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    My Beastly Husband

    Chapter 91.1


    Translated by Ada
    Edited by Ada


    “No, don’t you worry. I’m really fine.” Moussa was unsure and only assumed that he was worried about her body.


    “Hmm,” Ryan was speechless. He still couldn’t confirm whether she was pregnant or not, but he was afraid that she would notice something, so he didn’t dare to ask deeper.


    Suddenly an absurd idea popped into his head. If he seeded her now, even if she was pregnant, he could say it was his child. So he could keep her around forever, right?


    Ryan immediately remembered the dream of spring that night. She was moaning loudly underneath him in a delicate manner, which instantly made his lower body react, and his breathing became rapid.


    Moussa felt Ryan’s eyes looking at her more eagerly, which made her all uncomfortable up all over. She stood up while turning to the side, a little embarrassed, and said, “I forgot, also boiled a broth too. Let me get a bowl of … ah!”


    Moussa had not finished speaking when Ryan from behind hugged her waist. Moussa was startled by his sudden movement and could not help but scream.


    “Ryan, what are you doing? Put me down, put me down.”


    Ryan ignored her struggle and carried her to the bed made of hay in the deepest part of the cave and put her on it with gentle movements. While she tried to get up while struggling, he pounced on her and pinned her firmly underneath him. Then he reached out and caught her hands that were resisting indiscriminately and lifted them above her head, pressing them down.


    The other hand ripped away from her clothes and threw them all aside. Ryan kissed her neck and murmured dreamily, “Moussa, give me, give me. Moussa, I want you, I want you.”


    All these actions were made in one breath, and before Moussa could react to what was happening, she had been stripped naked.


    “Ah! Ryan, you stay clear. Stop, don’t, stop, stop ……” Moussa only realized his intentions at this moment and began to struggle violently. However, she could not believe that Ryan would do this to her. She even suspected that he was drugged with aphrodisiacs or something like that, so his mind was not clear.


    “Be good. I will love you very, very gently.” It seemed that Ryan thought she was too noisy that he brought himself up to kiss her little mouth that kept refusing.


    “Umm,” Moussa’s eyes widened. He was kissing her, and how could this be? She closed her lips tightly to keep him from sticking his tongue in, shaking her head from side to side and struggling to get out of the way. She was firmly pinned with her hands above her head, and both legs were pinned under him. She could only keep twisting her waist and pushing her upper body to turn him off her.


    But her little strength could not shake Ryan’s incredible body. On the contrary, her breasts kept bumping into his chest because she kept raising her upper body, provoking him to be more lustful. He reached out and grabbed one firmly with his big hand and rubbed it vigorously.

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