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    Plum Candy Love

    Vol. 1 Chapter 8

    Translated by Springlila
    Edited by Springlila


    “It’s a food torture.”


    Jung Ji-pil said it as he looked into the bag. The guys next to me booed without even listening to Jung Ji-pil. So did I. Lim Dae-han did not force me to eat, and the amount was sufficient for guys my age to eat alone.


    There were drink packs with different flavors, chewing candy, and bread, all of which were perfect for snacking in class.  Jung Ji-pil didn’t seem to like Lim Dae-han, who was constantly buying me snacks.


    “He’s trying to kill you by making you full.”


    “Hey, really, stop saying nonsense.”


    Jung Ji-pil finally shook his head when I said a word. It was unpleasant to see him nodding his head as if he had mastered everything without even knowing anything. Without realizing it, I had a grim expression on my face as I looked at Jung Ji-pil. Jung Ji-pil licked his lips and patted my shoulder.


    “Hey, don’t worry. This brother will help you.”


    In fact, Jung Ji-pil skipped class for two hours in the afternoon and went out in front of Dae-han, who appeared during the break. Lim Dae-han entered through the back door, cocked his head toward Jung Ji-pil, who was blocking him and wrinkled his brow.




    Lim Dae-han reacted like this as soon as he saw Jung Ji-pil. Jung Ji-pil stretched both of his hands above his waist. It was like a battle between David and Goliath.  I was worried that Dae-han would beat Jung Ji-pil. The class was deafeningly quiet. Jung Ji-pil didn’t do anything but said with his face flushed.


    “Don’t bully Ki Young-hyun.”


    “That’s bullshit.”


    Lim Dae-han was a little irritated. Then he took away the fan of the guy who was standing around for no apparent reason.


    “Lend me for a bit.”


    It wasn’t borrowing but a robbery. The fan with the information of the art school printed on it seemed small in Dae-han’s hand. He flapped his hand a few times and shook it in front of Jung Ji-pil. I laughed quietly because I had been laughing at him without realizing it. Of course, Jung Ji-pil became even more enraged.


    “Damn you, you fucking bastard. Don’t bully Ki Young-hyun!”




    At that moment, Dae-han’s expression hardened. His eyes turned to me over Jung Ji-pil’s shoulder.


    “Did he say that?”


    “He, what would he do? What would he say, he has pride. How can he tell me that he was being bullied by you?”


    “Then just keep your mouth shut.”


    I’m so embarrassed that I can’t even live.


    Be confident if you said you’d protect me. He stuttered, lacked logic, and was simply babbling. Dae-han was attempting to get past Jung Ji-pil to see if he was bothered by it. The fan in his hand was still there. Jung Ji-pil shouted from behind. He couldn’t even fight, but his mouth couldn’t stop talking.


    “You, bastard, you think I don’t know? About Ki Young-hyun? Because Ki Young-hyun is an easy target, because that punk is thinner than the other kids, has a gentler-looking face, and a more relaxed appearance…”




    “That’s why you’re freaking out because you think I’ll get scared right away if you threaten me. Because Ki Young-hyun is so easy… He’s a nerd…”


    That punk…?


    I had no idea Jung Ji-pil thought of me in that way. My hands trembled with betrayal. So you’ve been saying that you were afraid I wouldn’t be able to act like a man because I appeared to be easy? I had a lot of power.




    I eventually got up from my seat. How can you humiliate me like this? I was about to tell him to talk properly, but Dae-han interrupted. It was a major issue for me, but Jung Ji-pil seemed to try to pass it off as a joke. He pushed Jung Ji-pil even before I spoke.


    “What did you say.”




    “What did you say. Go on say it.”


    Dae-han scanned Jung Ji-pil up and down. Because of Dae-han’s big build, Jung Ji-pil’s face could not be seen properly. At that moment, I moved forward and slowly headed towards the two of them. Why does Jung Ji-pil have to go crazy! I knew it before, but it came back to me when the kids told Jung Ji-pil not to be mean.


