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    Infinite Lucky Emperor

    Chapter 27

    Frontier town (27): Night Attack

    Translated by Jev Kaez
    Edited by Jev Kaez


    If it hadn’t been known that the new commander had killed hundreds of barbarians himself, the cavalry who had been thrown down would really suspect that the new commander was on the side of the barbarians.

    How could there be people who throw away their subordinates directly after one sentence?

    But the fact was that the sound of the horseshoes of the two commanders in the darkness quickly became farther and smaller. No matter how hard, they had to believe it, the cavalry had to accept this result. They were abandoned by the commander…

    Apart from finding a place to camp temporarily, they didn’t know what to do.

    “I was thinking about taking the cavalry to act as a small guerrilla team and harassing the barbarian camp during the night. But I suddenly realized that the barbarians can’t see clearly at night, and they (the calvary) can’t see clearly either. Don’t get dizzy and rush into the barbarian team and can’t get out. Let them go again during the day. It´s up to us tonight!”

    Leaving the burden behind him, Cheng Huaiqian explained his thoughts to Xia Ruize. Xia Ruize silently found that the last words of his teammate was full of excitement and anticipation.

    As soon as he heard it, he knew that his teammate wanted to do something again.

    However, he was also a little excited and expecting. Was he already “infected” by his teammate?

    Cheng Huaiqian and Xia Ruize rode without stopping until nine o’clock in the evening, and finally saw the barbarian camp from a distance.

    They didn’t really know how many barbarians there were in the dark night, just knew that the area of ​​the barbarian camp was not small. Cheng Huaiqian took the lead to stop the horse and got off.

    Climbing up a small mountain bag, the two of them ate the steamed buns and drink water to replenish their physical strength, while visually observing the barbarian camp.

    After eating and drinking, the two ran to the barbarian camp.

    With the super-high agility value, high-grade boots, and special body and legs, the two ran quickly and quietly.

    To be honest, the reason why Cheng Huaiqian dared to challenge such a bold plan was because he had confidence in his heart. Even if he and Xia Ruize were discovered by the barbarians, the barbarians would not be able to catch up with them.

    After running fast for more than ten minutes, the two people slowed down and quietly approached the barbarian camp not far away.

    The barbarians set up temporary camps in the desert. There were large and small tents in the camps. Fires illuminated between the tents. There were also special patrol teams who were patrolling and guard the camp from time to time.

    It may be because the camp had not really arrived at Bianlu City, but there were no barbarians who eat and drink to relax in the camp. Except for the patrol team and the barbarians who occasionally wake up at night, the entire camp had fallen into a deep sleep.

    Cheng Huaiqian and Xia Ruize walked around the camp for nearly an hour, and roughly figured out the areas such as the large tents of the high-level barbarians, the tents of the ordinary barbarians, the storage of grain and grass, the feeding of war horses, and so on. They also found a paper painting from the city lord’s mansion. After getting down, tey made a plan accordingly.

    The entire barbarian camp was distributed in concentric circles. There were more than two hundred tents. The most luxurious main tent was in the middle, and the surrounding tents became smaller in circles. The most outlying tents should be ordinary barbarian tents.

    After finding out the patrol rules of the patrol team, Cheng Huaiqian and Xia Ruize took advantage of the patrol interval and carefully approached the stables where the horses were closed on the edge of the camp.

    Two arrows killed the barbarians guarding the horses. The fallen body of the barbarians were supported by the two with wooden sticks, making it seem as if they were just dozing off.

    The riding skills came with a method of comforting the mounts. Cheng Huaiqian and Xia Ruize entered the stables, stroking and comforting the agitated horses one by one, and untied the reins of the horses.

    After such a lap, the entire herd of more than two hundred war horses calmed down again, and everything went as usual, as if nothing happened.

    After handling the war horses, the two first went into a tent that was slightly larger than the most common tent. They wanted to see what level of barbarian was there.

    Entering the tent quietly one after the other, one holding a knife and the other holding a sword, the two quickly settled the five barbarians sleeping in the tent.

