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    I’ve Been Reincarnated as a Giant Humanoid Weapon ~Frozen World Reignited~

    Chapter 33

    Chapter 33: Enhancement (motor skills are determined by the brain, not the body)

    Translated by SkyTL
    Edited by SkyTL


    Chapter 33: Enhancement (motor skills are determined by the brain, not the body)
    “This is ridiculous,” the pilot of the enemy Titan muttered in a telekinetic wave.
    I myself am surprised by this wave of emotion.
    I gripped the spear with only the fingers and palm of my right hand.
    It was an incredible feat, even though he didn’t use all of his power, as he was only trying to pierce the cockpit.
    The enemy Titan used more force, and I spun at the same time.
    The tip of the spear pierced the ground and I raised my left foot into a crouch, like a track and field athlete.
    My heel hit the enemy titan on the jaw, and his body, weighing over ten tons, lifted off the ground.
    It was a blow that would have stunned a man at best and killed him at worst.
    In fact, the jaws of the enemy’s helmet were so deformed that bright red blood flowed from the cracks in the armor.
    The enemy used the padding of his knees to his advantage and landed without going to his knees. There was a thud and a vibration in the air.
    The enemy, not caring about the jaw wound, pulled his two daggers out of his back with both hands.
    The pilot said.
    “You’re pretty good for a kid. Let’s get serious from now on, shall we?”
    “You should be ashamed of yourself for taking a hit,” the other pilot said.
    “Shut up. I’ll kill you right now.”
    At that moment, an alarming “Boom!” sound, a sound like an alarm, shook the air.
    The other pilot says.
    “We’ve got orders to pull back. Look, there’s a cryogenic storm brewing. That must have been caused by the shock wave. We’re losing radio contact. Seriously, just get it over with.”
    The clouds began to form a huge vortex in the sky.
    The world sinks into darkness, and the blizzard rapidly increases.
    The pilot, a Titan with two daggers, said, “Then die!” And he lunged at me.
    I’m empty-handed. No shield, no sword!
    But that doesn’t mean you have the option to back out!
    “Our” hearts are boiling.
    I step forward.
    With both hands, I work on my opponent’s two knives, like a martial arts master in a kung fu movie.
    No, this movement is more like that of a fully automatic machine tool like Fanuc than that of a master. A few years ago, I saw a video on YouTube in which an automatic machine tool was playing ping-pong with a human. No matter how the human attacked, the robotic arm connected to the sensor ran the shortest distance and played with perfect accuracy. Humans were the world champions, but they were outmatched.
    Now my hands are like the arms of these robots. I strike, dodge, and erase the knife coming at me.
    “Don’t mess with me!” the enemy pilot yells.
    His moves aren’t bad. Not bad for someone handling another person’s body. He’s a little jerky, but he attacks gently.
    But compared to me, he’s like a newborn fawn.
    I move my own body, and my brain that controls my body is the brain of a Titan.
    Yes, I have heard that our motor skills are determined by the neurons in our brain.
    And a Titan’s brain is far superior to my human brain in every way, such as processing speed, memory capacity, and endurance.
    So it makes sense that I should be able to handle it perfectly.
    I shouted. No, it wasn’t me. It was Riga’s body screaming inside me.
    I twisted the enemy’s hand and broke it using the principle of leverage. With the same momentum, I plunged the blade of the dagger my opponent still held into his neck.
    The hot blood spurted out like a fountain and poured over me.
    I turned red from the steam.
    For a moment I was upset that I had killed the Titan, but that was quickly drowned out by the unending rage that rose within me.
    The fire in Riga was horrible.
    It was meant to question my existence as a kindred spirit, but the fire of vengeance is so strong that it continues to burn the heart that tries to question. They say they accept any existence if it helps them take revenge. Everything else is meaningless except revenge.
    The alarm still sounded loudly.
    Above the sky, a series of vortices began to grow between the overlapping black clouds on the ground. The vortices became denser and denser as they moved farther and farther apart. It was probably a huge tornado of cold air. When it reached the ground, it would freeze everything in its path.
    I let go, and the enemy Titan fell.
    The other one tumbled away from me, saying with a telekinetic wave, “Help me! I’m under attack!” in a telekinetic wave.
    Smart move.
    The town was completely obscured by the blizzard, and I could only see a few dozen yards away.
    Soon five new fighters appeared and broke through the snow.

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