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    Plum Candy Love

    Vol. 1 Chapter 13

    Translated by Springlila
    Edited by Springlila


    “You’re truly saddening me. How can you take Dae-han’s side like that when we’ve known each other for a long time?”


    Then another voice chimed in with a solemn tone.


    “You punk are so childish. What’s up with the side he’s on? Can you fight him and win?”


    It was the PE teacher who intervened in our conversation. The teacher lightly hit Jung Ji-pil’s head with the water bottle he was holding. There was a crisp hitting sound because there was nothing in it.


    It doesn’t look like he hit him too hard, but Jung Ji-pil grabbed his head. He also teased the teacher saying, in what era are you hitting a student’s head these days? Isn’t it clear that the teacher is abusing his authority? Of course, it was a phrase that had no effect on the teacher.


    The teacher looked at me and Jung Ji-pil alternately then asked.


    “Are you hanging out with people you don’t even get along with?”


    I’m not sure about that either. “What’s wrong with us?!” exclaimed Jung Ji-pil. And he drew me into silence. The teacher said this while waving the water bottle sideways in front of Jung Ji-pil, who was still in frustration.


    “Jung Ji-pil, stop talking and go get some water.”


    As expected, Jung Ji-pil didn’t lose a word. I could see why people were so fond of Jung Ji-pil. He was truly amusing. It wasn’t the same for me. Even when I spoke, I acted stiffly as if I were a fool. Dae-han also seems to have enjoyed Jung Ji-pil’s tantrum. For a brief moment, even the smile that had spread across my lips became discouraged. What if he doesn’t like me anymore because I’m not interesting?


    Contrary to my heart, Jung Ji-pil who had something like a motor in his mouth started the engine as if it were about to take off.


    “Teacher, don’t you know that you can’t do something like this these days?”


    But that was probably just my assumption. The teacher glanced and threatened Jung Ji-pil.


    “Punk, aren’t you leaving soon?”


    Despite his feistiness, the terrified Jung Ji-pil rose immediately in response to the teacher’s threat. Then he grabbed my arm. I unexpectedly went on an errand with Jung Ji-pil. Jung Ji-pil tapped the water bottle on his shoulder and chewed the teacher as he thought it was unfair.


    “I’m going to report you to the education office.”


    “If you file a complaint now, I will know right away that you are the culprit.


    “Oh, is that so? Well, I’m glad I had an errand to run. I was sitting there with nothing to do.”


    I was a little sad. I’d like to see even a little bit of Dae-han’s appearance while running…




    I raised my voice and then shook my head. Jung Ji-pil asked, “What is it? What’s wrong with you?” I waved his hand and trudging away, “Nothing.”


    Jung Ji-pil said he did not want to enter the building and headed to the drinking water fountain located between the main building and the annex. The only people who used this place were the members of the sports team or some guys who couldn’t hold back their thirst right after the gym was over. I couldn’t be sure about the cleanliness because no one else uses them on a regular basis except them.


    “Isn’t the water here dirty?”


    When I asked carefully, Jung Ji-pil reacted half-heartedly.


    “It’s not something we can drink. What do you think?”


    I was worried, but it was Jung Ji-pil holding the water bottle. Even if we get in trouble, Jung Ji-pil will get in trouble by himself.


    When he turned on the faucet from the stone drinking fountain, cool water gushed out. While watching the pouring water, I also turned the faucet in front of me to wash my face. As expected, the water pressure was strong and the water splashed down. I poured some water into my palm. It was hot at first, but it got colder as time went on. I sprayed stagnant water on my face.  It was cold enough to wake me up.


    I washed my face several times. When I washed my face for the last time, water poured out of the back of my head.




    I raised my head with a sullen expression. Jung Ji-pil, who poured more than half a full water bottle at me, smiled as he held the bottle in his arms.




    Hehe, what do you mean hehe?


