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    I Will Avoid The Male Lead and Made My Harem

    I Will Avoid The Male Lead and Made My Harem (Light Novel)

    Author: 쥐똥새똥
    Rank 166
    3 Releases 1K Views 36 Followers Ongoing Status
    Last Update 2 weeks ago


    ※This novel contains a bloody and coercive relationship※

    …likewise, I ignored the warning…and proceeded to read the cheap novel.

    But what the heck, this insane story is only focused on tormenting the female lead!

    I can’t read it any longer because it’s so frustrating— But then, I suddenly possessed Selina, the Female Lead?!

    “Pe-people lo-look at me, I hate it.”

    She stutters because she is frightened.

    “It is your responsibility, Selina, to satisfy me. A woman who doesn’t know where she belongs isn’t entertaining.”

    Scenes of endless harassment by the trashy man.

    I made my decision as soon as the passage flashed across my mind.

    Let’s avoid the male lead and instead focus on kicking out the villain!

    Goodbye, everyone! I abandon my fate and set off in a quest of happiness.


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