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    I Became the Villain’s Lost Daughter

    I Became the Villain’s Lost Daughter (Web Novel)

    Author: 글달쌉
    Rank 81
    9 Releases 20.8K Views 136 Followers Ongoing Status
    Last Update Release in 1 week


    I possessed an extra who didn’t even have a name in the novel.


    Her features are black hair and purple eyes that means that she was cursed.


    And I’m the lost daughter of the villain in the novel?!



    I thought I was a passing extra character, but it turned out that I was actually the lost daughter of the villainous Grand Duke.


    “Erita, my beloved daughter.”


    “My precious little sister. I’ll protect you.”


    … Are these the bloody villains of the novel?


    My father and brother, who people said to be cruel, were too sweet to me.


    But the villain has a death ending!!


    It was the first time I received love and warmth, and I decided to change the cruel ending of my loving family since I possessed this body 10 years earlier than the original.


    Yeah, I would definitely change my family’s future…


    “Erita, I love you.”


    But, what’s wrong with the Male Lead?



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