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    Chapter 18: It’s from Food Giant #3


    Alisha did a few repairs.


    The first day was the installation of the organ, which looked like a kidney.


    The large leader, called the director, and several other adults helped to carry the white organ, which seemed to weigh several hundred kilograms, with a homemade mobile crane.


    The surface of the organ was covered with the writing of this world. According to the explanation, it was a system to purify the waste accumulated in the Titan’s body. In other words, it is like a kidney in humans. There is also what looks like the date of manufacture written on it. In Arabic numerals, it reads 150875, August 15, the 75th? I wonder where they cut off the numbers.


    And then there is the symbol mark, which seems to be a design of the sun in a square.


    I had a strange sense of déjà vu about this symbol.


    I felt like I had seen it somewhere before, but I couldn’t remember where.


    When I was dropped off at the regeneration spa where my kidney was soaking, the director and the men walked away, saying, “Just keep it in moderation.”


    Once they were completely out of sight, Alisha operated a box-shaped machine attached to the edge of the hot spring. Slowly, the temperature of the water rose and the steam began to rise.


    She checked the temperature of the water with her hand, then suddenly took off her thick coat. Riga threw it inside the bin, which rolled up. Then she took off her gray sweater, her black top and bottom ties, her frayed heat-tech-like clothes, and finally her underwear.


    Alisha’s face and hands were brown, but in reality they were white. She had an odd tan, like a girl on a softball team. Her breasts were not much. The pale pink scars here and there were probably from working as a Titan mechanic in the hangar.


    Grabbing a bundle of thread, a skewer-sized needle and a pair of scissors, she jumped into the bath.


    When I was in the hangar, the pool was drained of regeneration fluid when they adjusted the internal systems, but this time it seemed that the regeneration fluid was still there.


    It’s not bad.


    The new kidney seemed to have some buoyancy, and Alisha managed to do it all by herself.


    I don’t know the details because I tend to have blind spots, but she seems to have dived into the hot water many times and sewed the kidney to my stomach with a needle and thread.


    It’s strange, isn’t it? There is no way this new kidney will be good for me. In humans, organ transplants need to be compatible. If an inappropriate organ is attached, it will be rejected in no time and the organ will swell up and become useless.


    Since the Titans are biological weapons for combat, are they made to be flexible enough to accept transplants from other machines?


    Otherwise, the Titans would disappear in a flash. After all, we’ve lost the technology to create new Titans from scratch, so we’ll just have to make do with what we have for a long, long time.


    Alisha seemed to have continued working for about an hour from here.


    Then she said, “I’m so tired!” She got out of the hot water, took a tattered towel from Riga and wiped herself down.


    She quickly got dressed and left, telling Riga to watch me for a moment.


    Then, about an hour later, boom! and a sound like a spiral cannonball rang out.


    The sound was coming from a tower in the center of the city. It was spewing out steam like a whale.


    The men from the processing plant began to prepare to leave. The children who had been climbing the pile of garbage had also moved down the mountain and out of the processing plant.


    Riga crawled out of the tent.


    Her face brightened.


    She could hear voices coming from places she couldn’t see.


    “If the Civil Service Commissioner sees you, tell him you’re working overtime. Here’s your permission slip.”


    It was the voice of the director.


    Alisha’s voice answered.


    “Thank you very much. At night, though, the children go back to their homes outside the walls. In case someone misbehaves, we’ll be in big trouble.”


    “Because fresh Titan meat, even from a fighting Titan, is a feast.”


    “This child is worn out, I don’t want even a piece taken.”


    I heard something rustling and the sound of plastic cloth being rubbed.


    “This is a souvenir from the other day. It won’t work out of town, but it’ll do just fine here.”


    After a while, I realized what Alisha had received.


    It was a tent. It was not a shabby tent made of scrap wood like the one Riga had used, but a properly manufactured tent.


    She pulled the parts of the tent over to the edge of my outdoor bath and began to assemble them one by one.


    Apparently, she was going to spend the night next to me.


    In the meantime, what was her sister Riga doing, she was taking the bag out of my hot water.


    When did she put it in?


    On what looked like a cutting board, she opened the mouth of the bag.


    A chunk of meat and a green rectangle rolled out from inside.


    Riga cut the meat with a small knife.


    A beautiful, light pink cross-section appeared.


    It’s roast beef.


    Alisha said happily as she wrapped the yellow-green cloth around the white post.


    “It’s not synthetic meat, it’s real!”


    Riga laughed.


    “It’s from Food Giant #3, I was saving the leftovers from the Descent Festival five months ago.”


    I shuddered.


    As I said before, it’s possible to move unconsciously.


    However, I had very few muscles now, so there was only a faint ripple in the water.


    I don’t know what a food Titan looks like, but I imagined myself being endlessly fattened and endlessly cut into flesh.


    Alisha and Riga, unaware of my fears, ended the evening on a pleasant note.


    They went into the tent as another boom sounded.


    It appears to be night.


    The sun was still shining at the top of the celestial sphere behind the clouds.

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