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    I’ve Been Reincarnated as a Giant Humanoid Weapon ~Frozen World Reignited~

    Chapter 28

    Chapter 28: The child who disappeared into the sky

    Translated by SkyTL
    Edited by SkyTL


    Chapter 28: The child who disappeared into the sky


    “Come on, big sister!” cried Riga.


    “Don’t worry, it’s not a serious injury,” Alisha said matter-of-factly, pulling out a piece of Titan armor that was stuck in her abdomen.


    There is no blood to be seen. The cold has constricted the blood vessels.


    The temperature is dropping rapidly because the steam heating network that kept the whole city warm has been destroyed.


    The White Titans went around destroying every building with spears and axes. It is only a matter of time before their hands reach the processing plant.


    Alisha threw the piece of armor.


    The pieces disappear in a blizzard.


    They help each other up to my chest.


    Alisha unlocks the cockpit and opens it.


    Then she pushes Riga inside and locks the cockpit from the outside.


    “Hey, Big Sister!” says Riga.


    Alisha sits down in the cockpit hatch.


    She raises her voice against the blizzard.


    “Ready? If you leave the city, you go straight to Black Mountain. If you keep moving, you’ll get caught in the web of the mining town of Razandru. Then give up quietly. The Titan pilots are too valuable to be killed.”


    Riga knocks on the hatch from inside.


    “Big Sister! Come with me!”


    “I can’t. Only one person can ride on Titan at a time. If more than one person rides, the mental waves get messed up and they can’t control them properly. Don’t worry, I know what I’m doing. Riga, you can take care of him.”


    The next moment, a huge shock wave erupted in the center of the city.


    It was the heat release from the core that the vermilion Titan Yazde had mentioned earlier.


    “Everyone take cover!” shouted Yazde over the telekinetic transmission.


    The shockwave radiated out, blasting towers, apartment blocks, and people.


    Alisha’s mouth moved.


    Thanks for everything, I think, she said.


    The shock wave hit the processing plant.


    Alisha was hoisted high into the sky with the pile of rubbish and disappeared.


    I, which must have weighed several dozen tons, also rolled across the snowfield and finally came to a stop at the city wall.

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