    Jung Ji-pil seemed to be on the verge of being beaten by Dae-han at any moment. I made my way over to Dae-han’s side. Sure enough, Jung Ji-pil was terrified. His skin had been a little pale before, but he was now completely white. My arms were clenched into my body without I realized it.


    Maybe I should just let it be. My heart suddenly felt bad, but what could I do? Jung Ji-pil was normally that kind of guy…


    I eventually stand next to Jung Ji-pil. From the front, Dae-han’s face was ferocious. My plan to take out Jung Ji-pil was disrupted the moment my eyes met his. I simply focused my attention on it. Dae-han’s face was filled with annoyance. He frowned and shifted his gaze to the side. I slowly raised my head and looked at him from the side. His nose was pointed upward as if it were about to ascend.


    “… Stop it.”


    I looked at Dae-han’s eyes and pulled Jung Ji-pil behind me. Jung Ji-pil clutched my wrist as if I were his lifeline. When I pulled Jung Ji-pil wrist, Lim Dae-han left the classroom without hesitation and took the fan with him.




    The sound was pretty loud. I flinched and slapped Jung Ji-pil on the shoulder.


    “What are you doing!”


    Without realizing it, I raised my voice. “Oh, what am I doing?” Jung Ji-pil pretended to be clueless.


    “It’s because I’m easy? Hey, I’m so embarrassed right now. There would be rumors all over the place because of you!”


    I scolded Jung Ji-pil and scanned the atmosphere in the class. Some of the guys were already looking at me with pity. The guy next to my seat, who had seen the massage Lim Dae-han had given me the day before, pursed his lips as if he knew what was going to happen. I was one of the students who had been bullied by Dae-han.


    I’ve never been bullied in the first place.




    I rubbed my face with both of my hands. I couldn’t even deny what Jung Ji-pil had said. I looked at the back door, where Dae-han had gone. He was probably trying to be nice to me but then he heard something like this. I bowed my head and bit my lower lip, not knowing what to do.


    I spent a lot of time thinking because I didn’t know how to organize the situation. Lim Dae-han did not show up for class, let alone in the evening. Finally, while doing my night self-study, I sent a message to Dae-han.


    Me: [Are you not doing night self-study today?] 7:07


    I pursed my lips as I didn’t get a reply. Jung Ji-pil had left a frozen fruit jelly on my desk as an apology. It tasted like green grapes and was very tasty. I put my phone on the desk and stared at it. After a little while, I sent another message.


    Me: [Are you mad at Ji-pil?] 7:15


    Me: [But he’s always like that.] 7:15


    Me: [I’ll apologize instead ㅠㅠ I’m sorry] 7:16


    The floating number 1 next to the message was quickly erased. I moved my finger back and forth before leaving the chat room. An emoji popped up. When I clicked the dialog, an orange teddy bear was crying in the box. I bit my lower lip. I’m not sure why I feel so sorry. Then seeing Jung Ji-pil, who was sitting in the back, make me upset once more. Why do I have to be in a difficult situation because of him?!


    For a moment, I feel like crying and turned back to vent my anger.




    Because of Jung Ji-pil, I want to skip the night self-study today.




    I muttered to myself as I folded the workbook’s corners.


    Me: [I’m really, really, really sorry] 7:22


    I sent my apologies to Dae-han again. Then I quietly put down the phone. While resting my chin on my hand, I clicked the mechanical pencil.  The question did not really pique my interest. I poked the answer sheet with the sharp end of the pencil. A triangle was drawn in the non-literature fingerprint. The definition was then sketched with a line, numbered, and organized.


    My phine screen flashed.


    Lim Dae-han: [If you’re sorry, later] 7:26.


    Lim Dae-han: [Later] 7:27


    What do you mean?


    The message ended there. I sent a question mark, but there was no reply. What was it… Anyway, you’re good at making me worry. I couldn’t concentrate and banged my head on the classroom desk.


    “Hey, Ki Young-hyun, don’t do that.”


    A sharp voice could be heard next to my desk. Only then did I realize I couldn’t study. I was chewing my lips and laid my arms down on the desk. I should just sleep. I can’t even study anyway.



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