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    Plum Candy Love

    Vol. 2 Chapter 41.3

    Translated by Springlila
    Edited by Springlila


    “Ugh… !”


    A long vibration seemed to move all the way to the lower abdomen. I let out a short moan and pressed my fingers against Lim Dae-han’s shoulder, which was still hugging me. I applied force to the tip of my finger, causing it to turn pure white. It was as if the stars were bouncing right in front of my eyes. The ceiling was spinning round and round. I pushed his shoulder, which had been scratched with my nails, upright in fear more than anything else. But, like a massive wooden pillar, he stared at my face without moving an inch.


    “Do you like it here?”


    “I, I just cum a little while ago, so… Haa, ah!”


    My lower abdomen felt like it was going to swell up. I repeatedly pushed Lim Dae-han’s shoulders and chest with the palm of my hand. However, it appeared to have become an ignition point for Lim Dae-han. He took a deep breath and exhaled briefly before thrusting deeper.


    Slap, slap, slap…! My two legs around his back shook up and down whenever he lowered his body.


    “Ah, wait, a moment, ah, take it out, take it out…”


    “Ki Young-hyun… Haa.”


    “Haa, heung…”


    A sound rang out every time Lim Dae-han’s big penis thrust into my bottom. Something leaked from my penis that had previously ejaculated. I was afraid it might be urine.


    I tried to appease Lim Dae-han by controlling my breath, but he shoved it down relentlessly. I closed my eyes tightly each time Lim Dae-han took a single thrust.


    “Huh, this, strange, haa…”


    Lim Dae-han exhaled harshly and moved even faster below.


    “That, stop, this, strange, hick… !”


    A strange sound came out of my mouth. I shrank and struggled to get away from Lim Dae-han. However, Dae-han grabbed my other wrist with one hand and slowly got up. I clenched my fists with the hands that Lim Dae-han had caught.


    Lim Dae-han raised his upper body and bit his lower lip in the haze of my vision. The shoulders were firmly placed over the long arms, and the movement caused his skin to glisten with sweat. Every time he thrust it, he made a harsh breathing sound, and I cried and struggled.


    “Hah, -plea-, please, ah, hickk… Ah, please…!”


    It was also a fleeting moment to appreciate Lim Dae-han. My senses were so tense that I swooped. The heat in my body fluctuated wildly. Lim Dae-han, who looked at my face and licked his lips with his tongue, pressed his other hand against my lower belly.




    At that moment, the arms and drooping legs that were held by Lim Dae-han trembled like a newborn calf. Lim Dae-han bit his lips. I almost ejaculated every time he pressed my stomach. The inside was still full, but the outside pressure was too much to bear.


    I wanted to go to the bathroom. Every time Lim Dae-han’s penis lifted the inner wall from the glans to the pillar and put weight on it, my lower abdomen tightened and I urinated.


    “N-, no… I, I…”


    I was about to say I wanted to go to the bathroom, but Lim Dae-han exhaled heavily.


    “Ki Young-hyun, just a little bit more… ”


    “Why do you keep going, oh, a little, haa, please, please don’t…”


    Lim Dae-han was the biggest liar in the world. As his ejaculation time was much longer than mine, I assume he had to masturbate at least a few times. I bawled my eyes out and said things that came out of nowhere. Lim Dae-han smiled as if I weren’t in a bad situation. He kissed my forehead after sweeping up my bangs. However, whenever he lowered his body, my bottom was stamped heavily, causing me to gasp.


    “Haah, heuk, ah, I told you it’s weird, heung, haa…”




    The word good came out of Lim Dae-han’s mouth. I had a frown on my face as I looked at Lim Dae-han. It was good, but I had no idea what to do with it. I don’t recall him ever saying anything like this before. Lim Dae-han exhaled and thrust again. Simultaneously, sperm began to pour out from his penis. He was wearing a condom, but it felt like he was peeing.


    “Hah, ah…”


    Lim Dae-han exhaled and ejaculated for a long time.


    My eyes shook as if they were about to fall out. My mouth was dry and I was thirsty at the same time I couldn’t breathe properly. My body was tense and trembling.




    I took an influx of deep breaths and applied force to my trembling thighs to gather my wide-open legs.




