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    Chapter 32: The awakening
    As soon as the anti-reflux mechanism stopped, I became Riga.
    No, I could always see through her physical eyes and hear the sounds in the cockpit through her ears. I could even feel the emotions going on in her head.
    But compared to what I feel now, it’s as different as film and reality.
    Yes, that’s how it is when you see through human eyes.
    In front of Riga’s eyes is a battered monitor showing the image of a white titan.
    Her eyes have a lower resolution than my Titan’s eyes. My Titan senses could have even seen the dust on the tiny bolts at the edge of the monitor, but my human eyes were too busy trying to make out the threads of the bolts.
    The edges of their vision were distorted by tears.
    A pounding sound could be heard in the cockpit. It was the sound of my heart beating in my veins. It’s surprisingly slow, but that’s probably because my brain is working at a very high speed and my sense of time is stretched.
    Is it my internal organs that are humming? Is it the joints that are cracking? Unlike the ears of the Titans, I cannot perceive sounds in complete isolation. They hear everything as one, roaring and groaning.
    The sensation of the whole body is also very different.
    Riga’s body has no sense of power.
    Her unarmored skin is so soft that it cracks at the slightest touch.
    There are hardly any muscles, and the bones are so thin that they could break.
    I also have the feeling that they are exhausted just by breathing.
    What an unreliable existence man is!
    And yet it holds a great flame of emotion that could drown out even a raging blizzard.
    I was almost blown away by the energy.
    I had believed I was a perfect human, but I had been transformed into the body of a Titan. The Titan’s armor had “dulled” me, so to speak.
    Then suddenly I turned back into a brain of flesh and blood.
    This is like a fireman running into a fire and having his fireproof suit torn from his body.
    My mind became Riga’s mind, and it was violently burned.
    The brain. Yes, the key is the brain. I thought with my Titan brain, with its superhuman thinking power. Psychosensitivity is “sharing the brain.” It does not mean that the souls floating in the air are united.
    The mind is the inherent pattern of the electric current flowing through the neurons in the brain. The sharing of the spirit is the creation of each other’s pattern in our brains.
    At this moment, I am using Riga’s brain to create my consciousness in her skull. But there is also her own consciousness in my skull.
    Similarly, in my original Titan brain, there is my original consciousness and her created consciousness.
    In total, there are four consciousnesses in two brains. They are connected by the quantum tunnel effect and function as one will.
    I am Riga, and Riga is me.
    But the integration is not perfect.
    There is an ‘I’ that thinks like this, and I also feel the existence of an individual ‘Riga’. ‘Riga’ is shocked by my existence, but she accepts it as natural. She is me, so I guess it is that I accept myself.
    We are one and the same, but we are not one and the same, we are 1.5 personalities.
    “Riga, don’t worry. I will always be with you.”
    Suddenly I remembered Alisha stroking my head.
    Alisha was very young. She looked like she was six or seven years old.
    Her forehead was bleeding, but she was hugging me.
    This is the memory that Riga has of Alisha.
    Then my own memories come back.
    Alisha’s body is thrown into the sky by the blast wave.
    Higher and higher, and then gone.
    Helplessness and anger explode in Riga’s heart.
    Her grief is my grief.
    Her anger is my anger.
    The flow of time quickly returns to normal.
    A white enemy Titan gets to its feet and swings its spear at me from my back. If I continue like this, the blade will pierce the cockpit.
    With “my will,” I move my right arm and grab the root of the blade, which comes at me at breakneck speed.

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