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    My Beastly Husband

    Chapter 130.1


    Translated by Ada
    Edited by Ada


    He couldn’t help but stick out his tongue and lick around the delicate petals, causing her to tremble and squirm restlessly. He lifted his head and said soothingly, “Okay, okay, don’t move around. Time to apply for the medicine.”


    He dug his fingers into a lump of transparent ointment and slowly dipped inside her, gently and softly applying the cream to the entire canal.


    “Mmmmm,” The coolness was so comfortable; Tian Xin half squinted her eyes and hummed.


    Seeing her unconsciously showing her charms, Ryan also hummed softly with her. He withdrew his long fingers and helped her pull her clothes back on, then tucked in the covers. Ryan then lay down beside her, put his hand on her belly, and caressed it. He murmured, “Don’t leave me. I’ll be good to you. I’ll be good to you. We will have a baby, just one. From now on, I will be very gentle and sweet to you. Don’t leave me alone.” His voice went down, and he fell asleep like this.


    Tian Xin got sleepy from his low and soft tone when suddenly there were no more voices in her ears. She turned to see that he had fallen asleep like that and saw a faint dark shadow under his eyes. He should not have rested well for several days.


    The wolf clan was watching from outside the village, so he should be busy being on guard and had no time to love her. But how come he was still bullying her more and more, even trying to get her pregnant? He seemed uneasy about something, as if he was afraid that she would leave him. So he wanted to tie her with the baby.


    Her intention to leave him and go home was not exposed, so what exactly was he upset about? Could it have something to do with the wolf clan? Regarding the crisis of the lion clan, Tian Xin was not ignorant of it. She just had no real feeling about it all and was not willing to pay attention to the situation. On the contrary, Tian Xin could not make sense of it and gradually became sleepy. She yawned, twisted in his arms, found a comfortable position, and fell asleep.


    When Tian Xin woke up again, Ryan was still sleeping. Tian Xin watched his quiet sleeping face and couldn’t help but ruffle his hair in front of his forehead. She couldn’t help but sigh in her heart. It would have been great if he had been as docile as he is now, like a kitten. Unfortunately, he was a ferocious lion. When she thought of the lion, she remembered a particular diabolical scene that made her blush involuntarily.


    When she was blushing, Ryan opened his eyes and saw that she was still lying in his arms. He found himself in a good mood and could not help but lean down and give her a kiss on the lips. “I’m awake. Are you hungry?”


    Tian Xin rolled her eyes and muttered dissatisfiedly, “Am I a pig? I will eat after sleeping.”


    Ryan chuckled and kissed her pouting mouth. He dotingly said, “Cute little white pig, are you hungry or not? Or do you want to get some exercise first?” He said, wickedly running his hand down her body.


    “I’m hungry. Get up and go cook.” Tian Xin waved away his restless hand and shouted in anger.


    “Haha,” Ryan laughed and bit her on the nose, causing Tian Xin to look at him angrily before he happily got up and went to cook.


    For fear that she would get tired of always eating roasted meat and fruit, Ryan deliberately changed the pattern and made a stew. The fragrant stew was soon ready.

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