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    My Beastly Husband

    Chapter 130.2


    Translated by Ada
    Edited by Ada


    Ryan served a big bowl and brought it out. Tian Xin wanted to eat it out of bed, but he wouldn’t let her. He had to feed her, but Tian Xin squirmed and refused to open her mouth, so Ryan smiled wickedly and threatened to provide her with his mouth. This made Tian Xin so angry that she had to open her mouth, take a spoonful of stew into her mouth, and then chew it hard like she was venting her anger. Ryan, looking at her angry little face, found it adorable. He lovingly stuck out his tongue and licked the soup from the corner of her mouth.


    “What are you doing?” Tian Xin pushed him away in annoyance. Ryan grinned and stopped teasing her, ladling a spoonful of the stew into his mouth. The two of them ate together, one spoonful for each other. The atmosphere should be warm and sweet, but it was completely different because of Tian Xin’s rugged eating style.


    After eating their fill, Tian Xin wanted to go to Moussa to inquire about the herbs. It just so happened that Ryan also wanted to go to Chelsea to ask how things were going.


    So the two walked hand in hand towards Chelsea’s house, but their expressions were very different. Ryan was all gentle and doting, while Tian Xin was reluctantly pouting. The way she walked was still a little wobbly. When she remembered the culprit who made her feel so bad, she was so angry that her teeth were itching.


    By the time they were at Chelsea’s house, it so happened that they had just finished eating. Chelsea dragged Ryan to another part of the house to discuss things. Tian Xin went over to Moussa and whispered, “Moussa, that… special ritual you were talking about, is it the beast form?” She could not care less about being shy nowadays.


    Moussa first froze when she heard that. She immediately reacted and looked at Tian Xin’s stomach, somehow surprised, exclaiming, “Ryan used the beast form. Um, did he?”


    Tian Xin blushed and softly, “mmm.” Then she nervously grabbed her hand and asked, “Will this make me pregnant?”


    “I think so. That’s how I got pregnant.” This was excellent news for Moussa. She was so happy that Ryan seeded Tian Xin, so she would be pregnant. She had been worried that if she gave birth to a little white lion in the future, she would be powerless to accept it when he grew up and wanted to marry someone. This was good. If Tian Xin could give birth to a daughter, they could be sons and daughters-in-law. This was too good.


    Moussa was about to say her thoughts to discuss with Tian Xin when she heard Tian Xin anxiously ask, “Is there any medicine to prevent pregnancy? I don’t want to get pregnant, and I want to go home. Is there a doctor or something here?”


    Moussa was flabbergasted; all the joy in her heart disappeared. How could she forget this? Tian Xin did not want to stay here at all, so how could Tian Xin wish to give birth to a child to Ryan? Even if she knew, she wouldn’t dare tell her if there was a medicine. Ryan would hate her forever. “Does Ryan know that you don’t want to have a baby?”


    Tian Xin nodded and whispered, “He said he wanted me to give him a baby, and I disagreed. Yet he disregarded my wishes and came forcefully. I want to find a doctor to get some herbs and abort it if I get pregnant.” Although she could not bear it, she had to be ruthless to kill the unformed child. Otherwise, she could not leave here for the rest of her life.


    She had this horrible idea, which made Moussa scared. It was a small life, and it was her child. She was so cruel as to want to kill it. If it were her, she would not have been able to do it anyway.

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