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    I’m Back in the First Grade of Elementary School, so I’m Going to Live Well

    I’m Back in the First Grade of Elementary School, so I’m Going to Live Well (Web Novel)

    Shougaku Ichinensei ni Modotta node Kenjitsu ni Ikiru

    Author: Okamoto Takahiro
    Rank 46
    52 Releases 79.6K Views 15 Followers Ongoing Status
    Last Update Release in 2 weeks

    Update every day at 10:00 AM (UTC +9 Seoul Time)


    Itosaki Sho, a twenty-eight-year-old freelancer, has no money to spare. He lives in a 1K apartment, works part-time every day without a break, and leads a lonely life as a single man.

    There are no dreams or hopes in his life, he just works every day to earn money for tomorrow’s living expenses.

    The reason why he ended up living like this was all in his past.

    He threw away his studies and friendships and continued to work hard and pursue his dreams.

    Sho was betrayed by his efforts and was unable to fulfill his dream, and so he spent his life in a tasteless manner.


    One day in the morning, he was leading such a life.

    He never had a normal morning.

    When he woke up, he found himself in a world 22 years ago. And Sho was back in the first grade.

    Sho has the opportunity to start his life over.

    Not wanting to make the same mistake twice, he decides to live his second life in a steady manner, without dreaming.

    Study, exercise, friends, future, and love.

    This is a story of daily life, of growing up while being tormented by various events.

    This is his second life. What kind of student life will he lead?


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