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    Infinite Lucky Emperor

    Chapter 26

    Frontier town (26): Subordinates

    Translated by Jev Kaez
    Edited by Jev Kaez


    Xia Ruize could only nod his head and said that he would complete the extended mission with his teammate.

    Cheng Huaiqian reached out and touched Xia Ruize’s head to comfort him. Although the character of Xia Ruize was not active enough, he was sane enough and very cooperative. It was very pleasant to cooperate with Xia Ruize and he was very satisfied.

    The two reached a consensus, so when Colonel Ma summoned them again, Cheng Huaiqian took the initiative to express that the two brothers were willing to join them to solve the problems.

    Cheng Huaiqian spoke on behalf of the two people, and Xia Ruize continued to play silently as a younger brother who was introverted and listened to his brother.

    Colonel Ma was very pleased when he got this good two people. However, the happiness was only momentary. Soon Colonel Ma was full of sadness. Since Cheng Huaiqian and Xia Ruize had become his own people, they would discuss business affairs. No need to evade, Colonel Ma even asked Cheng Huaiqian:

    “Brother Cheng, according to the news from the front line and the sentry, this time the barbarians started the battle with the goal of fully attacking my Daxia.

    Now, a small barbarian chief is coming towards Bianlu City with more than 1,600 barbarian warriors, and he is expected to arrive tomorrow morning.

    In order to guard Bianlu city as soon as possible, my barbarian cavalry army only brought more than a hundred cavalry here. The infantry soldiers of my barbarian cavalry army will not be able to arrive at Bianlu City before tomorrow morning…Alas, I want to hear what the two of you can do? ”

    Cheng Huaiqian and Xia Ruize looked at each other, and Xia Ruize said “Listen to the boss”. Therefore, Cheng Huaiqian confidently and boldly proposed a plan that was shocking all over the room:

    “My lord, if you agree to allocate 20 cavalries, our two brothers are willing to take the troops out of the city to explore the whereabouts of the barbarian army, disturb them, and slow down their marching speed, so that our barbarian army soldiers can have longer preparation time.”

    Cheng Huaiqian’s plan stunned all the generals in the hall. The colonel’s eyes on Cheng Huaiqian had changed from their previous appreciation to regret. Perhaps they felt that such a powerful man had a silly brain, which was really a shame.

    “Here, Brother Cheng, you are looking for a dead end. Don’t be eager. You won’t be able to accumulate your military exploits overnight.”

    A lieutenant general stepped forward to persuade.

    “Lord Colonel, I don’t know when the infantry soldiers of my barbarian cavalry army will reach Bianlu City? we brothers swear to the death to drag the barbarian army until then.”

    Cheng Huaiqian was unmoved and insisted on his proposal with righteousness.

    “The best thing is to arrive at Bianlu City tomorrow evening. If there is an accident, they may not arrive until the next morning.”

    Colonel Ma was affected by Cheng Huaiqian’s serious and cautious attitude, unknowingly he followed the feasibility of this plan, and subconsciously answered Cheng Huaiqian’s question.

    Hearing this answer, Cheng Huaiqian concentrated his mind. The reason why he made such a suggestion was because he and Xia Ruize had speculations about the latest extended mission.

    The requirement for this extended mission was to block the progress of the barbarian army’s offensive, and the difficulty of the mission had increased. It was the 1,600-barbarian army that needed to be blocked.

    This was one thousand six hundred sturdy warriors, not one thousand six hundred wood that would not resist, it was definitely unrealistic to rely solely on them to kill.

    As a result, they had the joining and help of the barbarian cavalry army.

    But the rule setters did not want them to rely solely on the barbarian cavalry army to complete the extended mission, so they set the barbarian cavalry army to advance only one-tenth of the cavalry, and the vast majority of the infantry were still on the road.

    According to the current progress, when the barbarian army arrived at Bianlu City, the remaining infantry soldiers of the barbarian cavalry army could not reach Bianlu City.

    If Cheng Huaiqian and Xia Ruize do nothing to allow this result to happen, the more than one hundred Daxia cavalry would definitely lose to more than 1,600 barbarian soldiers. At that time, the cavalry of the barbarian cavalry army will be buried in Bianlu City, and the remaining barbarian army will go all the way south.

    Therefore, what Cheng Huaiqian and Xia Ruize did for the extended mission was actually to slow down the progress of the barbarian army’s arrival in Bianlu City.

    Only the cavalry infantry of the barbarian cavalry army stood ready after meeting in Bianlu City, relying on the protection of the city wall, coupled with the two variables of Cheng Huaiqian and Xia Ruize, it could be possible to withstand this attack by the barbarian army

    As for how to slow down the march of the barbarian army?

    Cheng Huaiqian and Xia Ruize looked at each other with tacit understanding.

    Wasn´t guerrilla warfare the most suitable tactic for this goal?

    Seeing that both Cheng Huaiqian and Xia Ruize insisted on their ideas, after a group of generals in the camp discussed, considering their brave and sturdy record before they arrived in Bianlu City, they decided to give them this opportunity.

    If they could slow down the marching speed of the barbarian army smoothly, naturally it was best. Even if the delay was not effective, the worst result would be the loss of twenty cavalry.

    If the barbarian army arrived at Bianlu City first, the barbarian cavalry army may consider giving up Bianlu City temporarily, and then confront the barbarian army after meeting.

    But all the generals knew in their hearts that it was the best to defend Bianlu city. For a while, they compromised and evacuated from Bianlu City. Even if they succeeded in blocking the barbarian army in the end, the gang of court officials would inevitably chirp and spur.

