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    My Beastly Husband

    Chapter 131.1


    Translated by Ada
    Edited by Ada


    Moussa frowned. She took Tian Xin’s hand and advised, “Tian Xin, don’t be impulsive. That is your child anyway. Even if you don’t think about Ryan, you have to think about yourself. The medical condition here is not as developed. If you randomly take medicine, your life will be lost if there is an accident. In that case, how can you go home? Promise me not to be impulsive. If you can really go back and really don’t want this child, it’s not too late to go to a regular hospital and get rid of that. So you must not be reckless, okay?”


    Moussa could only reassure her and tell her not to think out of turn. If she could really find her way back home, it would only be God’s will that she and Ryan would always be destined for each other. However, if God made it impossible for Tian Xin to go back, she would have to help Ryan keep the baby, which might still be her daughter-in-law.


    Tian Xin was silent for a while. She felt that she had a point. The herbs really weren’t something that could be eaten indiscriminately. Although she had Chinese traditional medicine, she didn’t understand the medicinal properties of the herbs here. In case there was an eventuality, she wouldn’t have thought about it. So she gave up the idea of taking herbs for abortion, but she was more anxious to find her way home. If she really was pregnant, her belly would grow bigger every day. It would not be easy for her to move, and the risk of having an abortion would be greater.


    Thinking about finding the way home and remembering the wolves, she asked curiously, “What will the wolves do in the end? Why haven’t we heard any movement in the past two days?” She thought they would fight. Although she had been sleeping almost all these days, she also knew that the village seemed to be very quiet, and there was no intention to fight.


    This was another thing that worried Moussa. She shook her head and sighed, “They want to force the lions to hand over one of us, and they won’t leave until they do. The males haven’t gone out hunting in the past few days, and if they stay around, they will have to do so in a few days. The food in the village won’t last long.”


    As Moussa talked, Chelsea and Ryan stepped from the room with heavy faces. The two of them were very worried about the current situation. The Wolves were clearly trying to trap them and let them take the initiative to hand over their people. But they could not fight now, and they could not defend. There would be deaths and injuries if they were to fight. The Lions were able to get to their present size after years of recovery. But if they had a terrible battle with the Wolves, they did not know how many people would be lost. Even if they were lucky enough to defeat them, the tigers and the bears would join forces, and they would only be bullied.


    The village’s food could last at most half a month to defend them. Half a month later, there would be nothing to eat, and they would be slaughtered. The reinforcements from the Panther clan were unknown why they hadn’t arrived by now. It seemed to be a great disadvantage for them in the current situation.


    Tian Xin had her back to them and did not see the two men come in. When she heard Moussa talk about the situation, her heart jumped. If the lions could not bear the pressure to really hand her over, then her position would be dangerous. No, Ryan would not, and he would not hand her over. She did not know why, but she was so sure that no matter what happened, Ryan would protect her.


    Although she was not very afraid, she was still furious at the behavior of the wolves. “Where are these bastards? They have come to people’s doorsteps to bully them. Let’s give them a pack of poison and poison them to death.”

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