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    I’ve Been Reincarnated as a Giant Humanoid Weapon ~Frozen World Reignited~

    Chapter 20

    Chapter 20: Ultra-low temperature and open-air bath (with beautiful sister massage)

    Translated by SkyTL
    Edited by SkyTL


    Chapter 20: Ultra-low temperature and open-air bath (with beautiful sister massage)


    “Big Sister!” said Riga from under the breastplate on the floor.


    Alisha climbed on my belly and desperately covered my whole body with a warming cloth.


    A blizzard was raging.


    There is no night in this world — a world that appears earthly but is not earthly in any astronomical sense — Thick black clouds cover the sky without gaps, and the city is shrouded in darkness like the night.


    In the darkness, snow and wind blow fiercely towards us.


    I had already completed most of the repairs to my internal organs and limbs. But the muscles, the defensive bones that are a kind of body armor, and the layers of skin that keep the body warm still need to be repaired. It is not a body that can withstand a blizzard.


    The water I was bathing in was only half as hot as the water I was lying in, and the temperature was dropping rapidly as the wind blew the heat away. At this rate, I would soon freeze to death.


    Alisha was aware of this and hurriedly pulled thermal sheets over me and the entire “outdoor” or regeneration pool.


    The sky is storming.


    It is cold. It is unimaginably cold.


    My body shivers and struggles in vain to generate even the slightest warmth. The shivering slows down Alisha’s work, but there’s nothing I can do about it. I can’t move my body of my own free will.


    The part of my body that is not in the water begins to ache with cold.


    Thanks to the slight lifting of my neck, I could see the ice on the surface of my limbs.


    The same is true for the surface of the water.


    What temperature is it?


    Minus forty degrees? Fifty degrees? Sixty degrees?


    Alisha closed the last bracket and slid down from my belly. “Riga!” She grabbed it and jumped into my outdoor bath, which was now covered with a sheet.


    Then she jumped on the temperature control at the edge of the tub, opened the lid and fiddled with some wires.


    An electric heating wire in the water, or is it a steam pipe? It must have already been set to the maximum temperature, but I could feel the water temperature rising even higher. The ice that had been on the surface of the water was melting.


    Outside the seat, the wind rustled and blew through a crack, making a high-pitched whistling sound.


    “Riga, you stay here.”


    Alisha instructed her sister to bathe in water up to her neck, and she began massaging my muscles.


    I could feel her soft, calloused little hands in several places.


    “Big Sister?” said Riga.


    “He’s getting frostbite. We need to rub them to get the blood flowing again.”


    She rubbed my muscles with her whole body as if she were kneading a mochi, and then she sneezed loudly, perhaps because her clothes were soaking wet.


    Then Riga got up and started massaging me instead of her sister.


    Alisha said, “Riga! Stop it! You are not strong enough!” she said.


    Riga didn’t stop.


    “I want to help Big Sister with her dream.”


    Riga is much thinner and less strong than Alisha. But I could feel her strong desire in her hands as she rubbed me.


    “I’ve always been a burden to you. Big Sister, to get my share of the heat, you always pushed yourself too hard and hurt yourself too much. You could have lived easier if you had been alone. Then you would have reached your goal long ago and become a citizen. I am the reason why you always….


    Riga to Alisha.


    Riga shook her head.


    “The truth is that I don’t want this Titan to get better. If it does, you’ll become a pilot and it will be even more dangerous than before, right? But that’s your dream, isn’t it? I would hate it even more if your dream didn’t come true.


    Riga patted my rectal abdominal muscle.


    “And maybe it’s because you always listen to me when I talk to myself. I don’t feel like a stranger to this Titan. He’s a part of our family. We have to protect our family.”


    Alisha stood up and gave Riga a pat on the head.


    Then they took turns massaging me for most of the day until I stopped freezing.


    Without their efforts, I would have gotten severe frostbite and might have died this time.


    Yes, during the time I was in the hangar, I wanted to be killed, but when they took care of me, I somehow regained hope in life.


    I’m an optimistic person by nature.


    After the storm, they both sat exhausted next to each other, propped up on my thighs, and slept like they were in the mud.


    If only I could have said a word of thanks.


    But my mouth still did not move.

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