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    Chapter 24: U-turn to hell!


    “Can I ride this thing?” says Riga.


    Alisha says, looking at the meat without looking at her.


    “When you came in, I felt more steam coming out of the seams of the armor. This phenomenon didn’t occur when other people were on board. Do you think you might have had a successful psychic connection?”


    “Absolutely not. I couldn’t.”


    “No? I thought you might have been afraid to get on, or reticent.”


    “I’m not shy, Lisa. I took the controls, and nothing happened.”


    “Really? Maybe I was thinking too much,” Alisha scratched her head. “Then let’s go eat.”


    “What’s for dinner today?”


    Alisha puts some meat and vegetables on a plate and brings it to the tent.


    “Braised artificial meat with red vegetables.”


    “Yes!” Riga claps her hands.


    As I look at her, I think back to the time Riga rode me. Like Alisha said, something about her was definitely different. My nerves heated up, my cells came alive.


    But if you’re asking me if it was the same as with Dostoev, it wasn’t.


    With Dostoev I shared his raw vision, just as Dostoev shared mine, and I could read, if you will, what he was thinking so strongly on the surface of his mind.


    After all, not everyone involved in this processing plant was fit to pilot.


    I was half disappointed and half relieved, although I felt sorry for Alisha and the others.


    If they could move me, they would let me work here first. I’ll sort the garbage. Well, I don’t mind that.


    But sooner or later they’ll send me to defend the city.


    That’s how many missions the defenders get.


    This night, too, the alarm sounded and the Titans rushed out of the city walls. The sound of fierce fighting pierced the blizzard and echoed through the city.


    The next morning Dostoyev and the rest of the defenders reached the processing plant.




    “You want me to give him away?”


    Alisha waved her hand indignantly.


    Inside the processing plant, two groups of people faced each other.


    The group consisted of Alisha, Riga, the foreman, the workers, Dostoev and his deputy, Jamri, “the red-bearded one,” as well as yesterday’s councilman and the fat mayor.


    Dostoyev pointed to me lying on the remains of a drained bathtub.


    “Well done,” he said. “I’m surprised, to say the least. I knew you were good, but I didn’t expect this. I thought you would have the brain marrow, heart and lungs processed. It’s been regenerated perfectly.”


    “But you’ll take it out once it’s regenerated?” asks Alisha.


    The Director nods.


    “This is what these kids have worked so hard and overtime for. You can’t just take it away.”


    Dostoyev nods.


    “I understand what you’re saying. But I’m sure you’ve all felt the increase in attacks lately. We need as many Titans as possible right now. The faster we get this thing up and running, the safer we’ll all be.”


    “What about the pilot?” Alisha’s voice was weaker than before.


    The mayor stepped forward from the side.


    “We’re going to move up the schedule and have a selection meeting. Six months ago we didn’t find a single ‘newcomer,’ but in the four months since, maybe one of us has discovered talent.”


    “Besides,” Dostoev said, “I could use two of them together if I wanted to.”


    Alisha bit her lip.


    Dostoev took a step forward and patted her on the shoulder.


    “Alisha, you should go back as a mechanic. We need you.”


    “But, but the mayor’s daughter…”


    She looks up.


    The mayor tapped his bald head.


    “If the captain favors you, I will tell her. I can’t reconcile love for my daughter with the life of the citizens.”


    Dostoev laughed.


    “Mayor, I will not abandon your daughter. I am serious about it. It’s just that Alisha is the only person in the city I can trust with my life.”


    The Director scratched his head.


    “She’s the one we need here, you know. But now that you mention it, will you get it right?”


    Dostoyev nodded.


    “I’ll get her a house in the castle.”


    “What?” The mayor was taken aback. “Captain. You can’t let a non-citizen live in the castle…”


    Dostoev repeated, “We will give her a house,” and the mayor sighed.


    Alisha looked at Riga from the side and nodded slightly.


    The deal was done.


    Alisha and Riga would receive one of the mayor’s houses tomorrow.


    They would live in the processing plant until the end of the day.


    At the end of the day, under gray clouds, the Director organized a small celebration.


    Everyone was sad to say goodbye to Alisha and the others.


    One of the workers, a young man, ruffled Alisha’s hair and said, “Don’t ever show your face here again.”


    Riga smiled away from her sister.




    Everyone has gone to their houses, only the two sisters have stayed behind.


    Alisha is outside boiling water to wipe herself off, and Riga watches smiling from the tent.


    Suddenly, Alisha interrupts her work.


    “Hey, why are you in such a bad mood?”

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