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    Chapter 26: The strategy is set!


    “By the way, I was so excited to meet you, Evelyn-sama, that I forgot to ask you. Why are you in the city of Shem, Evelyn-sama?”


    At a time when His Highness Igna was drowning in a sea of blood.


    As if she suddenly remembered, Europa-sama asked me something that was too late.


    (Speaking of which, I haven’t been able to say anything to Cain-kun…… Karin-chan, not even to Theodore-sama.)


    I couldn’t talk about it because no one properly believed me.


    I decided to be honest and tell everyone present what I had been up to since I was expelled from the Great Temple.


    And when I finished telling them.


    “Let’s kill the First Prince.


    Those were Europa-sama’s first words.




    (Even Theodore-sama, who was supposed to stop Europa-sama from saying that, nodded! ?)


    The two of them created a deadly atmosphere.


    And unusually, even Karin-chan puffed out her cheeks with a mushy, angry expression.


    The air in the Manilas family’s reception room suddenly became bleak.


    (And the prince, who was originally covered in blood, had collapsed. It wasn’t like he was going to die……)


    “Calm down, all three of you. You’re dealing with the prince of a country.”


    “But, Evelyn-sama! I won’t allow it!”


    A flustered Europa-sama stood up.


    “In the first place, a year ago, Evelyn-sama and her prince… or whatever his name was…”




    His Highness Igna muttered deliriously as the knight took care of him.


    “Yes! That asshole prince called Alextard broke off his engagement to Evelyn-sama a year ago!”


    “Eh, yeah. I know, but…”


    “The dissolution of the engagement itself was a joyous occasion. It was worth all the hard work I had put into the spell-killing ritual, sending my resentment against Alextard from my own domain.”


    (You did that?!)


    The knights who had gathered around His Highness Igna were buzzing at the dangerous statement that could easily get her arrested for treason.


    However, Europa-sama didn’t care about such attention.


    “Therefore, I am responsible for this. I am responsible for not being able to finish Alextard at that time.”


    (She’s on a mission as an assassin……!)


    If I let her speak here, she might get caught, so I interrupted her coughing with an act.


    “Ggo-ho! Goho, Goho, Goho, Goho!”


    “Well, what a lovely cough… That’s the number one sound I want to set my alarm clock to.”


    “S-So, that’s it. I’m thinking of going back to the Great Temple.”


    Everyone in the room looked surprised.


    “Evelyn-sama, why is that? You were tricked by the First Prince and your sister…”


    Theodore-sama said with a dark expression. I shook my head loosely from side to side.


    “I think His Highness Alex is right, my magic power was weakened. I think it was inevitable that I was banished from the Great Temple. I didn’t like the way he did it, though.”


    Was my power actually weakened?


    To be honest, I’m not sure about that. Because even now, no matter how much healing magic I used, I had no problem dispelling the miasma of the entire town of Shem.


    (But the saints are not the guardians of one town, but of the whole country.)


    It’s true that I actually got flustered and terribly tired during the prayer ceremony.


    And I was pointed out by His Highness Alex and Maria and expelled.


    However… Even if I had been forced to do it, I think it would have been the wrong choice for a former saint.


    “Europa-sama, isn’t there also a miasma in the Duchy’s territory?”


    I ask, and Europa-sama gently lowers her eyes.


    “… I came here because I was worried about the miasma. I knew I wouldn’t be able to see you at the Great Temple, but I was worried that something might have happened to Evelyn.”


    “…Eh? Didn’t you come to Shem to treat my injuries?”


    “Theodore-sama’s treatment was a good excuse for my father to allow me to leave… I thought it was good timing.”




    Theodore-sama was silent, with a very complicated expression on his face. It was only natural when he realized that he was being used as an excuse for his own near-death experience.


    I looked over at the group.


    “My sister Mary, who is supposed to be a saint in my place, can use healing magic, but she can only heal the skin on fingers.”


    “B-But I was happy to have Saint-oneesan heal my knuckles!”


    “Thank you, Karin. But just because you can heal the wisps on your fingers doesn’t make you a saint.”


    Karin-chan’s eyes moistened. I smiled gently at her.


    “That’s right. I think those fingertip wisps are going to hurt if you leave them alone.”


    “……Evelyn-sama is concerned about the miasma in the country, isn’t she?”


    I nodded my head at Theodore-sama’s words as he recovered.


    “That’s why I’m going back to the royal capital to…”






    I had expected Theodore-sama to agree with me, but when he said it in a firm voice, I froze.


    Kira next to me also folded his arms and turned his face away.


    “I disagree.”


    “Even Kira? Why?”


    “…Why don’t you just leave them alone, those people?”


    Kira said in a cold tone.


    “They’re the ones who kicked Evelyn out, aren’t they? They should be hurt a little.”


    “Thank you, Kira. You’re thinking of me, aren’t you?”


    “…… It’s not like that.”


    Kira turns away.


    I was very happy about their feelings — but I had my reasons for not doing so.


    (Because no one is at fault at all, except for His Highness Alex and Mary…)


    If Mary does not fulfill her role as a saint, the miasma that covers the country will only increase.


    If we allow this to happen, there will be people like Theodore-sama who will be attacked by demons born from the miasma.


    In fact, even as I stand here now, there may be casualties somewhere.


    “…In that case, Evelyn-sama. Would you like me to take a look at the situation in royal capital for you?”


    I was surprised when Europa-sama, who had been unusually silent for a while, suddenly made such a suggestion.


    “I am the fiancée of His Highness Igna, who is coasting here… It is difficult for me to go to the great temple, but I should be able to get some information if I am in the capital. I will report to Evelyn-sama as soon as I can.”




    “We need to assess the situation and determine if there is any danger in inviting Evelyn-sama to the capital. Theodore-sama and the others must know that this country is in need of Evelyn-sama’s help, don’t they?”


    Theodore-sama snorted at Europa-sama’s words, and Kira looked thoughtful.


    However… In the end, he seemed to be convinced, and Theodore-sama gently placed a hand on my shoulder.


    “……Evelyn-sama. If you are still in danger, I will protect you even if I have to lock you in this mansion.”


    “Theodore-sama, you’re overreacting.”


    “No, I’m serious.”


    (Wouldn’t that be more dangerous?)


    But I guess it’s true that Theodore-sama is worried about me.


    I nodded with a serious face, and Kira blurted out beside me.


    “…… Do what you want.”


    “Thank you Kira!”


    “Don’t—Don’t hug me! You’re annoying!”


    He pushed me back with both hands. Chi~.


    And then”Well, that’s settled then.” Europa-sama clasped her hands together with her teeth chattering.


    “His Highness Igna and I will go to the royal capital, look for information there, and report back to Evelyn-sama. Then we will look for an opportunity to blast Alextard to death, and we will do it as soon as we get the chance.”


    The latter part of the mission was one I didn’t remember hearing about, but I bowed deeply to Europa-sama.


    Truly, I can’t thank her enough. I will do my best to convey that feeling with a smile.


    “Europa-sama…… Thank you very much!”


    “Ho, hogē! ! !”


    After a bizarre scream, Europa-sama collapsed with a loud thud.




    “I stared at her from zero distance. This smile is a fine charcoal leaser. I’m happy.”


    Europa fainted at 5757.


    “…I woke up and Europa was sleeping next to me! ? Yes, it’s already a fact……!”


    And shortly after that, His Highness Igna regained consciousness and collapsed again, spewing nosebleeds in excitement…

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