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    Strange Memories With You, My Dear

    Strange Memories With You, My Dear (Light Novel)

    Author: Yu Kuon
    Rank 175
    2 Releases 265 Views 9 Followers Ongoing Status
    Last Update 14 hours ago


    I’ll come to your aid. I’m not going to give up no matter what―


    In his dreams, Yukinari has been interacting and spending time with a mysterious girl. He experiences a sensation of déjà vu one day when he visits a place for the first time, and there he meets Yuuko, the girl from his dream.And, to her astonishment, she had met Yukinari in a dream as well. Then they start to go out together to confirm the phenomenon, and eventually fall in love. But one day, when everything appeared to be going well, Yuuko fainted and went into a coma….. A storey about two people who have the same dream and are looking for a miracle――


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