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    My coquettish junior attatches herself to me!

    My coquettish junior attatches herself to me! (Light Novel)

    Author: 御宮ゆう
    Rank 203
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    Translator: Clover
    Editor: Tripletwelve

    Release schedule: Every Sunday (I swear)


    Christmas season.

    Hasegawa Yūta found himself single after breaking up last month when his girlfriend had cheated on him. And it was only a few days until Christmas!


    After an everyday conversation with his female friend, Mino Ayaka, Yūta met a beautiful girl clad in a Santa suitIn a lane full of couples no less!

    Her name was Shinohara Mayu.

    Will this encounter with Shinohara turn out to be the Christmas present for Yūta ?



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