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    My Beastly Husband

    Chapter 82.2

    A Sense of Foreboding

    Translated by Ada
    Edited by Ada






    “Mmm,” Moussa felt his tongue gently glide over the sensitive little fleshy ball. A burst of itching sensation spread throughout her body from her hole, and she involuntarily wiggled her waist, not knowing whether she wanted to hide or cater.


    Chelsea saw that she was awake, so he vigorously slurped at her hole. Then he stuck his tongue into the hole, not letting go of any place. He licked and brushed the inner wall again and again.


    “Don’! Chelsea! Itchy!” Moussa squealed. Her flower twitched as he licked it, spilling water over and over.


    Chelsea took a drop of the nectar that came out of her flower into his mouth and swallowed it with a gulp. The sound made Moussa’s every pore open up and scream in a delicate voice.


    Chelsea licked her more vigorously, and his big hand spread her quivering flower lips. He took the little meatball and sucked it heavily, and then bit it hard.


    “Ahhhhh!” The extreme pleasure made Moussa squirm even more violently. She was about to climax when Chelsea suddenly stopped. From between her legs, he crawled up and propped himself on top of her. He watched her writhe impatiently, and with a push of his waist, he penetrated her.


    “Ahhh!” Moussa let out a long moan and shuddered as she came. After her orgasm, she was so limp that she turned into a puddle of water underneath him. She hummed quietly as he tossed her around in different ways.


    It wasn’t clear how many times Chelsea desired her, but she had passed out from exhaustion when he released her. So that talk did not happen.


    She and Chelsea have not talked, but someone also wanted to speak with Moussa. Moussa had not yet woken up when a knock on the door came to her attention. She turned her head to see that the sky was already slightly dark and Chelsea was not there. Moussa did not know where he had gone but sighed and got up from the bed. She pulled over a piece of animal skin and wiped the white liquid that kept flowing out of her flower carelessly.


    When the door was opened, she saw a strange beastman standing outside. Moussa froze for a moment and asked politely, “Who are you looking for?”


    The strange beastman looked Moussa up and down for a moment and asked politely, “You are Moussa, right? Chelsea’s partner?”


    Moussa nodded. She guessed that he might be from the eastern village. Chelsea’s village was huge and divided into the east and west. The older generation lived in the east, while the younger generation lived in the west. She rarely went to the east side, so she was not familiar with them.


    The heavens must have been kind to the beastmen. It was amazing to see that their faces had not aged for decades. So their age couldn’t be seen at all from the appearance. Moussa also guessed that he was living in the east only because he didn’t know him.


    Seeing Moussa nod, the beastman then said, “The elders of the tribe want to talk to you. You should come with me.”


    Moussa felt a sense of foreboding. The elders, whom she had met when she first arrived, studied her for several days and finally concluded that she was a fertile female.


    Then they gave her to Chelsea and did not look for her afterward. Was it because of her delayed pregnancy that they were looking for her?


    She was a little scared and didn’t want to go, but the guest was waiting, and she could not afford not to. Moussa thought for a moment and politely said, “Could you please go back first? I’ll take a shower and change my clothes. I’ll be right there as soon as I can.”

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