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    My Beastly Husband

    Chapter 62

    All At Your Disposal

    Translated by Ada
    Edited by Ada


    Aigoo, Chelsea could not help but wail. Why did she bring this up again? He was really reluctant to partner with the weak-looking her at that time. Had he known that he would care about her so much one day, he would not have said anything to her at that time.




    Seeing that Moussa was about to cry again, Chelsea was a bit distressed and softly coaxed, “Baby, it’s all my fault. It’s my fault. Don’t be angry. I won’t bully you in the future. Be good, don’t cry!”




    Moussa also felt it was not fascinating to rehash old debts, but coaxing her in such a low voice was rare. Therefore, she pretended, “No bullying me in the future.”




    “Okay, okay. I won’t bully you.” Chelsea nodded in response. In his heart, he secretly added that bullying in bed did not count.




    “From now on, you have to listen to me on everything,” Moussa demanded.




    “Okay, I’ll do whatever you want.” Chelsea agreed good-naturedly. But secretly, he added, “In bed, you’ll listen to me.”




    Moussa was finally satisfied and breathed in her nose. The tears that had accumulated had disappeared without a trace.




    “Little thing, are you satisfied?” Chelsea dotingly kissed her nose and teased.




    Moussa was a little embarrassed and didn’t look at him. Chelsea kissed her again and laughed lightly, “If you are satisfied, can you feed me now? I am not full yet.” He used his hardened stick to push it between her legs.




    Moussa sheepishly hammered him and half-heartedly let him spread her legs to slowly put the big stick in.




    “Hiss. Chelsea. You gently. Slow down. It hurts.” Moussa’s flower was red and swollen from Chelsea’s wild thrusts earlier. Even if he slowed down his entry, it still hurt. The pain made her frown.




    “Be good. Bear it. Soon it will be good!” Chelsea was distressed to see her frowning in pain. However, the swelling underneath his body made him unable to stop, so he had to coo in her earlobe in a low voice.




    “What a moment to be comfortable. You are comfortable, right?” Moussa did not think to mutter a sentence. She gave vent to her anger and bit hard on his shoulder. She wanted to be in pain together and not always feel the pain alone while he was enjoying.




    “Hiss.” Surprised by her bite, Chelsea sucked back a breath. He had thick skin, and this pain was nothing to him. On the contrary, it stimulated him to be more frantic. He pulled out his stick, which had entered two-thirds of her flower, to the entrance and thrust it hard into the end.




    “Ah!” Moussa cried out in relief as her flower was stretched to the limit. It seemed like she was feeling both pleasure and pain.




    “So tight, baby. Loosen up.” Chelsea gasped, resisting the desire to rampage inside her. He lowered his head and took the tip of one of her n*pples. He nibbled on it, making small, shallow thrusts, and slowly waited for her to get used to it.




    “Ah! Mmm. Ah.” Moussa got weak from his impaling. His rare gentle movements made her flower even wetter, and her whole body softened into a puddle beneath him.




    “You feel better? Well, how sweet you sound!” Chelsea felt more and more water flowing from her flower and thought it was time. He pushed his waist up and shoved it in hard. The huge stick was pushed into her cervix before he could stop.




    “Ah!” A kind of illusion to be penetrated made Moussa let out a loud cry. The snow-white softness on her chest also shook violently with it.




    “Scream louder, baby. I love to hear you scream.” Chelsea tightened his grip on her waist. No longer suppressing his desire, Chelsea’s ferocious movements pushed her back and forth. The thick, long stick kept pounding deeper and deeper, bringing out a considerable amount of fluid with each entry and exit, making constant sounds.




    Every time he pushed hard her flower, she screamed. Her flower was so tight that each thrust required a lot of force to open up the layers of the soft but tight flesh. Every time he pulled out, it was like a million little mouths were sucking hard on his rod. It was such superb enjoyment that Chelsea couldn’t be gentle.




    “You are so f*cked, baby. You are so f*cked! You are a very good girl.” Chelsea gradually felt that it was not enough, so he put her legs on his shoulders, roaring furiously with even wilder strokes and thrusts.




    “Ah ah ah ah!” Moussa had been distracted by his manipulation and could not beg for mercy. She shook her head wildly, her small hands clutching the animal skin beneath her as if she would be knocked out if she let go.




    At the end of the day, Moussa had been tormented and cried out, “Chelsea. Spare me. Oooh. I’m dying. Ah!”




    Her small face was flushed, both legs were wide open, and her eyes were dazed. She helplessly endured Chelsea’s insatiable and fierce thrusts. The sensitive and delicate inner walls of her flower were roughly stretched by his huge glans again and again. The painful and numbing stimulation made her tremble once again.




    Her flower contracted violently, “Ah!” Moussa let out a long moan and arched her body as hard as she could as she came.




    Chelsea finally couldn’t hold back and roared, shooting off in a rolling stream.

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