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    Chapter 13: The Sun That Never Sets


    It’s no wonder that night never comes.


    If this place is a polar region, it is no wonder that the midnight sun continues to illuminate the sun for months.


    But what does it mean for the sun to remain at the top of the celestial sphere?


    Even if it is the sun at midnight, the sun is in constant motion.


    As long as the earth is rotating, the sun is moving.


    But in reality, it stays in one place above our heads.


    So, I guess we are not on the earth after all.


    In the distant future. Humans have advanced far into space and colonized planets that coincide with the rotation cycle of this planet, but civilization is in its twilight and science and technology are in decline. Is that what happened?


    Dostoyev moved my head and turned my face to the horizon on the other side of the city.


    In front of me was a world of pure white snow and ice.


    What I saw was a rabbit-like creature hopping a kilometer away. Or rather, a rabbit itself. Long ears, long hind legs.


    A bolt of lightning flashed in the distance, and much later, thunder.


    I wondered if there really was such a thing as a colonial planet here.


    This sight, this world that I see with my eyes, hear with my ears, feel with my skin, is full of earth. Do the natives of this planet happen to resemble rabbits, or does the nature of the lightning happen to resemble Earth?


    Something that was not lightning flashed in the distance.


    With my terrible eyesight, I couldn’t make out what it was.


    Jamri said over the monitor.


    “What is that?”


    “It’s in the direction of the city Ganga. I don’t have a good feeling about it.”


    “No, no. The captain is a little too concerned. We’re simply fighting heat bandits.”


    “I hope you’re right.”


    The light came on again.


    I walked around the perimeter of the city. The city was surrounded by seven hills, with a series of violent ups and downs.


    I was driven to the point where I thought my lungs would burst.


    So when I was suddenly confronted by a lone enemy machine approaching quietly from behind a hill, I had a hard time breathing and my movements became extremely slow.


    The enemy swung down a huge sickle-like weapon in his hand. Dostoyev twisted my body in a panic, but of all places, I felt a chill here. I froze in pain, and the right half of my body was gouged.


    Jamri and his Titan rushed in and managed to get me out of danger, but both Dostoyev and I were in a state of intense anxiety. As the days went by, I felt worse and worse.


    It was four days later that I received the fatal wound.

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