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    I’ve Been Reincarnated as a Giant Humanoid Weapon ~Frozen World Reignited~

    Chapter 31

    Chapter 31: It is a mind-dependent maneuver, and if the pilot's motor skills are not sufficient, she will die

    Translated by SkyTL
    Edited by SkyTL


    Chapter 31: It is a mind-dependent maneuver, and if the pilot’s motor skills are not sufficient, she will die


    Riga twisted my body.


    The spear that the enemy Titan thrust passed under my armpit and pierced the castle wall behind me.


    The pilot of the enemy Titan screamed in a telekinetic wave, “Seriously!?


    The enemy Titan let go of the spear, jumped backward, and pulled a thin rapier-like sword from his hip.


    The blade was thirty inches wide and six feet across, but still too thin for the Titan’s size.


    The other readied his spear.


    I stood up slowly.


    I could feel Riga’s anger, sadness, hatred, and all sorts of emotions through the cockpit controls.


    She perceived the world through my eyes, my ears, my skin.


    As Dostoev said in his pillow talk with the mayor’s daughter, to ride a Titan is to become a Titan. This feeling of unity, of omnipotence, of invincibility is like a drug, and that’s why Titan riders ride Titans until they die.


    But Riga feels no joy at all in becoming a Titan rider.


    The pain in her heart is overwhelming and burning her.


    Tears flowed incessantly from her eyes in the flesh. If she had not used my eyesight, she would not have been able to look straight ahead.


    She clenched both of my fists.


    “You guys. Why?” she said in a telekinetic voice. “How could you do such a terrible thing?”


    After a moment of silence, the mood of the two enemy Titans suddenly relaxed.


    Said the one with the rapier.


    “I’m surprised. In this city, children can control Titans?”


    The one with the spear nodded at the Titan’s body.


    “She has talent. Judging by the instability of her telekinesis, she’s probably younger than fifteen.”


    “Why, why my sister?” gulps Riga.


    “Why?” And the rapier.” It’s not that I have anything against you guys. We just want to eat and sleep in a warm bed with a woman in our arms. So die a little, okay? If we bring back the Titan, you’ll get more money.”


    In the distance, the pilot of another Titan said.


    “Hey, is everything okay, guys?”


    The spearman swings his spear.


    “No problem. It’s a little brat. I’ll kill her right now.”


    Riga clutches the stick.


    “Uh-uh,” she growls.


    My body yanks the spear off the wall and thrusts it forward.


    Oh, no. I hold it like a girl who has no motor skills. Her grip is too close to the base and the distance between her right and left hands is too small.


    And already the rapier swings with a quick motion and the spear is cut off in the middle of the handle. The tip of the spear rolls into the rubble.


    The situation is hopeless.


    The tears and sobs in Riga’s body do not stop.


    But she has not given up.


    With her remaining grip, she runs along the wall.


    How limply she moves my feet!


    Like a baby walking for the first time.


    No, she can’t help it. In fact, she’s controlling the body of a Titan for the first time in her life.


    “Oh, what a pain in the ass,” muttered the rapier.




    I ran with my back to them, not realizing what the sudden shock in my leg was.


    Something hit my left calf and I fell heavily.


    A spear. A spear that was stuck in the ground. The spear thrower hurled the thing he was holding at me.


    Part of the armor on my leg was torn out.


    The wound reached the flesh. A burning pain spread.


    The spear hurled the Titan forward, and as he pulled it out of the ground, he kicked me in the head with a “Boom!” sound.


    It was such a shock that if I had been human, I would have died on the spot.


    I was on my knees.


    My head was shaking.


    And I felt nauseous.


    In the sky above me, the big hole in the clouds had closed and it was snowing heavily again.


    Riga managed to pull me upright.


    The rapier held the sword along the midline of his body, like a Western court knight.


    “Don’t make it more complicated than it has to be.”


    Oh no. This is really bad.


    Riga takes a hand away from the stick.


    “You idiot! Put it back!” I screamed in my head. You can’t move me if you don’t hold me with both hands!


    “Ahhhhh!” she screamed. She spun around in the cockpit and reached for a box that was diagonally behind the cockpit. When she opened the lid, she found a soft, egg-shaped biological part full of wires.


    This was it, I think.


    A device that prevents the pain felt by the Titans from being transmitted directly to the pilot via psychosensitivity.


    A device that prevents the thoughts of the Titans from flowing into the pilot.


    Without this device, the pilot would become so stupid  that he would never come back.


    She smashed it without hesitation.

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