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    I’ve Been Reincarnated as a Giant Humanoid Weapon ~Frozen World Reignited~

    Chapter 15

    Chapter 15: Titan dissection. Everything but the brain has been taken away

    Translated by SkyTL
    Edited by SkyTL


    Chapter 15: Titan dissection. Everything but the brain has been taken away


    Dostoyev and the Ojou-sama removed all usable parts before sending me to the disposal site.


    They removed the entire cockpit in one block, not to mention the armor, severed the thighs of both legs, and tore out the neural wiring.


    Each time, I was subjected to horrible pain.


    It is very difficult to get a dentist to pull out a tooth without anesthesia.


    Dostoyev and his team took me apart carefully and meticulously so as not to damage any parts.


    Furthermore, my body has a much higher regenerative capacity than humans, so I couldn’t pass out from massive blood loss.


    I had all the usable internal organs removed.


    I don’t know much about the internal structure of Titans, but from the conversation between Dostoyev and Ojou-sama, it seems that the heart, lungs, and the brain, eyes, and ears were all that remained.


    Ah, my brain. They should have crushed my brain first instead of giving me such a painful experience.


    Since my brain continued to function, I was able to enjoy every pain to the extreme.


    If I had at least lost my mind, I might have still been happy.


    However, the brain of a Titan seems to be more resilient than the human brain.


    Or does it simply mean that my own soul can endure hell?


    While Dostoyev and his team were dismantling me, they were also using the parts to build a new machine. The new Titan was based on the two Titans that Dostoyev had struggled with. A fat Titan and a blue-armored Titan. From those three machines, plus me, a beautiful, muscular Titan was born.


    I could only watch as the limbs and organs that had been taken from me were attached to the new machines.


    Anyway, I was reduced to a mere piece of meat, thrown into a ridiculously large iron basket, and dragged by the other giants to the “disposal site”.


    The children of the city gathered around me as I was carried away.


    They would pick up the bits of skin and muscle that had been peeled off me and bring them home with great joy.


    The fresh titan meat would be a feast for their family table.


    I looked at the gray sky and falling snow in my fixed vision and was filled with joy that this nightmare was finally over.




    The disposal site was located at the very edge of the city walls.


    On the ground was a large box-shaped hole. Each side was about 100 meters long. It was about the size of a school ground.


    Unusually for a structure in this fortified city, it had no roof and was being blown away by the snow.


    Trash from the city, cracked armor of Titans, bones of strange animals, and various other unwanted things were collected here and piled up like a mountain.


    Many people gather at the trash heap, looking for something that can still be used.


    A boy of about five years old, dressed in tattered cloth, raises his hands and cheers. He is holding a piece of bone with a bit of flesh on it.


    Then a big boy, about 10 years old, rushes at him and forcefully takes the bone. The boy starts to cry. Yet another child attacks the boy who took the bone fragment from him.


    Among the piles of trash, Titan parts and building materials for the city were sorted by type and dragged by hand by sweaty adults. This would be reused in some form.


    The Titan, controlled by Dostoyev’s men, turned the basket upside down.


    I was thrown out into the muddy snow.


    My vision whirled around and stopped at one of the piles of garbage.


    The children who had been crowding the pile let out a howling cry and came running down the mountain in unison.


    A few adults were standing in front of them.


    They seemed to be employees of this waste disposal plant.


    They were wearing matching black coats.


    In their hands, they were holding spear-like objects.


    The leader of the group was a man with a huge body, both vertically and horizontally.


    “‘Damn you, you little shit! Don’t touch him!” . 


    The kids went back to the garbage pile like spiders.


    A man standing to the right of the leader, thin as a scarecrow, said.


    “That’s unusual. Boss always gives us little things.”


    The leader patted the small figure standing to his left on the back. He seemed to be gripping his spear tightly, not letting anyone get close to him.


    The leader said.


    “He says he wants to ‘regenerate’ the next time a Titan is brought in.”


    “Regeneration?” The thin man said in a dubious voice.” You know, all the Titans that have been brought here have had most of their flesh and parts removed. How are we supposed to regenerate them if we don’t have the proper equipment?”


    “Well, I don’t think so. She’s been working in the hangar all this time. Why don’t we let her do it? If it works out, we’ll have the Titans at our disposal. It’ll make the work easier, and more importantly, we can show the townspeople that there’s something we can do.


    The little person nodded and turned to face me.


    “Leave it to me, boss.”


    I almost shouted. No, if I had a mouth, I definitely would have shouted.


    The small figure was Alisha, the girl who had been kicked out of the hangar by the Ojou-sama.

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