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    Chapter 34: Cryogenic Battle
    “What are you doing? Didn’t you hear the alarm? It’s super cold! Return to the mothership immediately!”
    Immediately after the telekinesis was heard, five new fighters emerged through the blizzard.
    The pilot of the first Titan said.
    “Kabuon! What the hell is that thing? The Tsarumo is on the ground.”
    The five Titans immediately get into battle position.
    They raise their weapons and surround me in a semicircle.
    The pilot of the first Titan goes at the Titan on the far right.
    “Saryu! Don’t shoot!”
    The Titan on the far right carries a sword in one hand and a chain in the other. The end of the chain was connected to some kind of net. Inside the net were human corpses. About thirty or so.
    I felt Riga trembling in my heart.
    A red feeling came over Riga and me.
    The man called “Saryu” said.
    “Captain, this is extra income, you must tolerate it.”
    “You fool. Don’t you dare make a little money.”
    “Heh, don’t be so uptight.”
    The first two Titans who chased me, and the one who was still alive, joined the encirclement.
    “Guys, be careful. This young barbarian is not to be trifled with. The Tsarumo was murdered before he could do anything about it.”
    “Hmm. With a jagged hull piece like that?” The Captain’s Titan extends his left shield, draws his right sword, and slumps, “For a cannibal, you’re pretty good.”
    In the sky, a monstrous vortex swirled the clouds clockwise. The blizzard intensified and the world grew darker.
    The deafening sound of the alarm in the distance changed its pitch.
    The Captain said.
    “It’s an emergency brake alarm. We will not be able to recover the Titan in time. That means we don’t have to consider taking the Titan with us.”
    Before he could finish speaking, the two Titans to my right and left extended their spears.
    A sudden deception.
    The speed of the spearheads must have been two hundred kilometers per hour. Boom! and the sound of a huge substance cutting through the air.
    It is the sharpest of all impacts.
    But from my point of view, it’s a bad move.
    I move to the right and grab the handle of the spear coming from the right, aligning the vectors perfectly and applying the force.
    The opponent could not even loosen his grip around the spear. He fell forward and was hit in the head by the spear thrust of the Titan on his left. On the other side, the right Titan’s spear pierced the left Titan’s abdomen.
    The blood that spurted from both of them instantly froze and was blown away.
    “Whoa!” Saryu nodded, lost in thought.” What was that? It’s so smooth!”
    “This is no time to admire!” The Captain shouted. “We will lose our reputation as imperial knights if we follow him! Let’s all join in!
    The Captain’s Titan hurls a spear. A hiss! and there is the sound of the wind.
    As I dodged, Cub-On, one of the first two Titans, lunged at me with a short sword.
    If my hull had wobbled even a little, he might have had a chance, but I was as stable as if roots had grown out of my legs. On the contrary, Cub-On’s Titan was full of gaps.
    I charged him in my chest and hit him lightly with my thrusts — lightly, but with the mass of a Titan, so there was a dull thud! He pulled out a spare sword that his Titan wore on his hip.
    “What?” And, Turn it on.
    Too late. I kicked it away, and it crashed headlong into a pile of rubble. It sounded like a head-on collision between two heavy tanks. Rusted steam pipes, tiles and roofing material lay scattered about.
    Sustained violent vibrations in the ground…” Die!” Spontaneously, the Captain swung his sword and closed the gap between us. It was a powerful blow like the ‘Satsuma Shizenryu’.
    I dodged, rolled like a sow on the ground, and rammed my blade into the back of the leg of a stealthy Titan standing next to the leader’s. The blade sprayed sparks, piercing armor, flesh, and bone, sending the opponent crashing to the ground.
    “W-What?” the pilot yelled.
    I snatched the axe from his hand and threw it at the Captain’s titan while he was confused.
    The axe goes into the right shoulder of the Captain’s Titan.
    “Wha!” and the Captain swayed very badly.
    As I stepped forward to finish him off, a wire thread that had fallen out of the blind spot caught me. The corpses of the townspeople rained down on me.

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