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    I’ve Been Reincarnated as a Giant Humanoid Weapon ~Frozen World Reignited~

    Chapter 25

    Chapter 25: The army of murderers (only I notice)

    Translated by SkyTL
    Edited by SkyTL


    Chapter 25: The army of murderers (only I notice)


    Riga says from inside the tent.


    “I’m not in a bad mood.”


    “Yes, you are. You think I don’t know that?” Alisha rubs her shoulder with one hand.”Ever since we decided to give him away, you’ve been very sad.”


    “You’re just imagining it.”


    “I’m not imagining it.”


    “Shut up! I’m not in a bad mood!”


    Alisha sighed.


    The exhaled air condensed and dispersed in the wind.


    She shuddered and pulled the hood of her coat over her head.


    “Well, everything’s all right then. I’m going to the office now.”


    The office is a small shack made of scrap wood, two piles of trash down the road. I hadn’t seen it until the day I was brought here, but it was a two-story building with a smaller toilet stall on the side.


    This is where Alisha and his friends always go to do their business.


    Human urine is a precious commodity in this city. Even the male workers would never urinate standing up.


    As Alisha disappears behind a pile of garbage, Riga crawls out of her tent. She wears a heavy fur coat over a thin, tight-fitting winter coat made of thermal technology.


    The snow blows down on her.


    The clouds in the sky are getting thicker.


    It’s a black cloud, like the last time it was extremely cold.


    I hope it won’t be that cold.


    She coughs and sneezes and goes back inside, this time dressed warmly.


    She sits down on the edge of the empty outdoor pool and reaches out to touch my fingers.


    “Did you hear what I just said?” she says.” Of course you heard me, didn’t you? Yes, you did. You’re right, big sister. I’m in a very bad mood.”


    I understand.


    Her doll-like face shows little sign of anger or irritation. Alisha is a good judge of character.


    Riga says.


    “But I’m not angry at my big sister. It’s at me. I’m angry at myself.


    “Because, big sister, she wanted to ride you herself. And now she’s going to be a mechanic again. She looked at me for a moment. I guess she made up her mind about me.”


    I’m sure she did.


    From the side, you can see that Riga is the most important thing to Alisha.


    She puts her anemic sister’s happiness above her own body, health, and dreams.


    Riga nodded her head.


    “I pulled my big sister down again.”


    She coughed slightly.


    She remains seated and says nothing.


    I wonder if she is crying.


    The processing plant is quiet.


    The snow begins to blow.


    I hear a cloud of steam coming from an apartment complex in town somewhere behind the plant.


    I hear the sounds of city life.


    The sound of plates breaking or something similar.


    The shouting of fights.






    The sounds of countless people overlapped, the whole city seemed to breathe.


    Riga muttered.


    “I think I could have put it off.”


    What do you mean?


    “I felt it when I touched your stick. I thought I could move it. But I couldn’t. I thought if my big sister, who works so hard, can’t move it, then I, who does nothing but pull it down, can move it.”



    If I could have spoken, I would have advised her to ask.


    I concentrated and tried to listen as best I could to figure out where Alisha was.


    I have found lately that I have a certain freedom in the sensitivity of my senses.


    I heard a sigh in the area where I thought the processing plant office was.


    Then Alisha’s voice said.


    “I wonder. She is very intuitive. But she can stay in a warm room…”


    I hear the sound of slipping clothes and hurry to avert my hearing.


    Apparently, Alisha was still in the bathroom.


    Sorry, sorry.


    I muttered in my mind. My ears registered the shrill sound echoing in my stomach.


    A familiar sound, the sound of Titan running. But far away. Not in the city, but outside, far away.


    One, two? Ten? Twenty? A large troop slowly approaches the city. I can’t tell exactly how many there are because the noise of the snowstorm is getting louder, but it’s a large number.


    I shouted in my head “Raid!” but of course I couldn’t reach anyone, and my fingers just twitched.


    Riga stroked my finger with her slender hand.


    “Titan, even if you say so, it’s been a long time since I had a fight with my sister. I won’t be honest with you now.”


    No! An enemy is at our door. There are more than Dostoyev and his men can handle! We have to get out of here!


    No matter how much I shouted, I could not find my voice again.


    I had no choice but to lie down on the floor and let time pass in vain.


    It may have been five minutes, but it felt like an infinite amount of time, and then the alarms in the city started going crazy.



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