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    I’ve Been Reincarnated as a Giant Humanoid Weapon ~Frozen World Reignited~

    Chapter 21

    Chapter 21: Humanoid Titan Frankenstein

    Translated by SkyTL
    Edited by SkyTL


    Chapter 21: Humanoid Titan Frankenstein


    “We’re not really sisters.


    Riga said as she sat on the edge of the outdoor pool and dipped her feet in the water.


    After a week of intense cold, the city finally returned to normal.


    The day after the cold snap, the weight of the fallen snow was so great that I could see from where I was standing that several apartment buildings had collapsed and the entire landfill was covered with more than two meters of snow.


    Considering that the entire city is equipped with powerful steam heating and snow melting systems, you can imagine how bad the snowstorm was.


    In just a few days, all the snow had melted, and the debris from the collapsed buildings was cleared away with the help of a single titan and manpower. Now the men are gathering to start building new houses.


    The scrap wood is taken to the processing plant, where the foreman, Alisha and the other workers use saws and hammers to sort out the reusable pieces.


    The vagabond children have also returned to work at the dump.


    The frail Riga, as usual, has the task of watching over me and the children.


    She puts the ugly gun Alisha made on her lap, warms her hypothermic body in the foot bath, and talks to me.


    “My sister and I are not related by blood, because we are both survivors of the refugee group that attacked this city. And yet she has always taken care of me.”


    No wonder they didn’t look alike. Alisha is healthy and strong, Riga is white and fragile.


    “I want you to get well. My sister’s dream was always to be a pilot. At first she wanted to do it so we could live in the best apartment, but now she longs for it as much as any other kid in this city.”


    Riga touched my big finger, which was no longer in hot water.


    “If your regeneration is successful and the day comes when my sister becomes a member of the defense forces, please protect her. Please.”


    Yes, of course.


    Alisha and Riga are my benefactors.


    They are the ones who brought me back from hell.


    No, because of them, I still feel human in a way.


    I want to do everything I can to help them.


    Well, right now I can’t lift a finger.


    I can hear the noise of the fighting outside the city walls.


    The attacks have increased a lot lately.


    Riga is right to be worried about Alisha.


    If she becomes a pilot, I’ll have to jump into the fray.


    I was terrified and remembered the time when Dostoyev had control over me.


    I remembered the time when I was controlled by Dostoyev.


    With my pathetic movements, like a puppet, I ran into the enemy, and the enemy also swung his sword with pathetic movements.


    The thought that those hellish days might begin again frightened me, and I wished I had never returned to the battlefield.


    My finger, which Riga had touched, twitched.


    She let out a little cry and then said,


    “Thank you. I thank you so much.


    She smiled.


    No, no, no.


    That night, when the conch shell sounded in the tower, not only did Alisha come, but the director came as well.


    The director took off the hat he was wearing on his head.


    “This is unbelievable! You have turned him into a Titan! With the limbs and the torso and everything else chopped up…”


    Alisha is proud.


    “It’s a mishmash of more than a dozen discarded parts, but it works well! It’s as good as Captain Dostoyev’s new Vamishra!”


    “Ah, the fat blue one. What’s his name? Aren’t his head and heart an old Vamishra?” Said the director.


    “The name will be announced later today. I will think about it after I connect with him.”


    The director nodded.


    “But you know, that’s the hardest part.”


    “I know, sir.”


    “Do you even have ‘talent’? I’m not that familiar with the Titans, but it’s important to have the ability to move these guys, isn’t it?”


    Alisha puffed out her chest.


    “I did everything I needed to do. We tripled the number of nerves in the control system, we refined the control cerebellum, and I’m personally excited.”




    “Sir, Titans are powered by the mind. The mind is the most important thing!”


    She sounded like she was talking to herself.

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