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    I’ve Been Reincarnated as a Giant Humanoid Weapon ~Frozen World Reignited~

    Chapter 30

    Chapter 30: Living area for 1 billion earths

    Translated by SkyTL
    Edited by SkyTL


    Chapter 30: Living area for 1 billion earths


    I can say that I am angry.


    In this hellish world, Alisha, who was so good to me, was killed before my eyes.


    The good-natured foreman of the factory, the young workers. And the children from the garbage dump. They were all ordinary, simple children, although they were after my flesh.


    Dostoyev was not a bad man either. He risked his life to defend the city to the end.


    I wanted to destroy the White Titans under the leadership of Yazde. I wanted to tear their bodies to pieces.


    But the Titan’s brain has much more processing power than my original brain. It can think complex thoughts and more than one thing at a time.


    I was furious and stunned by the fact that this world was a “Dyson sphere.”


    The perfect search performance of the Titan brain reminds me of the Discovery Channel content I watched in the living room of my parents’ house seven years ago.


    The Dyson Sphere is a superstructure proposed by American astrophysicist Freeman Dyson to be built when a civilization reaches its final stage.


    By covering the entire circumference of a star with a “superstructure,” it could harness all the energy emitted by the star while providing a large area for its survival. It can be described as a giant hollow Earth with the Sun at its center.


    It is said that the size of the “surface” of a Dyson sphere is equivalent to a billion Earths.


    Inside the Dyson sphere, every environment is replicated on Earth: Oceans, mountains, plains, plateaus, lakes and deserts. Of course, there are also corresponding animals, plants and insects.


    It is a huge artificial celestial body where more than a hundred trillion people can live comfortably.


    However, this world is an “incomplete Dyson sphere.”


    It was said on the Discovery Channel that night is brought to the surface of the Earth by placing a ridiculously large plate right next to a star, but there is no such shadow on the sun that I can see now.


    I see no such shadow on the sun, and it’s always daytime because there are no plates.


    Well, considering that the temperature has dropped so low, we are lucky that there is no night. If night came, the temperature would immediately drop below minus one hundred degrees, and the life forms in the night would be wiped out.


    First of all, what is this cold?


    To build a Dyson sphere, you need a god-like super-science.


    In order to create a “Superstructure” that can withstand any stress, one must be able to control the “Strong force” at will, and to do this, the “Grand Unified Theory” must be perfected.


    Furthermore, in order to gather enough materials to build a billion Earths, we would need to mine the resources of hundreds, if not thousands, of star systems.


    The civilization that built this place must have spread across the galaxy with countless large fleets. They may have reached other galaxies as well.


    But how could they be wrong about the all-important “Temperature”?


    Well, the Dyson sphere is primarily a theory. For efficiency, it is much cheaper to colonize other star systems.


    Maybe they wanted to build the “best ski field in the galaxy.”


    Or maybe it’s a simulator that recreates the savage warfare of ancient times.


    No one knows what the gods are thinking.


    In any case, the civilization of the descendants of these gods has become as barbaric as that of the Industrial Revolution or even the Middle Ages.


    “I’m going back to the ship. The third will follow me,” said the thought of Yazde. “First and Second, see if there are any survivors in the city. Fourth, collect the remains of the Titans. Don’t forget to destroy the cockpit first, if it’s still there. Now move on.”


    Above our heads, the hole in the sky slowly began to close. At the same time, the blizzard returned.


    White Titans swept through the rubble of the housing complexes, stabbing the seemingly lifeless bodies with their swords.


    I trembled with rage.


    No, this feeling is not mine alone.


    Inside me, Riga holds one of the controls.


    The black emotions within her flow into me through the psychosensitive control system.


    Two White Titans are slowly approaching.


    The driver of one of the Titans says with a telekinetic wave.


    “Well, we’ve blown up the city in spectacular fashion. Thanks to that, business is good.”


    Replies the other rider.


    “Yes, indeed. After conquering the city, there’s nothing to look forward to. Oh, a woman? No, she’s dead.”


    “Ha-ha-ha. It’s our job now to make sure she’s dead.”


    “Shut up, what about all the women in town? They all have those weird tattoos. That doesn’t turn me on.”


    What’s that? Didn’t you know? For these barbarians, this tattoo is the sign of a “Human.” Anyone who doesn’t have it is a “slave” or “meat.”


    “Oh! Seriously! That Titan looks bad, but it’s almost unharmed! I’ll give you that.”


    “It’s still intact, but just in case. Let’s give that pilot seat a good scratching.”


    One of the Titans swung the spear in his hand.


    And Riga clutched the controls with both hands.

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