    Therefore, even if reason told them not to have too much expectations, the emotionally barbarian cavalry army generals still couldn’t help but put some expectations for Cheng Huaiqian and Xia Ruize, hoping that they could bring back good news.

    Soon, colonel Ma ordered the allocation of twenty cavalrymen and gave them to Cheng Huaiqian and Xia Ruize to lead the team.

    The two immediately led their orders, and after getting to know each other with their subordinates, they began to make preparations for the city.

    Xia Ruize whispered a few words in Cheng Huaiqian’s ear, Cheng Huaiqian nodded, and the two moved separately.

    Cheng Huaiqian personally commanded his subordinates to prepare supplies for leaving the city according to his requirements, while Xia Ruize ran to the courtyard where Luo Jing’er was hiding.

    After Xia Ruize rushed into the room, he first called out his identity, then opened the mural and looked at Luo Jing’er in the secret room.

    Luo Jing’er was curled up in the corner, looking over with wide-open horrified eyes.

    “It is five o’clock in the afternoon on the second day. Daxia’s army has arrived in Bianlu City. Bianlu City is temporarily safe, but we are leaving Bianlu City. Do you want to go with us?”

    Xia Ruize asked.

    Luo Jing’er reacted after a while, shook her head firmly, and then asked back: “Can you stay with me?”

    This time Xia Ruize shook his head, and he warned: “Hide well, as long as you stick to it for another day and a half, it will be fine”

    After speaking, Xia Ruize left the courtyard.

    In the distance, Cheng Huaiqian was already riding a war horse, leading an empty horse, followed by twenty cavalrymen, rushing here. Stopping closer, Cheng Huaiqian stretched out his hand to pull Xia Ruize to his horse.

    Xia Ruize had used the skill of “riding”, which was not enough because he had no experience in riding before. Cheng Huaiqian was worried that he would go straight on the road. He just had the opportunity to prepare to practice with him first.

    Xia Ruize also rode a horse when taking pictures in the park when he was a child, but it was just sitting on a horse, not a horse galloping, so even if he already possessed the skills, he was still very confused.

    Fortunately, with the reins in his hand, Cheng Huaiqian briefly reminded some of the key points, and Xia Ruize quickly got started.

    With teammates guarding him behind, Xia Ruize was very courageous, and it didn’t take long for him to drive the horse faster and faster.

    When the group of people drove to the north gate of the city, they slowed down.

    The deep pit outside the city gate to the north of the city had been cleared by soldiers, carefully bypassing it, the speed of the group once again increased, and they ran toward the north along the road.

    After various acceleration, deceleration and turning exercises, Xia Ruize’s proficiency in controlling the warhorse rose rapidly, and he soon felt at ease.

    The aerial warhorse they were holding came in handy. Xia Ruize and Cheng Huaiqian were one warhorse each, and the speed of the journey was further improved.

    When they left Bianlu City, it was already five o’clock in the afternoon, and the sky was getting dark as they were on the road.

    Two hours later, the cavalrymen saw that the two commanders had not ordered the camp to rest, so they had to take the initiative to propose, but Cheng Huaiqian refused directly:

    “Without rest, we will rush all night to find the barbarian army and take advantage of the dark night to surprise them.”

    Xia Ruize had fought the barbarian camp with his teammate the night before, and was very familiar with his teammate’s method of fighting in times when the opponent was unguarded

    But the cavalry assigned to them just this afternoon was not familiar. Cavalry was a precious unit in Daxia. After all, horses were precious resources. The training of a cavalry depended on money. Therefore, most of these cavalries were well-born, strong and arrogant.

    They were suddenly assigned to serve as subordinates to these two young men. It was weird to follow them, procrastinating task, but now they were still being asked to drive overnight?

    Did these two mountain villagers know how dangerous it was for cavalry to rush at night?

    Every minute was the result of a horse’s overturning!

    The two captains of the ten-soldiers units looked at each other and could only beat their horses helplessly to catch up. It seemed that one of the two young commanders was riding a horse for the first time.

    The plan of the poor two captains fell through. Xia Ruize was indeed riding a horse for the first time, but his physical fitness was too strong and he didn’t feel uncomfortable.

    “Sir! The sky is too dark and the road ahead is unclear. It will be dangerous to continue on the road.”

    Finally, the tall captain couldn’t help it, and exhorted loudly.

    “Just follow our route one by one.”

    Cheng Huaiqian ordered without looking back.

    He and Xia Ruize could see clearly. They had strong physical fitness and improved vision. Under the big full moon, it was not a problem to see the road within more than ten meters. As long as the horse speed was controlled, the danger was not great. As long as the cavalry behind follow the path they had walked, there was no problem.

    The two captains did not have the confidence of Cheng Huaiqian. In their eyes, the front was pitch black. Even if they had a torch, they could only see their body. It was useless. In a hurry, all the cavalry protested. They were joking about their lives!

    Cheng Huaiqian simply reined his horse to stop, and the cavalry behind him stopped one after another, thinking that the newly appointed commander had finally regained his senses and no longer insisted needlessly.

    “Since you refuse to hurry, you can camp and rest on the spot, and meet us after dawn tomorrow.”

    Cheng Huaiqian said to Xia Ruize, “Let’s go.”

    Xia Ruize trusted his teammate more, and immediately kicked the horse and left with Cheng Huaiqian.

    As a result, the two teams of twenty cavalry were left on the spot, with a blank and helpless expression on their faces.

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