    It was a natural laugh that didn’t seem to fit. As soon as I saw this, I filled my palm with water and splashed it on him. “Ahh!” Jung Ji-pil’s voice sounded like it was about to tear apart. It was a time when the spraying water, which started as revenge at first, became more and more intense as a mixture of mischief and excitement.








    Unlike me, who used to spray the water with the palm of my hand at best or press the faucet halfway to shoot it like a water gun, a rain of water poured from the sky. Of course, it did not fall on me.


    “What kind of bastard…”


    Jung Ji-pil turned his head with a grim expression. It was Lim Dae-han who standing proudly behind him. Dae-han had taken off his shirt. The black T-shirt he was wearing was draped over his shoulder. He wiped the water and sweat from his forehead with his shoulders. He held a brown rubber bucket in his hand.


    I was so preoccupied with playing with the water that I didn’t notice he was there. Jung Ji-pil, who had been sprayed with water, was furious.


    “Why are you keep bothering me and Ki Young-hyun?”


    The thing that bothers me was actually more than him picking on Jung Ji-pil…


    But I couldn’t do anything. Jung Ji-pil looked at Dae Han to see if he was genuinely angry. I couldn’t bring myself to jump in. I feel bad for Jung Ji-pil. Lim Dae-han responded with an insignificant tone.


    “Why. Can’t I play a joke on you as well?”




    “You also have a habit of picking fights with me.”


    I’ve decided not to say anything to Jung Ji-pil that Dae-han and I were holding hands.


    Jung Ji-pil eventually left with a hardened expression on his face. I was the only one who stood motionless. I looked at Dae-han while dripping wet. Lim Dae-han’s collarbone was perfectly opened straight. His shoulders are wide, and his chest is…


    I glanced over his upper body and looked down in surprise.


    What’s wrong with your legs?


    I asked with my eyes wide open. One of Lim Dae-han’s pants was rolled up. There was a lot of blood and it even dripped a little.  It was covered with blood.


    “I got hurt.”


    Anyone looking at it could tell it was painful, but Dae-han responded casually. My mouth became dry. It was also surrounded by dirt.


    “I’m going to the infirmary after cleaning my blood.”


    “I’ll spray water on you.”


    I filled the bucket Dae-han was holding with water. I awkwardly stood there listening to the sound of flowing water. After filling the bucket, I placed the water on the ground. I sat in front of Lim Dae-han, one knee bent, and gently poured water on him to wash away the dirt. The blood and the soil had washed away. His skin had been washed away, and it seemed to be painful. However, he did not make a single sound. I shrieked and trembled as I clutched my clasped hands tightly.


    Or maybe it’s because it hurts so much that he was embarrassed…?


    I lifted my head while kneeling. Lim Dae-han was staring at me without blinking. The sun glistened over his head. For a brief moment, I felt trapped in those eyes. I bowed my head immediately. I poured water on Lim Dae-han’s knee and calf with a stiff hand, then slowly raised my gaze again. I raised my gaze to the middle of Lim Dae-han’s left thigh before returning my gaze to the ground.


    This guy…


    No, stop thinking about it.


    I lifted myself up. As I stood up, the bucket tipped over and water poured out.


    “Ah, oh my…”


    I made an unusual noise before picking up the bucket and placing it on the drinking fountain. The saliva in my mouth had dried up and became like a lump of land suffering from drought. I deliberately swallowed my saliva. To get over the awkwardness, I asked Dae-han directly.


    “D-do you want me to take you to the infirmary?”




    Dae-han did not refuse. His voice was a little louder than usual. I enticed my arm under Lim Dae-han’s arm and crossed his back. The posture was ambiguous due to our size difference. Then we went to the infirmary on the first floor of the annex, but the door was locked. The teacher must have been in the office. I shake the locked lock and stood face to face with Dae-han.


    “I’ll go to the teacher’s office and get the key. Wait here.”


    Then I went straight to the office and asked the teacher for the key. The school nurse, with whom I had previously spoken, spoke to me in a friendly manner. I nodded my head when asked if I could apply for the medicine by myself. I returned with the keyring in my hand. Lim Dae-han stood still on the spot.