    After the solving them, the two judged that these should be five small barbarian leaders1 based on the clothes and weapons stacked inside the tent. The two of them simply took two sets of the clothes of the small barbarian leaders and draped them randomly.

    If a barbarian saw them, it was dark and dizzy, maybe they would be mistaken them for compatriots.

    The small barbarian leaders were a good assassination target. If the two of them did their work at the same time, they would have a chance to completely solve them before there was a sober barbarian in the tent.

    However, after leaving the tent, the two still went to a larger tent to investigate the situation, and there were three big barbarian leaders resting inside.

    After the two had each solved one of the big barbarian leaders, the last big barbarian leader woke up. Fortunately, Cheng Huaiqian quickly made up for it. If one or two seconds later and the barbarian shouted for help, the night attack would be revealed.

    After that, the two attacked the tents specially for the small barbarian leaders, only after the surrounding tents of the small barbarian leaders were cleared, would they target the tents of the big barbarian leaders.

    There were fires between the tents of the barbarian camps. Some fires were still hot with drinking water or milk tea. Whenever they encounter them, the two of them didn’t hesitate to add Mongolian sweat to the water.

    In this way, the two carefully shuttled between the tents, observing the movement of the surrounding tents and patrol team before leaving each time.

    If someone could see their trajectory from a high altitude, they would find that their goals were actually very clear. They assassinated all the way, drawing a line in the barbarian camp all the way, and gradually approaching the location of the granary where the grain and grass were stored.

    There were three tents piled up for the barbarians’ grain and grass, and two ordinary barbarians were watching the night at the door of each granary.

    Next, the two of them didn’t rush up in a hurry, but avoided the attention of the guards, went around the granary, and eliminated all the barbarians in the surrounding large and small tents.

    Just when the blood that was covered by the dark night was thick, there was a sudden noise from the other side of the barbarian camp.

    Cheng Huaiqian and Xia Ruize looked at each other, and immediately realized that it was very likely that the barbarians had discovered the abnormality in the camp. Xia Ruize immediately rushed out from the tent where they were, flipped his hands and replaced the knives with crossbows, and fired one arrow after another, the guards who guarded the granary were solved from a distance.

    The two rushed into the two granary tents unimpededly, took out the sesame oil, and dumped it on the grain pile without hesitation.

    The noise outside became louder and louder, and more and more barbarians were awakened, and in a daze, they subconsciously picked up weapons and rushed out of the tent to check the situation.

    The two people who sprinkled the sesame oil decisively lit the paper with flint and threw it on the sesame oil. With a “boom!”, the flames rose high.

    After lighting the granary, Cheng Huaiqian rushed out with Xia Ruize, pulled up his teammate and started running wildly. Fortunately, the barbarians in the nearby tent were cleared away. For a while, no barbarians immediately rushed to surround them, allowing the two to smoothly approach the edge of the camp.

    Only then did the barbarians notice these two abnormal figures. No way, most of the barbarians were tall and strong. In comparison, Cheng Huaiqian and Xia Ruize were both thin and short.

    Most of the barbarians had just been awakened from their sleep, their heads were still not very clear, and they still had to be stunned for a few seconds to recognize and react when they saw the enemy. Cheng Huaiqian and Xia Ruize were not, they decisively and forcefully killed a bloody path.

    Under tremendous pressure, Xia Ruize only felt that the swordsmanship and body skills he had just learned had been brought into full play.

    More importantly, unlike the barbarian’s guess that the two would run directly out of the camp, Cheng Huaiqian and Xia Ruize actually ran towards the area where the horses were. When approaching the stables, Cheng Huaiqian threw two clay pots with black powder into the stable, Xia Ruize followed by shooting two fire arrows.

    “Bang!” “Bang!” With two beeps, the clay pot exploded in turn. The two hundred horses in the stable were frightened in an instant, and the reins that bound them had already been untied, so the stressed horses ran out suddenly.

    At the critical moment, Cheng Huaiqian flipped his hand to release the amber horse. When he turned on his horse, he reached out to fish his teammate’s waist and grabbed Xia Ruize. The two followed the chaotic horse group and rushed out of the barbarian camp.

