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    I was the only one among the quadruplets who wasn’t related by blood.

    Vol. 0 Chapter 1.1

    Chapter 1 Father speaks. Sister changes

    Translated by kitahara
    Edited by eris421



    After being silent for a while Dad started speaking.


    “We decided to tell you guys when you reached high school. I’m sorry we kept it a secret until now.”


    Dad and mom bowed their heads deeply in apology.

    He opened his mouth again after taking a breath.


    “It was around the time when we were in college.

    We met thanks to a certain circle.

    By we, I mean not just the two of us, but also the real parents of Haruki whom we met there.

    Their names were Harukawa Touka and Akiyama Natsuya.


    We spent most of our time in college together. All four of us. 

    It was always really fun with them, and we continued to meet after college graduation.

    A little while after getting my job, I got a call.


    They were going to marry.

    We often gave them advice, so I was beyond elated upon knowing.

    However, we had a slight worry.

    Both of them were perfect for each other and very compatible.

    But their families did not approve of the marriage.

    Natsuya’s parents were extremely strict so they were totally against it.


    ‘Marry the person we chose for you’ 

    They always said.


    Even so, Natsuya chose to stay with Touka-san.

    Touka-san didn’t have parents. They had already passed away. So, Natsuya said that he couldn’t just leave her alone on her own.


    After hearing about their marriage, me and your Mom married almost at the same time.

    Sometime after our marriage, we had kids. That is you three. When they told us we were gonna have triplets. We were really happy”


    Dad cried for the first time today.

    In the extreme silence, he smiled a sad sad grin and opened his mouth. His voice was trembling. 


    “When we had kids, almost at the same time, they also had a kid. That is Haruki.

    Immediately after receiving such a report.

    Natsuya died in a traffic accident. It was an unexpected death.

    We really felt terrible, but thinking about what Touka-san must have felt made my heart wrench in pain.

    While Touka-san was heartbroken, Natsuya’s parents endlessly blamed and cursed her.


    ‘It’s your fault that Natsuya died. He was supposed to be happy!’


    Touka san became thinner with each passing moment.

    Still, in order to bear the child in her womb, the last remaining treasure of Natsuya, she persisted.


    The day before her delivery, Touka-san called us both to her hospital room to talk. Your mom couldn’t move to the side of her bed so they put us on a call.


    ‘If something happens to me, please take care of this child.There is nobody I can rely on anymore.’

    We told her to rely on us many times before.

    She kept thanking and crying towards the child. It was painful to watch.


    –Touka san died.


    She didn’t have enough strength left to endure childbirth.

    According to the attending physician, she tried her best until the very end.

    I have something she left for Haruki.”


    Dad took out a small cassette tape and handed it to me.


    “This tape is for Haruki when he grows up. Even me and your mom haven’t listened to it yet.”

    The tears wouldn’t come out anymore.

    But the insides of my heart were burning.


    “That’s how me and your mom took you in when you were entrusted to us by Natsuya and Touka-san.

    We raised you as quintuplets.

    To not forget about the feelings of Touka-san and Natsuya, we named you fours using small references to their names.

    Haruki, Karin, Akine and Fuyumi.”


    There was a moment of silence.

    I took a few deep breaths before speaking.


    “Being your son, as well as the son of Natsuya-san and Touka-san makes me really happy. I promise it’s true.  

    Even now I will keep loving Mom and Dad. Of course, that also includes Akine, Fuyumi and Karin.

    I have thought about it quite a few times.

    Maybe we aren’t really a family.

    Maybe I’m the only one who isn’t related by blood.

    It looked like that from an outsider’s perspective. Our personalities were vastly different as well.

    But after listening to today’s story, I am really happy from the bottom of my heart to be able to be the big brother of you three and the eldest son of you both.

    Let’s get along from here on out”


    I bowed my head in sincere gratitude.

    To the ones who raised me, and the ones who gave birth to me.

    All 6 of us in the family cried hard after that.

    We didn’t care one bit about sibling discord.


    Mom and Dad flew back to work, and that is how our birthday party ended.


    It was shortly after that–


    The attitude of my sisters changed.


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