
    According to him, I should have fallen and stabbed myself in the back.
    But I just stand there.
    “Oh?” and his Titan pulls back the chain.
    “Hey, hey, hey, what’s going on here? This one should have more muscle.”
    You’re right.
    But the “power” of a muscle is not only determined by its size. The timing of the force and the coordination of the muscles are also important.
    Saryu’s machine may be big, but it’s just a puppet, and each muscle puts out its maximum force at the wrong places.
    I, on the other hand, can control my muscles almost perfectly.
    It’s the same as pulling on a rope.
    Even ten schoolchildren can beat ten professional wrestlers if their movements are perfect.
    I grabbed the iron net with both hands, held my breath, and opened it with all my might.
    The eye of the iron wire stretched and snapped into pieces.
    “Are you kidding me?” said Saryu.
    I ripped open the net.
    Strands of steel wire about five centimeters in diameter fell apart.
    We walked toward his Titan.
    We stepped toward him, and he fell backward and crashed into the city wall.
    His Titan raised his hands.
    “Oh no!”
    “What?” we said.
    “What?” said the captain.
    “I’m done! That’s it. We’ve lost. I give up.”
    But he still has the sword in his right hand.
    “Then let go of the sword.”
    “All right. Here.”
    Saryu’s Titan lets go of the sword in his right hand.
    The sword falls out of his hand.
    Then he catches it with his left hand and thrusts it at my throat in one breath.
    I half dodged and knocked the sword down with my hand.
    The iron block, weighing tons, hit the ground with a cloud of snow and a dull thud.

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