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    My Beastly Husband

    Chapter 129.2


    Translated by Ada
    Edited by Ada


    Tian Xin frowned so hard that she wanted to cry and slapped the water in the tub to vent her anger. Then it crossed her mind that there should be a doctor or something like that and that herbs should be able to abort the fetus. That thought gave her hope again, but the lion had gone to great lengths to get her pregnant and would never let her have an abortion. So, she must go secretly to get the herbs to abort the fetus and must not let him know.


    She had made up her mind. Hastily she rinsed off twice, then stepped out of the tub, wiped down twice, put on her clothes, and walked out.


    As soon as she opened the door, she saw Ryan waiting for her to come out. As soon as Ryan saw her coming out, he greeted her with a sweet smile, stroking her wet hair and saying softly, “Your hair is still wet, and you’ll get sick.” He carried her back to bed and took a clean animal skin to wipe her hair.


    Tian Xin watched his gentle look and action and had a momentary pause. So he could also be so gentle, or he was initially a very gentle person. However, he completely changed his personality; he was domineering and aggressive. What he thought about most when he saw her was the thing in bed.


    “Hey,” Tian Xin sighed and mumbled, “Can’t you be this gentle all the time?”


    Ryan was stunned to hear that, then smiled away and said, “Okay, I’ll be gentle next time.”


    “I’m not,” Tian Xin knew that he had gotten the wrong idea again. She hurriedly attempted to explain but was so shocked by his next move that she almost bit her tongue off. The hands that he was still warmly wiping her hair had lifted up her clothes and pressed them against her belly. “What are you doing? Don’t, I really can’t stand it.” Tian Xin pushed his hands while struggling hard. Her lower part was still swollen, and it would kill her to be poked by the big stick again.


    “Shhh. Baby, you be good. I’ll do nothing else but give you medicine.” Ryan pressed her slender writhing waist and licked her lips soothingly.


    “No, I’ll do it myself.” Tian Xin blushed and moved her waist and refused.


    “Be good. Don’t move, or I’ll get a hard-on from you.” Ryan slapped twice her wiggling little ass and warned out loud.


    “Mmm,” Tian Xin was scared because of his beastly behavior, and she really didn’t dare to move around. She pursed her lips and let him spread her legs.


    Ryan looked down at the red and swollen petals, saying with some heartache, “Red and swollen, so sorry.” His fingers came to the outer part and lightly touched the red and swollen petals, and one touch caused her to tremble lightly.


    “Don’t,” She felt the juices flowing from her flower again. She really hated this sensitive body, and she couldn’t help but flow whenever Ryan touched it now; it was so lewd. Tian Xin was so ashamed that she unconsciously tried to close her legs, but they were parted even more by Ryan.


    “Wet again?” Ryan laughed lightly. His fingers slowly plucked open the red and swollen petals, and the oozing juice stained his fingertips.

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