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    Chapter 12: The sun that never moves


    The mayor’s daughter was obsessed with Dostoyev and now seemed to only see him, but she didn’t skimp on my maintenance.


    On the contrary, she was adjusting me more diligently than when I first arrived here.


    The armor had been changed to a lighter, sturdier metal than the one worn by the enemy Titans we had captured, and the wiring in the cockpit had been “synchronized” more closely to match Dostoyev.


    The injured parts were repaired by soaking them thoroughly in regeneration tanks, and the weapon was changed from a mere broadsword to a single-edged Japanese sword in consultation with Dostoyev.


    However, the harder she tried, the more my performance degraded somehow, and Dostoyev was screwed over in the cockpit.


    The fifth mission since the mayor’s daughter arrived was a patrol mission in the city. Originally, Dostoyev had been exempted as captain, but due to the low number of aircraft in operation, it was decided that he and I would do it.


    I was climbing a gentle slope with the other Titan.


    Even though it was gentle, this was from the Titan’s perspective, and the hill was probably two hundred meters high.


    “Captain, what are we going to do?” Jamri, the pilot of the other Titan, said over the communication system in the monitor. He was a gruff looking man with red hair and a beard. It wasn’t the cleanest look, but in this frigid world, a beard was practical. In fact, it was more rare to find one as neatly groomed as Dostoyev’s.


    Dostoyev said as he took a drink from the bottle.


    “What are you talking about?”


    Dostoyev’s mind fluctuated under the influence of the alcoholic component. His link to mental control is broken, but only briefly, and he can feel like he’s tripping.


    “She’s the mayor’s daughter,” Jamri said.” If you marry her, you’ll be safe for life, you’ll be the next mayor.”


    “Hey, the city is far enough away, but just in case. Switch to telemetry.”


    Dostoyev operates a part of the cockpit.


    “Are you talking about Ojou-san? I was surprised when she asked me to be a mechanic, but I’m glad it turned out the way it did.”


    I was surprised too. Dostoyev’s voice was echoing in my head more clearly than ever. No, it was as if I could sense the very words he had constructed in his brain for the conversation.


    In addition, I could even feel that of Jamri.


    “No, I don’t know why you got rid of Alisha. She was so good, you could have sent her to me.”


    In other words, a shallow psycho-sensitivity between multiple Titans.


    I tried to deliver my thoughts to Dostoyev, but as usual, some barrier prevented me from doing so.


    “Hmm,” I said, ” Ojou-san is young, but she has a talent for maintenance.” And then I pulled her in? Still, She wouldn’t leave someone younger and more talented than her in the hangar.


    “I know you’d like to bring her back eventually.”


    “Of course. Ojou-sama is a terrible mechanic, and she certainly has the knowledge and experience. However, just as piloting a Titan requires a natural talent, maintenance also requires a sense of style. Ojou-sama doesn’t have a shred of that. If I hadn’t been piloting this, I don’t know how many times I’d have died. Well, she’ll be back at the Mayor’s official residence in three months, so we’ll just have to be patient until then.”


    “She’ll be back?”


    “Yeah, she’s fucking me every night, okay? She’ll be pregnant soon.”


    “The Captain is a devil.”


    “She wants to have a baby with me.”


    While they were talking, I reached the top of the hill.


    Below me I could see the city.


    The city was a large circle. It was about five kilometers in diameter. It was surrounded by a high black wall. Just outside the walls were a row of barracks huts. Alisha must be in one of these somewhere.


    The entire city was covered in a thick cloud of steam.


    The housing complexes lining the inside of the walls were supplied with steam heat through countless pipes extending from the five “towers” in the center. However, those pipes seemed to have cracks here and there, causing water leaks from all over the place.


    The residents have put fabric roofs between the buildings to keep the precious heat from escaping, but the heat still rises through the gaps.


    In between the five central towers is a spherical dome.


    According to what I have heard so far from Dostoyev and his team, there is a reactor “barrel” that supports the city.


    The barrels are the heart of the city, the energy source that protects the people from the horrible freezing air.


    The city is constantly swarming with fever bandits who are after the barrels.


    Sometimes they attack recklessly with just humans, but most of the time they bring titans with them.


    Traces of the destroyed Titan’s blood were scattered all over the city. The people of the city swarmed there, trying to collect the blood that had been sucked into the snow.


    This world is truly strange.


    It operates a mass of super technology like the Titans, but its civilization is barbaric to the extreme.


    Even the mechanics aren’t well-versed in bio-technology; they just maintain the armor, muscles, and control systems of the Titans based on their own experience.


    I wonder where I am.


    I thought as I saw children having a snowball fight outside the city walls.


    Their behavior is the same as the children of the world I grew up in.


    So this must be Earth.


    But what do these Titans and their unfamiliar language mean? Could it be that my consciousness has been transported to the distant future?


    And what is happening to that sun?


    I wondered if Dostoyev had even the slightest inkling of my feelings. He made me look up at the sky.


    The sky was covered with clouds, but somehow the sun’s rays were shining small and bright in the middle of the sky behind the clouds.


    Unlike the sun I knew, its light was white and weak.


    But it always shines.


    It’s been a few months since I came here, but I have yet to have a “night”.


    No, on the contrary, the sun has never moved from the center of the sky.

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