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    Chapter 22: Um, no one can move me


    All the water in the regeneration pool and the outdoor pool was drained.


    According to Alisha and the others, the outside temperature was minus 12 degrees Celsius, but I was not cold at all because my body’s own warming mechanism and cold-resistant skin were effective.


    Alisha was hiding in my cockpit.


    She fiddled with the cables, cutting and connecting them.


    From the edge of the empty bathroom, Riga, the Director, and the other staff looked at me with interest.


    In the distance, a couple of vagrant children watched, and several well-dressed men sat in chairs watching me.


    They wore black, sweatshirt-like clothing. Instead of ties, they wore thick mufflers. On their chests they wore silver badges with the image of four towers. These could be the council members the Director was referring to.


    “Are we there yet?” the Director says.



    Alisha says, “Now!”. Immediately, I felt my body temperature rise. It seems that she started the engine”.


    The water droplets on my body turn into steam and rise into a haze.


    The crowd erupted in cheers.


    “Let’s go!” shouts Alisha.


    I think back to the time when Dostoev had made the connection. Soon my heart and Alisha’s will be connected.


    As with Dostoyev, I won’t be able to send her thoughts, but I hope I can express my gratitude somehow.


    And please don’t let me get into too many fights.


    I can hear the councilors saying, “If we succeed, it will be a great achievement,” “If we can get the Titan out of such a terrible state, it will strengthen the city’s power,” “It will be an opportunity to curtail the mayor’s party.”


    Riga folds her hands in front of her chest.


    The expression on the Director’s face is hard.


    Somewhere in the city, a melody reminiscent of a wind instrument can be heard.


    A wind blows through the processing plant.


    Nothing happens.


    I just lie there.


    The Director’s expression becomes even grimmer.


    Onlookers begin to stir.


    Alisha gets out of the cockpit and stands on the breastplate.


    She shakes her head and says, “It didn’t work.”




    The Director drew something like a circuit diagram in the snow with an iron rod.


    “Just because they are Titans, they don’t have to be controlled by the mind, do they? Aren’t there mechanical Titans too?”


    Everyone involved stood next to me, their foreheads pressed together.


    Alisha, the foreman, all the workers, and the city council member.


    Alisha shrugs her shoulders.


    “Mechanical systems are a millennia-old fairy tale. I can’t build such a complicated machine.”


    A young man, a laborer, interrupts her.


    “What about your talent?”


    “Well, to be honest, not much.”


    No, not much.


    She’s nothing at all.


    The young man says, “Why don’t you get someone else on board?” 


    The Director scratches his head.


    “I’m no expert on Titans, but maybe there’s a problem with authentication. If a Titan has chosen a master, only he can ride him until he dies.”


    “So you’re saying that only Captain Dostoyev can ride this thing?”


    Alisha nods her head.


    “Mr. Dostoyev said the permit was revoked,” she says.


    The young man climbs from the edge of the open-air pool into my cockpit. He climbs in.


    But nothing happens.


    No, unlike Alisha, I felt a tingling in my spine.


    But I could not move my arms or legs.


    After a while, the young man came out with a disappointed look on his face.


    From then on, almost all the other spectators climbed into the cockpit. So did the Director and the city councilors.


    None of them could move me.


    The steeple was humming! The steeple announced the evening with a horn.


    The Director sighed.


    “Well, it seems that this authorization is one of hundreds or thousands,” he said. “It’s quite possible that not all of us here have the aptitude for it, isn’t it? I had hoped that with your mind you would be able to do it.”


    He turned to Riga.


    “You’re not on board yet, are you?”

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