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    My Beastly Husband

    Chapter 64.1

    It's A Blessing In Disguise

    Translated by Ada
    Edited by Ada


    The two embraced each other for a while. Moussa gently pushed him and said, “You go to bed now and lie down. I’ll cook. You need to eat something to replenish your strength.” He hadn’t eaten anything all day. Without energy, she was afraid he would get a fever later.


    Chelsea wanted to say no, but Moussa glared at him coldly. He curled his lips and obediently went to lie down on the bed.


    Moussa quickly made the meal and did not let him get out of bed. She let him lean on the bed and then fed him one spoonful after another.


    Chelsea was so happy. He didn’t expect to get a slight injury, but he was lucky to have Moussa treat him so carefully. It was beautiful.


    After dinner, Moussa boiled water and took a bath. Then she helped Chelsea wipe his body. During that time, something kept standing up in his lower body, and the big devil kept humming in her ear, “It’s hard, it’s hard.”


    Moussa blanked. What a horny lion. He was injured and still thinking about that kind of thing. Nevertheless, seeing that he was injured, Moussa obediently undressed and let him press her underneath with kisses and nibbles.


    “Hiss.” Moussa was still swollen. He just stuck a finger in, and it hurt her straight.


    Chelsea frowned. One finger caused her such pain. It appeared that he couldn’t use the front hole tonight. So he pulled out his finger and inserted it into her chrysanthemum instead.


    Moussa was so shocked that she twisted her waist and refused, “Chelsea, no. I can’t do it there.”


    “Yes, baby. I got in there last time. Yes, I can. I promise to be gentle this time. I won’t hurt you. Be good.” Chelsea kissed her brow, again and again, coaxing in a low voice.


    “Don’t, Chelsea. It hurts.” Remembering the last time he entered, the memory of that painful heartbreak came back to haunt her. It made Moussa frown straight away, but she didn’t dare to struggle hard for fear of touching his wound.


    “You will be okay. A few more times, and it won’t hurt anymore. Ivy and the others are using this place. Don’t you think it’s good too?” While Chelsea coaxed her, he reached in two fingers and tried to expand it.


    Here it came again and back to this topic. Moussa thought about it. Let the pain come. Maybe it won’t hurt after a few more thrusts, as he said. She didn’t want to spoil his fun because she found that as long as he wanted it, she was willing to give it. Even if it really hurt.


    Moussa no longer struggled and even took the initiative to spread her legs around his waist. She relaxed as much as possible and let him stretch her chrysanthemum.


    Feeling that Moussa no longer resisted, Chelsea gladly lowered his head and kissed her tenderly. His other hand also went down and touched her flower’s sensitive ball to let some water flow freely. It could lubricate her chrysanthemum.

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