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    Chapter 14: To the meatpacking plant


    Four days later, I was looking down on the city from the top of a hill.


    The enemy Titan’s sword pierced my abdomen.


    The pain was on another level.


    The red-hot iron stake was burning me from the inside out. It was as if they had poured all the hot peppers they could find into me and sent an electric current through me.


    The pain shook my brain as if I was going crazy. It would have been much easier to go crazy.


    The enemy was powerful.


    Slender and well-proportioned, they wielded blue-bladed Japanese swords and bright blue armor.


    The four of them attacked in tandem.


    The two fighters on patrol were quickly slaughtered, and Dostoyev and Jamri, who were on an emergency sortie, were stuck in front of the city walls.


    Jamri had to fight one of the enemy fighters, while Dostoyev and I had to deal with the other three at the same time.


    Dostoyev cut off the head of one of the enemy fighters in exchange for my right hand, and then cut off the head of another fighter, this time while being stabbed in the stomach.


    Help me, help me, help me. I thought through the waves of pain. But it didn’t reach Dostoyev.


    He caught the axe swung down by the third person with his forehead.


    I felt something hard crack somewhere in my head.


    “I’m dead” That’s what I thought, but my consciousness was still attached to this body.


    Dostoyev had crushed the enemy cockpit with his still living left hand.


    Jamri somehow managed to finish his enemy off as well.


    It was settled.


    Jamri shouted.” Captain, that was a bad idea!”


    Dostoyev shook his head.


    “No, this seems to be…”


    I felt my legs relax.


    I got down on both knees and slumped forward onto the snowfield.


    In the regeneration tank, I heard Dostoyev and the others talking right next to my head.


    Dostoyev’s voice said, ” It wasn’t Ojou-sama’s fault. It was the life of the machine.”


    I couldn’t see him. My gaze remained fixed on the ceiling of the hangar directly above me.


    I heard the mayor’s daughter’s voice.


    “No way, but I’m sure you can do something about it.”


    “Unfortunately, that’s impossible. We don’t have a mechanic who can repair an entire machine that has been destroyed.”


    “But what if you don’t have a machine?”


    “We’ll be fine. We knew this would happen sooner or later. That’s why we’ve been working on capturing the enemy’s machine intact for a while now. We could use that to build a new machine, couldn’t we?” .


    “Yes, you can! Dostoyev-sama. I’m sure you can!” .


    “Very well. Then let’s get on with it.”


    What will happen to me?


    Dostoyev was quick to answer that question.


    “First, let’s take this old machine to the processing plant. I’m sure it will make good meat.”


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