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    Chapter 2: Cannibalism


    Enemy aircraft in a snowfield— We may be biological weapons for all we know. We’ll call it a machine, because giant robot is the closest word. The heads of the “Mere Old Man” are rolling around in a rumble.


    The body, missing from the neck up, just stood there.


    Blood spurted out of the wound like a fountain, which froze and turned into a red mist that disappeared into the snowstorm.


    The outside air is much colder than I thought it would be.


    Inside the cockpit, Dostoev turned a dial on the wall. It seemed to be a switch for the communication function. An image appeared on the embedded monitor.


    It seems to be in a building somewhere. Several men are peering at us.


    In the corner of the screen, a separate window appeared with a man wearing an eye patch. This is probably Dostoev himself. He is a dandy with a confident expression.


    I heard what he heard, out of some sort of mental sensory connection with his grip on the stick.


    Dostoev said.


    This is West Gate. We’ve taken out the enemy fighter. It’s a single Gongpan model. It’s probably a thermal bandit reconnaissance unit.


    The men on the other side of the screen clapped their hands and cheered.


    With a twist of his wrist, a balding, middle-aged man emerged.


    “Thank you, Captain! I knew it!” And in a thick voice.


    “This is the mayor. I didn’t know you were there.”


    “Of course I do. You are the key to protecting the city. If we don’t watch over your activities, what will we do? It is because of you that we are alive today.”


    “Haha, you’re exaggerating. If there is any reason why I won, it is because of my beloved Vamishraa.”


    Vamishraa, it’s me.


    I turned my body to the right.


    The wounded side of my body ached violently.


    My vision caught a small mountain.


    No, it’s not a mountain, it’s a fortified city.


    The entire hill was surrounded by a huge wall. At the foot of the wall were domed huts that looked like they were made of ice. They are lined up so as to be attached to the base of the wall.


    On the other side of the wall, there were a number of structures sticking out that appeared to be the tops of towers.


    Pure white steam was rising from the gaps between the towers.


    There was a gap in part of the city wall.


    No, the door opened.


    People started to come out of the house in droves.


    From my point of view, it was the size of a mouse.


    They are all wearing thick winter clothes, and there is no distinction between men and women. But the little one would be a child. They are so happy. They are bouncing around in the snow.


    They were holding what looked like huge knives and saws in their hands.


    As I moved my feet on the snow, they split into two groups. One on the torso of the giant humanoid weapon I had cut down. The other was for the head.


    Those towards the head were the first to put them on. With the tools in their hands, they began to cut through the armor and scrape off the exposed flesh. Those towards the torso were literally trying to cut off the jammed flesh.


    The mayor’s voice came over the speakers in my body.


    “Thanks to you, we can eat meat tonight for the first time in a long time.”

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