    I’m hesitant to approach him for some reason. As for the reason, first and foremost, thighs… I saw it and on the thigh… That’s enough. It was all very awkward. Nonetheless, I turned the lock as calmly as I could. In the end, I made several mistakes.


    “Step aside.”


    Lim Dae-han motioned for me to step aside and turn the key. The door immediately opened with a click as if you didn’t need the key, but Dae-han.


    I turned on the lights and the air conditioner in the infirmary. Then I scanned the area where the dust had accumulated. Lim Dae-han went to bed and sat down. He sat on the mattress with his injured leg up and waited for me.


    I took out a medicine box and a band-aid. I sat across from Dae-han. To be honest, I had no idea how to do it, so I just copied what I saw somewhere. I poured disinfectant into the wound.


    He exhaled slowly after holding his breath. Was he holding the pain? I raised my head. I was right in my assessment that he was suppressing the pain. The red medicine was then applied to cotton and patted around the wound. Then I asked,


    “Did you fall while playing soccer?”


    “… Yeah.”


    Lim Dae-han hesitated for a while before answering.


    “I thought I’d look cool if I played soccer well.”


    “… … .”


    Thump, Thump, Thump, Thump, Thump.


    Why is this place so quiet? I’m afraid my heart will beat too loud.


    I quickly took the ointment from the box. I hurriedly prepared to apply the ointment to Dae-han’s wound. As I was almost out of ointment, I had to squeeze it out with my hands again and again.


    At that time, Dae-han pulled me. My upper body leaned forward. Lim Dae-han buried his forehead on my shoulder.  It was heavy and hot.


    Then I heard Dae-han voice.


    “It hurt.”


    “Hey, I need to apply ointment and put a band-aid…”


    “Please do it slowly.”


    It was a voice that didn’t suit him at all.


    But I couldn’t help myself. I stiffly lifted myself and slowly bowed down. I grabbed Dae-han’s leg, which was as solid as a rock. Then I closed my eyes and blew the wound gently.


    What are you doing, Ki Young-hyun. I was doing something that didn’t fit me. And when I slowly opened my eyes, Dae-han pulled me back again. I didn’t give him a hug this time. Dae-han’s caressed the nape of my neck.




    He came closer.


    I swallowed dry saliva. The fact that the neck ridge bounced and then subsided must have been obvious. Lim Dae-han raised his eyes belatedly and looked at my lips. I knew it even before I looked at it. I’m sure my eyes were trembling wildly. My arms and legs trembled as if I were anxious.


    I averted my eyes because I thought it would look strange. Nevertheless, Dae-han came slowly. Slowly…


    “I want to kiss you.”


    Lim Dae-han’s voice was cautious. If I nodded my head right away, it felt like my lips would touch.




    But I turned my head awkwardly as if my muscles had stiffened.


    “Oh, no…”




    Dae-han asked. I cursed to myself inwardly. I don’t want to, but the reason was… There was no reason. To be honest, I think I would have kissed him if Dae-han had kissed me right away without asking it. I hesitated and spit out nonsense.


    “It’s just, uhm…”


    It’s just, uhm, what was that. Even when I thought about it myself, it was so lame and strange.  I struggled with my arm and moved a little away from Dae-han. An opaque ointment peered out of the entrance of the ointment tube that I held in my hand. I must have squeezed it too tightly.


    I shifted my gaze from the ointment to Dae-han. As the hand that was touching my body moved away, I skimmed the ointment and spread it on his wound. In the meantime, I removed the band-aid and put it on Dae-han’s wound. Then I awkwardly raised my arms and legs like a soldier toy.


    “I’ll go first.”




    Dae-han gave a brief answer and lay down with his back on the bed.


    I… looked around Dae-han a few more times before leaving. I wiped away the sweat that had formed on my forehead with my hand. 


    “I need to wash my face again…”




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