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    I’ve Been Reincarnated as a Giant Humanoid Weapon ~Frozen World Reignited~

    Chapter 26

    Chapter 26: The fall of a city (Red-horned Titan)

    Translated by SkyTL
    Edited by SkyTL


    Chapter 26: The fall of a city (Red-horned Titan)


    The city was hit by a snowstorm.


    Visibility quickly became poor.


    Thick black clouds obscured the weak sunlight, and the world sank into darkness.


    Alarms sounded all over the city walls, blending into an unbearable cacophony.


    In the central towers of the city, a series of searchlights were turned on. The beams of light broke through the blizzard and illuminated the city walls from the outside.


    From the hangar, the Titan of the defense forces took off.


    A blue, heavily armored Titan piloted by the “ship-eyed” Dostoyev, with three gray Titans behind him. One of them is probably piloted by Jamri the ‘red-bearded’.


    Titans also appear to have emerged from the other three hangars, which cannot be seen from my position. I can feel the ground vibrations they generate.


    Lights are burning in all the rooms of the urban housing complex.


    In one of the windows, the shadow of a man can be seen holding what looks like a spear. His wife and supposed daughter hurriedly put on their coats.


    The whole city was in an uproar.


    A clang of metal on metal could be heard from outside the city walls.


    There seemed to be a series of car crashes between large trucks.


    With a loud crash, something black flew from outside the walls and crashed into the apartment complex I had just seen.


    The brick-like building material that made up the apartment complex collapsed violently, and a large amount of steam poured out of the broken steam pipes.


    The arm of a titan was stuck in the apartment complex.


    Countless small screams of people rolled through the wind.


    A hand could be seen on one of the walls.


    The hand of a Titan, covered with a vermilion armor plate.


    This is absurd!


    The wall is twice, maybe three times the height of Titan.


    Did he climb it? No.


    The Titan is like a puppet. It’s impossible for him to make a movement that requires such precise control.


    But then came the head with its horns.


    Then the neck, the body, the waist.


    A vermilion Titan stood on the city wall.


    His coat was white, made of an incredible amount of fabric, fluttering in the wind. On the fabric there is a pattern that seems to represent the sun.


    At his waist he carried two swords, one large and one small, like a samurai.


    The vermilion Titan kicks the castle wall and rushes into the hall.


    He stands in front of the castle gate.


    Small figures move at his feet.


    They must be the soldiers guarding the gate.


    But the axes and spears of the humans are no match for the Titan.


    In this world, the Titans are absolute weapons.


    The vermilion Titan drew his sword.


    The silver blade shone, and the next moment the gates of the castle were cut open.


    The vermilion giant backed away.


    White-armored Titans stepped through the gates, one by one. On their shoulder pads was the same sun pattern as on the vermilion titan.


    The vermilion Titan waved his hands, and the white Titans attacked the city together.


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