    My toes seemed to curled at will. I tried to calm myself down by putting strength on my body, but eventually, a stream of liquid poured out from my penis. It was the worst.






    The liquid that began to pour from my penis soaked my lower abdomen, around my legs, and even the pubic hair on my penis. With a white face and a stiff expression, I looked up at him. Lim Dae-han slightly frowned between his eyebrows, and then he touched between my legs.


    I bit my lips and couldn’t hold back my resentment, so I hit him hard on the shoulder.


    “Th-that’s why I told you to take it out!”


    Lim Dae-han placed his hand on my stomach without saying anything. He touched the wet liquid with his hands. I didn’t know what expression to make, so I ended up crying. I covered my face with both hands, but my bottom was exposed.


    In the meantime, Lim Dae-han rubbed my wet with urine penis while also touching my stomach. And even his touching was irritating. But I bit my lower lip without saying anything.


    “I don’t think it’s pee.”




    “It doesn’t look like urine, Ki Young-hyun.”




    I’m not sure what else would come out if it wasn’t urine. Of course, blood could come out as a result of semen or other abnormalities in the body, but this was definitely not semen. To begin with, the semen, as well as the chromaticity and liquid composition, did not pour out to this extent.


    “…It’s not.”


    My palm was blocking my lips, and my voice sounded like I was in a cave. I wanted to disappear. I wondered what Lim Dae-han would think if this wasn’t urine. I really wanted to cry. I said while maintaining my posture as I pursed my lips and bit them.


    “…It’s pee.”


    “It doesn’t even have a smell.”


    You didn’t know anything!


    I was so irritated that I quickly let go of my hand and looked up at Lim Dae-han. I glared at him with all my might, but Lim Dae-han only rubbed and stimulated my penis.


    “It’s not urine, Ki Young-hyun.”


    “The, then what…” 


    “I’ll tell you.”


    Lim Dae-han’s hands dug into the space between my back and the mattress. Then he gently lifted my upper body and made me sit leaning against the head of the bed. He patted my wide open thighs and made eye contact with me.


    “I’ll tell you.”


    I was scared to see his smiling face pretending to be a good person. He leaned back and slowly drew out his penis, which was crammed beneath him. The condom wrapped around his penis was shiny and the front was full of semen. He took off the condom, tied a knot like a balloon, and threw it away. I watched Lim Dae-han tie up the condom and threw it away without hesitation, with my legs still wide open.


    Lim Dae-han descended even more and lowered himself. I leaned against the head of the bed, unsure what Lim Dae-han was up to, so I maintained my posture. He pressed his lips against my thigh and raised his eyes to mine. When our gazes locked, I wiped my dry mouth. He only used his lips to trace and dig into my thighs. In my drowsiness, my head was naturally tilted down. Lim Dae-han finally put my penis in his mouth.


    “Ugh… It’s dirty, dirty.”


    “It’s okay.”


    Lim Dae-han grabbed the penis I peed on a while ago without hesitation. He mumbled and gave me a hazy response. He clenched his teeth and stimulated both my penis and the glans. My penis brushed up against the uneven roof of his mouth. He held the tip of my penis in his hand, slowly moved his head, and buried my penis deep in his mouth.


    “Ah… ”


    I tried to gather my thighs, but each time, he grabbed my thighs with his hand and pressed them down. He buried his head even more deeply. Saliva was dripping down his mouth. Lim Dae-han pulled my penis out of his mouth, spread his tongue wide, and licked along my penis.


    “Ah, you, you…”


    I called Lim Dae-han without even being able to breathe properly. Lim Dae-han, who had been re-inhaling his cheeks and playing with my penis in his mouth, opened his eyes instead of responding. His eyes looked strange.


    “Don’t look at me like that.”


    The corners of his lips curved into a smile. It didn’t look good putting the penis in his mouth and pretending to be nice. Lim Dae-han put my penis back in his mouth, lowering his head as if inserting them deeply.






    The cross-section of the teeth touching my penis was sharp. I covered my mouth with both hands and looked down at Lim Dae-han while trembling. Lim Dae-han closed his eyes tightly and I lifted my back as I watched him play with my stretched penis between my legs.




