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    Chapter 4 part 1


    After repeating the same thing, she bought her a tailcoat, a suit, a uniform and a tassel. Of course, it was pants not a skirt anymore. Since it was gold, the robe was decorated with a golden belt, agate and onyx which was uncomfortable, but she decided to put up with it. She also appreciated the effort of the head maid who brought her clothes that fitted her perfectly without even having measuring her once.


    ‘Then what else should I do? It was always like this.’


    Rubiana took a sip of the wine in her hand and sighed. There were dozens of young nobles gathered to show-off their jewelries and gold bracelets. They were laughing loudly. Rubiana wasn’t in the mood to join them so she was just lazily sitting in a corner.


    The diamond-studded pocket watch the head maid had given her never got a chance to come out of her pocket.


    ‘She said that I can take it out to show off when I talk to other people, since it was the latest trend.’


    However, it seemed like the head maid’s meticulous efforts would be in vain today. The banquet today was attended by many unmarried young ladies and gentlemen who admired the reputation of the Marchioness Rivadur, boasting their knowledge and opinions about the situation of the Empire… wasn’t the important thing. It was a party where they were rushing to try dating freely before marrying.


    Mentioned earlier was the original purpose of this noble banquet, but that quickly changed.


    When young men and women gather, how can they only share their knowledge in a healthy way? They would exchange secret glances, then share their hearts and body. They can barely maintain their nobleness and their reputation because of Marchionness Rivadur’s fame. The head maid had no doubts that this gathering was perfect fit for Rubiana’s purpose.


    Because of this, the head maid sent a reply that Rubiana would participate without her knowledge, who was invited to attend. As usual, it was too late when Rubiana knew it. What can she do since she can’t bring back the reply that must’ve arrived there? Rubiana wore the golden tailcoat and attended the banquet, instead of scolding the head maid that resembled her maternal grandmother. Then she leaned on the wall while sipping on her wine.


    It was really fortunate that the head maid doesn’t know how she was behaving now in the banquet hall.


    ‘It would be strange because at this point, countless young gentlemen seeking for titles and money would come near you.’


    ‘What, do you expect me to keep such good-for-nothings?’


    ‘For a Duke like you, you should choose someone who is decent and one with a strong lower back. Wouldn’t you be tired if you chose someone who is smart and ambitious for nothing? I also think that’s what you’re thinking now.’


    ‘…… That’s true.’


    ‘Considering the future generations, I would like to recommend for you not to choose someone who is empty-headed.’


    (T/N: Italicized texts inside the ‘’ means something that was spoken in the past.)


    The head maid’s face that was smiling kindly, was just like her grandmother while saying those things.


    ‘Ruby, my child. You should try to get a good husband later on, who is moderately stupid, good-looking and has a strong lower back.’




    ‘Why? Because in the future you will succeed your father as Count Luxen. You shouldn’t even look at someone who is likely to overstep your authority.’


    ‘Uh huh- Then, I can get a smart and handsome husband, right?’


    ‘A man who is smart and even handsome? Such a man is rare. As soon as there is someone like that, there would be rumors and the capital would take away the power from that family.’


    ‘The order won’t come back to me.’


    ‘I’m sorry, but that’s the reality. The order starts from the prince and the princess first, so you should try to make the best choice with the ones that was remaining.’


    ‘Ahh, I don’t like it.’


    ‘What can you do? A man like that in the world is so rare. You should also learn how to give up because in that way, you don’t make any foolish decisions because of your greed.’


    ‘I think that what you said is the right thing after listening to you, grandmother.’


    ‘Of course. Aww, my baby. You understand me because you look like me. Ruby, you are the most beautiful gem in my life. You must remember grandma’s words: choose a husband that will not dare challenge your authority, and one who will not harm your reputation and property.’


    ‘Yes ~ ’


    ‘But, don’t compromise on the face. A man’s face is very important even during the day and on a bed with the lights off.’


    (T/N: Hahahaha why am I laughing? Lmao )


    Her grandmother always spoke seriously. When her parents would find it out, they would always hear the same thing.


    ‘Mother, what are you saying to a child who is only five years old!’


    ‘I was teaching her the truth of life.’




    Her grandmother’s education continued until her death. Thanks to this, Rubiana had a firm ideal man for a husband: moderately stupid but good-looking, and has a strong lower back.


    She became a Duke all thanks to her younger sister, but she doesn’t have any desire to get a man who is both smart and handsome.


    ‘The civil war and successive wars of conquest must’ve killed a lot of good men, so I shouldn’t waste my time looking for something that’s rare, but compromising with the reality in moderation. I just need to have two children.’


    Of course, the ‘rare thing’ already belonged to her younger sister like Cadric, Duke Feltharg or Rudante, Duke Dominent. Though Rudante was a bit annoying as he is a bit ignorant for a subject and runs wildly.


    Rubiana searched for a husband in simple way. All he had to do was to be handsome and have a strong lower back. However, no matter how many social gatherings or banquets she attended, she couldn’t find a suitable man at all. Indeed, did the civil war and subsequent wars of conquest killed that many decent men? Aside from being good-looking and shy, it was difficult to find a man that can approach and talk to her.

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