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    My Beastly Husband

    Chapter 93.1

    The Dust Settles

    Translated by Ada
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    Chelsea frowned slightly when he heard her cry in pain. He seemed to think of something and hurriedly stopped his action to pull the wet rod out of her and saw that there was no bleeding before putting his mind at ease. He then turned her over and made her kneel down on the bed, and he re-entered from behind with a heavy blow ……


    In the end, Moussa had been tortured to the point of unconsciousness. He had come twice, but his big rod had not been withdrawn from her body. A lot of fluid was held inside her, and her belly was slightly bulging. But Chelsea was wicked enough to grind his thick and long rod against her deepest part. Then he gently caressed her stomach, which was bulging even more, with eager and expectant eyes.


    “It’s so much. Oooh. Get out. Get out. It’s going to burst. Please. Don’t go in anymore. ah!” Moussa could not withstand and cry for mercy. Her flower twitched uncontrollably, and her legs kicked around his waist.


    Chelsea finally couldn’t survive her tightening, and his rod throbbed violently, spurting out the hot fluid.


    After Chelsea’s climax, he lay beside Moussa panting heavily for air. However, his softening rod still wouldn’t pull out inside of her. Moussa was so uncomfortable that she used her small hands to push against his chest while begging for mercy, “Husband, it’s so much. Please pull out, okay? I’m too uncomfortable.”


    Chelsea glanced at her without making a sound. Moussa knew he was still angry at her for sneaking away because he had not said a word to her since earlier.


    She couldn’t get comfortable before his anger subsided, so she took another step back and admitted her mistake, “Husband, I know I’m wrong. I shouldn’t have sneaked away. I promise I’ll never leave you again.” After some time, she continued, “I will agree to let Philo help you have children, but you have to build a house for her elsewhere. The farther away from me, the better. It is best not to let me see her.”


    When Chelsea heard this, he finally couldn’t help but speak up and said hatefully, “Why let her help me have a baby, don’t you want to?”


    Moussa grimaced at that. With an expression that you know, she muttered, “You know it’s not that I don’t want to. It’s that I can’t give birth!”


    “Why can’t you give birth?” Chelsea could not understand how she came to such a conclusion.


    “I’ve been your partner for almost a year now, and I haven’t been able to get pregnant. I might, I might be barren, and I won’t be able to get pregnant and give birth to a little white lion for you in the future. So, let Philo bear the baby for you. No matter what, we can’t let the white lion become extinct.” The more Moussa spoke, the more sorrowful she became. In the end, her eyes reddened, and she almost shed tears.


    Chelsea rolled over and pinned her down. He glared at her and loudly said, “Are you stupid? You never let me f*ck you in my beast form. How could you get pregnant if I didn’t seed you? You wouldn’t want to leave me for that reason, would you?” The thought of her leaving him for such a ridiculous reason and making him suffer all these days made Chelsea want to strangle her.


    “Uh ….” Moussa was speechless. The beast form? What about the seeds? The only way she could get pregnant was if she had the seed? So it wasn’t that she was barren but that he hadn’t planted the seed. God, this was too unbelievable! But no one had ever told her this, so how could she have known?


    Her going away would be a ridiculous farce if that was the case. Moussa suddenly felt very aggrieved, and her tears fell uncontrollably. She tearfully stared at Chelsea and accused him, “You never told me that if it was necessary to take the form of a beast to get pregnant, so how could I have known? Why did not you tell me earlier? I had been worried that I was infertile and could not get pregnant, and almost got….”


    If Chelsea hadn’t arrived in time, she couldn’t imagine if she would have had the courage to continue living. The more she thought about it, the more aggrieved she felt and ended up in tears.

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