    Um… A sound came out of Lim Dae-han’s mouth that was holding my penis. He drew out his tongue and licked my penis while sucking, and he purposefully tightened his lips to stimulate the urethra. He claimed it was his first time doing everything he did with me, but I couldn’t figure out why Lim Dae-han’s progress differed from mine. Obviously, I was better at studying, but Lim Dae-han was much better at other things. I didn’t know where he learn this from.




    His hand slowly descended. As he touched the throbbing inner thighs, he dug deep into my buttocks. Two fingers had already been inserted into the hole where Lim Dae-han’s penis had been placed. I shook my head and closed my eyes tightly. The fingers that had dug the hole curled up and pressed down like hooks. At the same time, his head bowed down and sucked my penis.




    I raised my torso and rested my hands on the bed. My penis had reached its limit and was already leaking semen from Lim Dae-han’s mouth. Lim Dae-han placed my penis in his mouth and sucked it thoroughly. Just like when he sucked those freeze bars.


    He raised his body and slowly opened his mouth to let out my penis. He closed his mouth and gulped, the ridge of his throat rising and then falling. It was obvious that the semen had been swallowed. My face, which had been drowsily closing my eyes, turned blue. I then grabbed his arm.


    “Why, why swallow it…”


    “Wait a minute.”


    He lowered his hand again. He grabbed the tip of my penis, which was half bent and didn’t ease properly, but also didn’t get an erection. His big hand clutched my penis. I had no idea what Lim Dae-han was thinking, so I simply stared at him.


    “I’ve already ejaculated once, Ah…!”


    Lim Dae-han wrapped my penis in his hand and stimulated my urethra using only his thumb. He rubbed the urethra, which was covered in various liquids, including semen. Heuk, heuk! I tried to stop Lim Dae-han by grabbing him by the wrist, but he just rubbed it a little faster than before without caring.


    I was panting because of the playful fingertips that weighed down and stimulated the urethra. I would raise my upper body forward and then fall on my back. In other cases, I asked Lim Dae-han to stop by touching his wrist or chest with his hand, but my pleading was ignored.


    Stimulation followed by stimulation. Again, I felt like urinating. I hurriedly grabbed Lim Dae-han’s wrist.


    “I, ah, want, bathroom, haaa…”


    “I said I would tell you.”


    “Ah no, really… Ah.”


    I covered my mouth with both hands. My feet pushed the bed uncontrollably. Even though I raised my buttocks from the bed, Lim Dae-han never let go. My body stiffened as my eyeballs moved upward. At that moment, Lim Dae-han put up his nails and scratched my urethra




    I again…




    I was out of breath. I lifted my hips and knees, my body was tensed up and then fell off. The liquid was poured out repeatedly. The liquid that clearly dripped down my penis, thighs, and Lim Dae-han’s hands. I fell on the bed and put my arm on my forehead. I looked up at the ceiling. It seemed that Lim Dae-han was right. It was a little different from urine.




    I stuck out my tongue and exhaled. Lim Dae-han, who was still between my wide legs, lowered his body and hugged me. He kissed my lips and bit my tongue as it was. Our saliva became entangled. Small convulsions persisted in my thigh. I flinched whenever Lim Dae-han touched me as if I had been electrified.




    My body limped. I couldn’t even raise my hand, so I had no choice but to accept Lim Dae-han licking and sucking with my lips wide open.


    Lim Dae-han tilted his head and opened his eyes, his fingers brushing against my tongue, teeth, and gaping lips. Lim Dae-han rubbed his cheek against mine as the sound faded for a moment. This time, he kept touching my ear with his tongue and then he spoke. It was the expression of someone who had similar excitement as if he had won a bet.


    “I told you it wasn’t pee.”




    Do you still think it’s pee?”


    Lim Dae-han asked again, fiddling with my wet penis. I quickly shook my head because I was afraid he’d do it again if I persisted here.


    “It’s not pee…”


    I then tried to cover my legs with both hands while sneakily looking at him. We were both naked as we rolled around, but it didn’t seem like we could do it any longer. The quota for today had already been met, and there was nothing left.




    Whether he knew my mind or not, Lim Dae-han was busy looking through my body with his penis erect.


    I struggled to avoid Lim Dae-han’s hot eyes. Haa… My mouth was dripping with exhausted breath. I barely managed to get my voice out.


    “You don’t watch weird videos…”


    Lim Dae-han, who continued to pretend to be dignified, smiled brightly in response to those words.


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