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    Chapter 27: Urban Fighting


    The white Titans pounded, pushed and trampled on the apartment complex like a baby breaking a house of blocks.


    Screams, the sound of collapsing bricks and the high-pitched hiss of a broken steam pipe.


    People run for their lives at the feet of the white Titans.


    From the opposite direction from which the Titans had come, three Defense Force Titans charged toward them. With their weapons, they cut through the white Titans.


    With a loud bang, one of the White Titans, who had just entered through the gate, was cut in half from above and collapsed.


    Behind the corpse stood Dostoyev’s Vamishraa, a blue machine with gladius swords in both hands.


    “You would be mistaken if you thought you could escape without crossing swords.”


    Telekinesis. It is transmitted to all surrounding machines.


    The White Titans attacked from both sides, one on each side.


    Dostoev quickly reduced the distance between him and the Titan on his right, parried his opponent’s sword thrust with his shoulder armor, and pierced its cockpit with his own sword.


    Then he grabbed the dead body of the enemy Titan and threw it towards the other Titan. The other caught his comrade in mid-air and flung him away. Dostoyev lunged at him and smashed his head.


    Another white Titan lunged at him, but was immediately knocked off his stomach and fell, spitting out his guts.


    He is a real lion.


    Six White Titans surrounded Dostoyev in the distance and kept him on his toes.


    The other White Titans destroyed the city and headed straight for the central tower.


    Dostoyev, trying to break the siege to protect the tower, suddenly stopped.


    From outside the siege, the vermilion Titan approached.


    The white Titans moved away.


    The vermilion Titan also sent out a telekinetic wave.


    A very sharp, cold-hearted thought.


    “I apologize for not actively crossing swords with you earlier. If I had fought you, I would have lost a lot of Titans”.


    “I didn’t think you would use other Titans as stepping stones to get over the wall,” Dostoev replied in thought. “As Titan riders, don’t the Knights of the Empire have any pride? Do they stand idly by and allow themselves to be used as ladders?”


    “We all work for only one goal. There is no reason for us to hesitate when things can be done simply by operating a Titan.”


    The vermilion Titan also picked up two swords.


    Dostoev dropped Vamishraa’s waist.


    “Let me hear your name before I kill you.”




    The wind blew harder than ever, blowing up the snow that had fallen on the processing plant and blocking my view.


    The blizzard was getting stronger.


    Riga, shielding her eyes from the snow, shouted, “Big sister!


    The clang of heavy swords echoed up to the sky.


    The vermilion and the blue machines are only indistinctly visible, but they seem to be engaged in a fierce battle. A huge cloud of snow can be seen around the two Titans.


    “Riga! Riga!” I hear the voice of Alisha.


    But I can’t see her. She seems to have run out of the office and is coming through the snow towards us.


    “Hey, big sister!” Riga’s voice trails off from me,


    “Riga!” Alisha’s voice comes closer.


    DONG! Boom! and the footsteps of the Titans come rapidly closer. And a tremendous cacophony of metal on metal.


    Crunch! and the sound of ten thousand crushed skulls echoes through the processing plant.


    “Riga! Run!” Alisha’s voice sounded muffled.


    Then followed the sound of Titans falling to the ground.


    A breath of air in the cockpit, “Damn!” and the voice of Dostoyev. No, a wave of thoughts.


    Dostoev says, “That’s the Titan!” If only we had that!” he shouts.


    There is a popping sound, as if a man were crushing an ant, followed by the vibration of the Titan’s feet on the floor.


    Dostoyev’s voice disappears.


    Yazde’s voice says.


    “The blizzard is getting stronger. The radio is not working. All Titans, switch to telegraph.”


    Another voice, or perhaps a thought, replies.


    “Will the enemy hear us?”


    “Don’t worry about it. We just killed the last enemy Titan. How’s the reactor recovery going?”


    “Vizan and Quentin are in the process of removing it. They should be done soon.”


    “Tell them to watch the heat release when they take it out of town. And I’ll guard the transport to the ship, just in case. The rest of you destroy the city. If even one cannibal survives, there will be consequences.”


    The footsteps of the Titans disappeared.


    The snow and wind rustled sadly.


    The sound of something crumbling violently in the central tower could be heard.


    The whole city was on the brink of ruin.


    Two small footsteps approached crunching through the snow.


    One of them limped, and the other somehow moved his feet forward in turn.


    Finally, two people emerged from the blizzard.


    Two sisters, Alisha and Riga.


    A piece of the Titan’s blue armor was stuck in Alisha’s abdomen.

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