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    Chapter 29: Super Dyson Sphere


    Riga cried in my belly.


    The city was devastated.


    Almost all the buildings had collapsed, including dozens of apartment buildings, not to mention the five towers in the center of the city.


    The remains of the steam pipes spewed steam like candles stuck in a cake.


    The streets were cleared of people. No, a black shadow emerged from the rubble, fell to the ground, and did not move.


    Even the sturdy walls had cracks in many places.


    All the snow had fallen, exposing the black cobblestones of the street and the brown floor of the sewage treatment plant.


    What an explosion!


    Now only the Vermilion and White Titans were moving on the ground.


    Yazde said with a telekinetic wave.


    “Be careful with the reactors! It saved us from destroying the city, but it could have blown us up.”


    One of his men replied.


    “I’m very sorry sir, the energy output was much higher than we expected.”


    “What about Napali, Ryad and Jensrabisi?”


    Another replied.


    “All except Napali have been recovered. They are injured, but not life-threatening. However, Napali’s cockpit was completely destroyed.”


    “That’s a shame. May his soul ascend to the sun in peace.”


    At this point, I finally noticed that the world was getting noticeably brighter.


    The sun.


    The clouds that had always hovered over my head since I had come into this world were dissipating.


    A tremendous shock wave had blown the clouds above me into a circle.


    The sun shone down on me from above.


    In the center of the celestial sphere in the blue sky shone a small White sun.


    Obviously, it is not the earth I know.


    The size is different, and above all, I cannot feel the power of the sun, the energy radiation that is the source of all things!


    It is so powerless that it looks like a dying old man.


    I thought it was because of the clouds, but that was not the case.


    Besides, beyond the horizon was a ghastly sight.


    Far in the distance, the earth was “warping.”


    The earth was not arching toward the horizon as the earth does, but rising upward.


    It was as if we were in a bowl looking down on the land painted within.


    A huge sea of clouds covered the rising ground. The tiny gray swirls were probably very large typhoons. The black grains blocking the flow of clouds are the tops of mountains. The blue crack could be the ocean below.


    The body of this Titan has a frightening vision.


    10 or 20 by human standards.


    If he has vision of two or more, he should be able to see the stars in daylight.


    But there are no stars in the sky.


    No moon.


    Only the earth.


    The earth covers the whole sky.


    The closer we got to the top of the celestial sphere, the more the earth blurred and sank into the blue haze. The distance between us was incredible.


    I was so shocked that I couldn’t move.


    No, I couldn’t move even if I wanted to, but even if I had regained control of my body by now, there was nothing I could do.


    This is a “Dyson sphere.”

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