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    I’ve Been Reincarnated as a Giant Humanoid Weapon ~Frozen World Reignited~

    Chapter 11

    Chapter 11: I was reincarnated and turned into a love hotel

    Translated by SkyTL
    Edited by SkyTL


    Chapter 11: I was reincarnated and turned into a love hotel


    I was facing an enemy titan.


    The enemy had a very thick body and armor. His weapons were two axes in each hand.


    In the midst of the blowing blizzard, steam rose from a tube-like thing growing on his back.


    At the feet of the enemy lay a friendly Titan with his right leg severed.


    Dostoev’s subordinate sends a message from inside the Titan.


    “Captain! Watch out! This guy is not just a bandit!”


    The image transmitted to the cockpit monitor was distorted, perhaps because of poor reception, and his face was blurred.


    It is a very strange feeling. I look at the monitor with Dostoev, but my own eyes see the falling giant.


    Dostoyev nodded to me in the cockpit.


    “It was a special machine that some big city had. Power, speed, durability, perfection.”


    He unclipped his shield and held his sword to his blue eyes.


    The enemy came at us in a cloud of snow.


    If I got a serious hit from this massive body, I would be trapped.


    Dostoev knew that too. He pressed on both my legs. He wanted to climb high, jump over his opponent and slash him from behind.


    But just before I jumped, my left leg lost its strength.


    A piece of the muscle was suddenly torn.


    I cried out in pain in my mind.


    The enemy is right under our noses.


    Dostoev turned around and rolled forward with his safe leg. He crawled across the snowfield, cutting off his legs as he passed the enemy.


    The enemy crashed into the snowfield.


    Dostoev threw away his sword, pulled a dagger from his hip and lunged at his enemy.


    This was his specialty. He has killed many fighters in ultra close combat.


    In the end, he won again, this time by piercing the cockpit.


    I had to kill people directly again.


    His subordinate shouted. “Whoa! That’s the captain!”


    An interrupted communication came in.


    Dostoev pressed a button to switch.


    The bald mayor appeared on the monitor and announced, “Captain, you’re doing great!” A gold necklace in the shape of a sun flickered around his neck. Apparently, this was a sign of mayoralty.


    “You’re welcome. But can you please not turn this titan into meat yet?”


    “Why is it customary to eat the flesh of defeated Titans?”


    “The attrition rate of our allies is increasing. It’s the opposite of what we usually do, we use it to get the parts first. Of course, we give away the excess meat, but we can’t do without it.”


    “O-oh. If that’s your argument, I don’t mind it at all.”


    “Besides, we’d better hurry up and pick a new pilot. Those barrels and reactors are huge. They’re an easy target for bandits. We can get rid of them by placing three machines in each of the maintenance hangars on the east, west, north and south sides. If we let even one of them through, we’ll lose a hundred people.”


    “I know that, but I can’t find the right person for the job.”


    “There are 5,000 people to choose from. There is always a suitable candidate.”


    “All right, captain.”


    “Also, give the merchants some heat money and find out what the Empire is up to.”


    “Yes, I will,” the mayor added as he recalled. “By the way, what happened to my daughter? I heard she was working for you as a mechanic.”


    Dostoev had a broad smile on his face.


    “Your daughter has great abilities. If you let me train her, she will become a first-class mechanic.”


    “That’s good to know! I’m counting on you, Captain.”


    “Leave it to me, Mayor.”


    Dostoev broke off the communication and kept his smile on his face.


    “I almost died because of your daughter’s poor maintenance, you stupid bastard. If you’re afraid of getting hurt, don’t be a mechanic.” He viciously said. 


    He heckled me, grabbed the Titan he had just knocked over by the ankle, and slowly dragged him across town. On the way, I got another bump on my left leg.


    Children and dog-like creatures with fuzzy fur ran around my feet.


    As I approached the main street, citizens peeked out of the small windows of the buildings and began to speak. “Captain!” “You did it again!” “Long live the defense force!” they shouted to us.


    I carried the enemy Titan into the hangar at his will and placed him on the empty regeneration tank. Then I sat down on my own regeneration tank and took off the armor on my left leg with both hands.


    Dostoyev opens the cockpit hatch and stands on the chest armor. Dostoyev and I are no longer connected, and we no longer see or hear together.


    Dostoyev descends into the working corridor.


    The mayor’s daughter embraces him.


    “Thank you for your service, Captain!”


    “Do not waste your words. Thanks to your excellent maintenance, Vamishraa worked wonderfully today. Yes, as for the left leg, once the muscle…”


    Before Dostoev could finish speaking, the mayor’s daughter kissed him on the mouth.


    The other workers on the hanger craned their necks curiously at Dostoyev and the others. Since the mayor’s daughter had joined the team, the number of helpers among the mechanics had increased significantly. Dostoyev was a proud man, but he had no choice but to accept the advances of “Ojou-sama.”


    A thud, thud, thud of vibration is felt.


    A worker shouted. “Here they come! Get ready!”


    The door of the trailer was pushed open and two titans entered.


    One of the machines lent a shoulder to the other, whose leg had been amputated.


    The short fat mechanic in charge of the mangled Titan looked up at the sky.


    The workers were busy repairing the badly injured Titans.


    Dostoev and the mayor’s daughter were still kissing.


    Dostoev must have thought it was a bad idea.


    “Can you take a look in the cockpit?” He put the mayor’s daughter in my cockpit.


    The connection between me and Dostoyev was re-established.


    He half-closed the hatch.


    “Ojou-sama. I also care very much about you, but I have a responsibility…”


    He began to speak.


    But the mayor’s daughter continued to kiss him passionately, as if she couldn’t hear him, and then took off her furry winter coat and turtleneck, tossing the synthetic fiber clothing and underwear that clung to her skin underneath into the cockpit.


    Her large, shapely breasts were revealed.


    Between her two breasts she had a tattoo of what looked like a black barrel.


    Dostoyev sighed and closed the hatch completely.



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