    As a result, the panicked war horses did not hesitate to choose to follow the “head horse” in the front and start running wildly.

    There were also barbarians who have caught up trying to control the mad horse, but first they needed to avoid Xia Ruize’s arrows. Second, once they left the area illuminated by the camp fire, they could not control the mad horse, even if they rode on the horse, it was easy to be thrown off by the war horse because they couldn’t see the road clearly and couldn’t adjust their posture according to the road conditions in time.

    In the end, they could only helplessly watch the entire stables become empty in an instant, unable to catch up.

    The entire barbarian camp was completely disturbed by the successive changes, and all the barbarians rushed out of the camp and became a mess.

    Some were yelling to catch assassins, some were counting the murdered compatriots in each tent, some were trying to put out the fire in the granary, and some were trying to chase the horses that were out of control…

    After a full hour, the chaotic barbarian camp finally calmed down.

    The assassins were confirmed to have successfully escaped. The number of barbarians killed in their sleep had been counted. The fire in the camp had been extinguished. The barbarians who went to try to recover the horses also returned to the camp dejectedly…

    The barbarians only knew that the assassins were probably Daxia people. Only two Daxia people killed several back and forth in the barbarian camp. There were so many barbarians, but they didn’t even catch the shadow of the assassins.

    Without the guards noticing it, nearly one hundred and fifty barbarians were killed. More than half of them were small barbarian leaders. In addition, there were big barbarian leaders, barbarian elites, and ordinary barbarians.

    Two and a half of the three granaries in the camp were burned, and only half of the granaries that had not been poured with sesame oil were rescued in the end. Fortunately, when they built the camp, they were not far from the Jinjiang River next to them, and they used the water of the Jinjiang River to douse the flames in time. Otherwise, the fire would have burned half of the camp.

    And from the more than two hundred war horses, only a dozen of them were chased back, and three of them were injured. The others all followed the Daxia people who attacked the camp.

    The barbarians really couldn’t figure it out, were the two Daxia people going to die? In such a dark night, the horse ran so fast. The barbarians who tracked them at the beginning could still chase the horses according to their voices, but soon the horses ran too fast and far, and the voices could not be heard.

    As a result, the precious horses were given away like this…

    After all the losses were counted, listening to the bad news one after another, the face of the small barbarian chief of the soldiers was pitch black, even darker than the night.

    Looking around, the angry small barbarian chief ordered the small barbarian commander who was in charge of the patrol task tonight to take all his men to be punished, and then arranged twice the power of the usual night vigil, that was,  two small barbarian commanders. The team was responsible for patrolling in the second half of the night and handling follow-up matters.

    With a cold snort, the barbarian chief waved his hand back to the camp and rested.

    The anger in his heart turned into a firm determination, and he must march at full speed tomorrow, reach Bianlu city as soon as possible, and continue to rush towards the hinterland of Daxia!

    At this time, Cheng Huaiqian slid the horse galloping forward, and Xia Ruize controlled the horse to follow at the back of the horse group. The two of them were in front of each other, wrapped in a large group of horses, and galloped across the desert in the dark.

    Now that the barbarians should had increased their vigilance, and it was not suitable for sneak attacks. It was better to let the barbarians relax first and let go of their vigilance.

    On the other side, the two cavalry teams that were mercilessly abandoned by Cheng Huaiqian and Xia Ruize had already camped and rested, and each team left a cavalry to guard the night.

    The two cavalry guards guarding the fire, discussing in a low voice, suddenly felt a vibration from the ground in the distance.

    The two were shocked, and immediately awakened the other comrades in arms, put out the fire pit, and watched vigilantly in the dark in the direction of the vibration. What happened in the distance so late? How come it seemed that a brigade of cavalry was approaching?

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    Jev Kaez's notes:

    1 In the original text it says small commander not small leader, but taking into account the seniority of the barbarians and the following events in the story, I think that maybe the author made a mistake, so I changed it to leader.

    Jev Kaez

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