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    I’ve Been Reincarnated as a Giant Humanoid Weapon ~Frozen World Reignited~

    Chapter 16

    Chapter 16: A very beautiful girl with a soft body in a dumpster

    Translated by SkyTL
    Edited by SkyTL


    Chapter 16: A very beautiful girl with a soft body in a dumpster


    Alisha was covered in oil and mud.


    Her once beautiful golden hair had become dirty.


    But the sparkle in her green eyes hadn’t changed at all from when she had been treating me in the hangar.


    She walked over to me and gently touched a ganglion.


    “Director, I know this child very well. As long as the body’s core organs are intact, I believe it can regenerate.”


    “The Leader, or rather the Director, nodded.”


    “I’m counting on you. But you’ll have to wait until after the job is done to get this guy, as promised. Okay?”


    “Of course!” she said.


    I was carried by Alisha and a bunch of other adults to a corner of the processing plant. The ground was dug into squares, and I tumbled into a rusty iron bathtub. As soon as I soaked my body in the light brown liquid that had been prepared for me, the pain in my exposed nerves eased.


    Apparently, this is just a regeneration pool.


    The bottom of the pool had heat lines running through it to prevent it from freezing in the cold. The water temperature was about thirty degrees.


    The steam was rising in the cold.


    I thought it was a waste of heat, but steam was also coming from all over the processing plant. No wonder this city was being targeted by heat bandits. Apparently, the reactors here are dripping heat from the source like an open-air bath.


    Alisha and the others put a snow tent over me and went back to sorting through the garbage.


    It seems that what Alisha is working on is to break down the Titan’s armor into manageable pieces. She was dragging a wrench as big as she was tall and sweating profusely as she disassembled it.


    While she and the other adults were away from me, a girl was left at my side, perhaps to keep me away from the bad kids.


    She was about twelve years old.


    Her hair was golden, almost white, and her skin was as white as ceramic.


    Her eyes were green, just like Alisha’s, and her face looked vaguely similar.


    This girl is sitting in a shabby tent, wearing a neat coat. She is holding what looks like a gun in her hand.


    “A gun! I haven’t seen one of those since I came to this world.”


    A group of children who were scavenging through a pile of garbage crept up to cut off my flesh, but when they saw the gun firmly in the girl’s hand, they shook their heads and went back.


    Snow fell slowly from the sky, falling and melting into the mud.


    I looked at the processing plant without a care in the world.


    In addition to not being hungry, the fact that the sun never rose and never set made me lose all sense of time.


    I felt like an old man watching his grandchildren play on the porch.


    I wondered how much time had passed before the girl poked her head out of the tent to look at me.


    She is a weak but beautiful girl.


    But what about me?


    I’m just a monster with a head, heart, and lungs. Ugh.


    The girl said.


    “Hey, Titan-san.


    I want to answer, but I can’t.


    The girl said sadly.


    “If it’s possible, could you please not heal?”

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