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    I’ve Been Reincarnated as a Giant Humanoid Weapon ~Frozen World Reignited~

    Chapter 23

    Chapter 23: Once you meld with a Titan's heart, you'll never come back

    Translated by SkyTL
    Edited by SkyTL


    Chapter 23: Once you meld with a Titan’s heart, you’ll never come back


    Riga crawls on my chest while Alisha pushes her butt up.


    She lurched and rolled down into the cockpit.


    After a while, all my physical senses were suddenly heightened. It was as if I had woken up from a dream in the morning and returned to reality.


    I can move! I felt that I could move, but my hands and feet were still frozen.


    The foreman and the workers, not expecting anything, look away from me and talk about this and that.


    Only Alisha was watching me closely.


    The feeling of being able to move me disappeared.


    I became a stone statue again.


    Riga crawls out of my chest.


    She smiles and asks.

    “So, did it work?”


    Alisha shakes her head a little.


    “I’m afraid not. I’ll try to think of something else.”


    Says a young worker from the side.


    “Why don’t we just turn off the anti-reflux mechanism? If it’s more sensitive, it won’t need much background.”


    Says Alisha, as if foaming at the mouth.


    “No, no, no! If we do that, the sensations the Titan feels will transfer directly to the driver, even if we can move it. The power of the mind is a scary thing. If the Titan chopped off an arm, the driver’s arm would be chopped off in the cockpit.


    “Wow,” the worker said, rubbing his arm.


    Alisha added.


    “And there are scary things, too. My mentor told me. Decades ago, he was pressed by a very strong opponent in a defensive battle and had no choice but to remove the captain’s machine protection mechanism. It is said that the sensitivity of the operation has been maximized and the captain’s machine is so integrated that it can be said to be the captain’s body itself. The captain’s voice over the radio was full of joy.


    “They say the captain’s machine moves so smoothly and beautifully that the enemy Titans seem to stop. He said he defeated more than ten enemy machines with just one driver and the city was saved.


    “But toward the end of the battle, the captain’s voice over the radio became more and more suspicious. He began speaking in a language they had never heard before, saying he had found the “truth about the world.”


    “When they returned to the hangar, the captain did not come out of the cockpit.


    My mentor forced his cockpit open, and he said he was not in his right mind. He was dripping urine and strangled himself with his own hands.”


    In the next moment, all the workers are silent.


    The bell rings at bedtime, and everyone goes home with heavy feet.


    Alisha and Riga are still sleeping in the tent next to me.


    Riga, who is often sick, stays in the tent while Alisha cooks outside.


    She cooks synthetic meat in a steamer on a narrow steam pipe and tears the red leafy vegetables with her hands, which I have never seen before,?


    Riga said.


    “Hey, Big Sister. What you said earlier, why did the person who stopped the reflux mechanism lose his mind?”


    Alisha said while washing the dishes with snow.


    “Mentor said it was because Titans also have a heart.”


    “A Titan’s heart?” Riga peered out of the tent. “So he understands what we’re saying?”


    That’s right. I’ve been in contact with Dostoyev for so long that I understand the strange language here.


    Alisha looked at me.


    “I don’t know. Mentor said. ‘No one can understand the heart of a Titan, and you shouldn’t try. A Titan’s heart is full of anger and sorrow, and turns anyone who touches it to mush. It is said that Titans are mad, and mad thoughts flow into them.”


    No, it’s true, I’m angry and in pain, but I don’t think I’m crazy.


    Alisha said.


    “I think the egg is the key… Oh, I mean the prevention mechanism. It is in a box behind the cockpit. The egg also confirms the authenticity of the pilot, so I think it could be improved.”


    “Don’t overdo it. Really,” Riga says anxiously.


    “Don’t worry about it. I’ve got you, after all. I’m not going to die or go crazy. Besides…”


    Alisha stares at Riga.


    “Riga, are you purposely not moving the child when you can?”

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